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Anay asks shivay why his mumma is in PIC with shivay showing anika.shivay gets shocked.

Fourth shot:

Shivay is stii in shock.

Anay: billu!!! Billu!! (Shakes shivay)tell me na,do u know my mumma? But i never saw u with my mumma.

All look at PIC n r shocked with his words.

Shivay is reminiscing all moments spend with anay,how he felt that deep connection with him in these four days.his eyes r totally wet,just one touch he will break into tears.

Om: anay beta!! What r u saying?? How come she will be ur mumma?

Total family is confused bcoz they all know shivika marriage consequences,they also know shivika were totally angry with each other no matter how much deep connection btw them existed.

Anay: yes she is my mumma!! My beautiful mumma(he kisses the photo with his cute smile)

Sowmya comes forward: beta what is ur mumma name?

Anay: anika…( all the family memberes eyes become wet)and my mumma says my name is combo of both my mom n dad.anay….anay……anay.

Shivay is just looking into his eyes with full of tears but still his innocent face makes him smile.

Anay suddenly makes sad face.shivay touches his cheek so gently as if he just born.

Anay: but I never saw my dad.

All are crying listening this.shivay hugs him tightly.

Anay: billu tell me why r u with my mumma?

Shivay: anay!!….i….. ( gulping his saliva continuously crying)

Anay breaks apart n wipes shivays eyes with his tiny fingers.

Anay: u r also crying listening abt my dad.mumma always cries whenever she says about dad.

Shivay smiles with tears.

Omru bends down n hugs anay tightly

They kiss him on his face.

Anay: argh…..u r spoiling my face (cleaning his face)

He goes to shivay arms n holds him tightly.

Anay: billu tell them to don’t kiss me.

Shivay looks at him,holds his face n kisses on his forehead.

Anay hits his own head with his hand: kanji ankhon vala Baghdad billa!!?(making a cute pout)

All laugh happily with tears.suddenly ishana phone rings.
Ishana: its school principal call!!

Om: keep it on speaker.

Ishana(nods): hello!!

Principal: hello ishana ji!! I actually called arushi mom first but its not connecting so I called u.its actually anay mom came back.she wants to talk to u.

Shivay fastly takes phone.

Anay: mumma came back mumma came back.(jumping n clapping)

Anika: hello !!

Shivay holds the phone with both hands.his heart beat skips for a second.

All look at each other with happy tears.

Anay comes to shivay n pulls his hand n takes phone.

Anay: mumma!!!!!

Anika: how is my shaitan billu?

Anay: I am not shaitan,I am innocent,decent,disciplined boy.

Anika: bade aya disciplined boy!! Chup kar!! I know very well u would have irritated ur friends parents.

Anay: no mumma!!

Anika: acha!! Did u eat calmly without nautanki daily? Did u play silently?did u sleep without itroubling them.

Anay looks at evryone and indicates shhhh to them by keeping his finger.

Anay: ha mumma!! I ate silently,I played silently,I slept silently(doing logic wala Sign)

All laugh seeing his nautanki silently with tears.

Anika: badmaash! I know very well abt u.now give phone to aunty.

Anay gives phone to ishana!!

Ishana: hello!!

Anika: I hope he didn’t trouble u much!!

Ishana: nothing like that.

Anika: principle would have told u ,I recently shifted to mumbai back.I never got to know u and arushi mom.

Ishana: but we all really want to meet u.

Anika: ha!! If u don’t mine can u bring anay to natures park?i will take him from there.

Ishana: ya sure in half an hour.

Anika: thank u so much for taking care of him.

Ishana: hmm

Anika: can u give him phone once?

Ishana give him.

Anay: mumma I know what u want to say ….u missed me so much na ….I know .I am like this only.Evryone becomes my fan.

All look at rudra.

Rudra whispers: he is big dramebaaz than me.

Anika: acha listen!! Do ur packing without troubling aunty.OK?

Anay: OK bye mumma…love you.

Anika: love u too Baghdad billa!!

Shivay gets happy listening this.

She cuts the phone.shivay again hugs anay kneeling down.

Anay: bas…bas..stop ur love n do my packing(in commanding tone)

Saying this he runs away followed by ishan n arushi.

Omru holds shivay!!

Shivay: om !!! Rudra!! He is my n anika child!!(laughing) u know I felt him as my son.I….I …..always feel anika is near me when he is with me.he always remains me anika with his act.I.I……

Omru hugs him.all r very much happy.

Dadi: billu!! No matter what now u will get my anika bahu back.u have to win her heart n should bring her n Jr.billu with all respect n honour.

Shivay nods at her.

Half an hour later all family members reach park.all sit on park bench with omru and their wife’s standing.shivay is walking to n fro waiting for anika.

Anika steps crossing some bushes.she is walking side wards searching anay.shivay who is standing few steps far to anikas right looks at her gets freezed.

Nazdeek hain dil ki…….fir kyun lage Milke……….

Tuhe meri jeene ki vajah…….oh jaana……..

Anika senses increasing heart beat n touches her heart.(she is wearing sleeveless centre cut long tops with palazos)

Anay goes in front of her n hugs her.anika kneels down n hugs him again n kisses him.

Anay: don’t spoil my face.

Anika: hmph.u know how much I missed u? I told u to come with me.

Anay: Ohoo mumma I had exam na.

Anika: bada aya India ka topper.

Anay: mumma I am anay anika….I need to be in top.

Anika pats him playfully: mera Baghdad billa.

Anay: billu se yaad aya!! How u do u know billu?

Anika: I don’t know my son?

Anay : not me mumma!this bade billu n shows her PIC.

Anika gets shocked.she fastly takes ta PIC n touches it with tears.

Anika: where did u get it?( crying)

Anay: why r u crying?they were also crying when I said abt u.(showing oberoys with his hand)

Anika turns to her right n her eyes become widen.she gets up n looks at shivay.

Shivay steps forward n comes to anika.he slowly takes his hand n touches anika cheek.anika looks at his hand ,n holds it slowly to confirm its dream or true.the moment she touches tears roll down on her cheeks like a river.

Anay,ishan,arushi run around playing in park.

Shivika are lost in each others.shivay holds her shoulders n hands n looks at her with teary eyes.he hugs her tightly.anika takes her hands to reciprocate but stops .

After a moment he breaks apart.omru comes n hugs her.dadi comes n kisses her hands holding.

Shivay: anika!!! Anay …..anay is our child..(smiling)

She takes a step back n goes away.shivay follows her.anika goes running and cries holding a tree.

Shivay comes there n keeps his hand on her shoulder.

She turns back crying.

Shivay: anika why did u hide abt anay from us? From me? He is our child anika….he is just ur carbon copy.he eats halwa,he speaks ur language,he even threw water on my face….he….he does logic wala sign…..

Shivay holds her by both hands: why did u hide?

Anika: why?? Did u left any reason for me to tell u abt anay?

She cries: that day when I woke up…u said I came myself n slept on bed.at first I didn’t remebered anything but eventually I got it what happened btw us.I thought i will talk to u.but u raised a question on my character.

Shivay: anika!! i…..

Anika steps back.

Anika: listening those words I broke completely shivay.after sahil death ,I left from there.I even thought to suicide but I came to know anay is in my womb.he gave me life.

Shivay: ek baar mujse kehti anay ke bare me

Anika: kya kehti main?? Agar kehti anay appka beta pata nahi aap ye mante ya nahi that he is ur son.

Shivay: anika!!?

Anika: don’t shout shivay!!!

Shivay: I know I did mistake anika not trusting u.I remember evrything what happened btw us.

Anika: still u tried to hide it.y? U might have thought its all a mistake!! Right?

Shivay: anika I am regretting each n evry second since past 5 years.

Anika: regret? If so u would have come to me.but u didn’t.now when u got to know that anay is ur son u r questioning me.with what right shivay Singh oberoy?

Shivay: with right of ur husband anika.

Anika looks away.

Shivay: truth will not change that anay is my son.

Anika:how can I forget u always obsessed with blood lineage. But plss shivay leave us alone.let us live our own life.don’t snatch him from me.I can’t live without him.plss stay away from us.

She runs away n goes to anay n leaves with him.

Evening at anika place:

Anay is playing with toys n running all over.anika is looking at him sadly.

Anay: mumma u know billu makes very good halwa.

Anika: billu come here!!

Anay goes near here.

Anika kneels down n holds him: u always asked me abt ur dad na?

Anay: and u said he don’t know abt me so he is not with us.

Anika nods: u know who ur dad is?
Anay: who?

Anika: shivay Singh oberoy!!!

Anay: billu!! (He jumps happily)mumma u know he too has same eyes.u said na I got this from my dad.

Anika nods crying.anay hugs her.

Anay: mumma I like him a lot.but why he is not with us all these years.

“ bcoz I did a very big mistake”

Anay n anika break apart n look at entrance.shivay is standing there with his luggage.

Anika gets shocked.

Precap: shivay n anay hungama!!!

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