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How r u all? First of all I am so excited with spoilers.finally shivay got to know abt nightstay thing from sowmya.and second daksh kidnapped anika.third thing nox n jax photoshoot.finally all things are on track.

Coming to 5s ,here goes third shot……..

So after tia revelation,sahil death anika left mansion,shivay too left to london in guilt. He returned after 5 years some business deal.as soon as he entered his tashan happened with anay.anay is friend of arushi(rumya daughter) n ishan(ishkara son) he is living with them for few days as his mom is outof city.he was supposed to be in hostel but for arushi n ishan rumya talked to principal of school n brought him home.

Anay is sitting on dining table folding his legs keeping his hands on his sad face.

Pinky: arey bacha !! There are many dishes eat them na

Anay: I want gajar ka halwa.

Shivay: OK fine I wll make.

Anay: I will help u.I will also cook with u.
Shivay: u?

Anay: I love cooking,I always cook with mom.by the way long hair prani n biceps prani u also come na…

Saying this he jupms down n drags omru to kitchen.shivay follows them.shivomru get emotional seeing kitchen and reminisce their moments.

Shivay goes n starts making.he takes olive oil.
Anay: make it with desi ghee (he makes yummy face)

Shivay: desi ghee??(reminiscing anika n sahil)

Anay nods.
Anay: rudra uncle!! Give me ur phone.

He takes n plays dinkachika dinkachika song.and starts dancing.he drags omru.shivay smiles n eventually dances.pinky jhanvi get happy seeing all of them dancing.anay holds shivay kurta with his little hand and pulls it.shivay kneels down.anay stretches his arms indicating to lift him.shivay lifts him.
Shivay: what?

Anay: I said i will also cook na
He starts rotating halwa with spatula.shivay looks at him carefully so that he don’t get hurt.

Later he gets down.
Anay: garnish it with nuts n bring(in commanding tone)

Shivay gives him a dead glare.anay shows his to tongue and runs out shouting “billu don’t add ilaichi!!!”

Shivay: without ilaichi it won’t taste good!( he adds it)

He comes out with bowl n keeps it on table.just then tej comes n drinks water n starts leaving.

Anay: stop!! Won’t u eat?

Tej: I will later.

Anay: why ur family is so big,eat together ,talk together,laugh together.

Tej starts to leave.anay holds his hand n drags him n makes him sit on chair next to om.
Evryone smile.

Anay: where is dadi?

Jhanvi: anay beta she eats in her room.common u sit n start.

Anay: no I will bring her.dont start until
And he leaves without hearing anyone.

They all r worried thinking what will happen. But he brings dadi n makes her sit in head seat.
He looks around,all chairs are filled.he goes to shivay.he sneaks into his legs n sits on his lap.
Anay: aaaaaaaaaa(showing mouth to make him eat)

Shivay no option left takes a spoon of halwa and takes near to his mouth.
Anay smells and starts sneezing.he gets down n gives shivay angry look.

Anay: did u (achooo)add ilaichi?(achooo)
Shivay: ha so?

Anay takes a glass of water n throws on his face.

All family members cup their mouths.

Anay: tadibaaz!! I have allergy with illaichi. u spoiled my halwa

He goes crying without eating anything.
Shivay looks at evryone angry faces.

Shivay: I don’t know….that…he…..has ……allergy…

He goes to kitchen n makes fresh halwa.and goes to pool area.anay is walking to n fro holding his tummy in hunger.he looks at shivay n turns away making pout.

Shivay goes in front of him n shows halwa kneeling down.anay smells it but again makes a pout.

Shivay: OK…I am sorry.now eat.

Anay immediately tries to hold bowl ,but takes hand back feeling it hot.

Shivay takes one spoonful of halwa n blows it n gives him.but he shows mouth.shivay feeds him.
Anay starts shouting “aaaaaaa……” showing his mouth,without even eating halwa in his mouth completely .

Shivay makes him feed whole bowl,wipes his face n makes him drink water.his mouth again bcomes wet.anay fastly wipes it with shivay kurta leaning on his shoulder.

Shivay: what ta wuck!!!!

Anay shows him his tongue moving his fingers keeping on his head either side n runs from there.shivay smiles at him.

Its night:
Anay looks at arushi n ishan sleeping.then he goes to rumya room,they r also sleeping,then he goes to ishkara room,they also sleeping………..finally he lands up at shivay room.

Shivay working in laptop on bed.anay stops at his room entrance.
Shivay without looking at him: come in anay.
Suddenly shivay realises what he sensed n looks at anay.anay was standing with chirpy hair,with a book in his hand,night pant upto knee on one leg.

Shivay looks at his cute face: now what u want to eat? My brain?

Anay looks away making pout.
Shivay: OK fine what u want.

He comes inside n gets on bed n lays down.

Shivay: what?

Anay gives him book: read bed time stories for me.evryone is sleeping.only u left!

Shivay:no way…..I have work.

Anay looks at his face like a cid.he then starts tickling shivay.shivay burst out into laugh.

Shivay: stop…..stop……(laughing)

But anay don’t stops…

Shivay: OK fine ….I will read this.

Anay stops n cuddles into his lap.

Shivay: OK!!!! So (turning pages) Aladdin story……(he starts reading)

Anay eventually sleeps.shivay looks at him drapes blanket n tries to get up.but anay is holding his kurta.he sits back smiling.he keeps his things side n looks back at anay holding his kurta.

He reminisces the night five years back when anika hugged him being scared of dark.
He travels back to that night.

Flashes of past:

After making her sleep back on bed.he goes to study n starts drinking scotch.
Shivay: why did u do that anika?? Why??? After seeing u with daksh also I can’t stop feeling for u…I hate myself for this.

He enters room with glass of scotch in total drowsiness falling again n again.anika wakes up suddenly coughing.he runs toward her n makes her drink full glass of scotch not knowing what he is doing.
After a while scotch shows its effect on anika.
Anika(laughing): why am I feeling so different.

Shivay: u r different na that’s why (he does logic wala sign)

Anika laughing: I am feeling so cold.

Shivay: u have fever na that’s why(laughing)
He comes n sits next to her on bed and holds her close making her feel warm.

Anika leaning on his chest: why did u force me marry u like this?( making a puppy face)

Shivay: u also cheated me by spending time with daksh.

Anika looks at him: r u mad(laughing) u r stupid to think like that(she hits him on head)

Shivay: it means u didnt

Anika nods in no.

Shivay: haww then I am really stupid.

Anika laughs at him.shivay looks at her come close n kisses her.anika too reciprocates.he slowly makes her lay down ,they consummate their marraige.

Next mrng: shivay wakes up first n looks at anika in his arms holding his head. He suddenly realises something weird n trying hard he remembers everything what happened last night.
Shivay: what did I do?? How can I face her?? Oh god…..

He gets up from bed n freshens up fast thinking to leave early.anika wakes up n asks him
Why she is there on bed.shivay convinces her saying she herself came n slept on bed.he leaves for there.

Shivay looks at anay.
Shivay: if I would have not done mistake of distrusting u,we would have been together now.may be we also would have a kid like him(caressing anay).it was all my fault.
He cries n slowly frees his kurta from anay hand.he goes to his wardrobe n takes out his n anika marriage rituals pics.he looks at it sadly n keeps it back.he comes n sleeps beside anay.

3 days pass like this with anay irritating shivay to core.but still shivay don’t gts angry n enjoys his company.anay almost stays in his room.he eats with Shivay, sleeps with him.

He even throws all his pills dustbin.he makes paper crafts with his Imp file documents.when shivay gives him angry look ,anay throws water on his face m runs away.shivay eventually runs after him to catch him.

But anay is anay.he shouts running” u can’t ctch me billu!!!”

Shivay got so habituated to him in four days ,so do anay.

1. Any changed the atmosphere of mansion.he makes evryone eat together.he even makes evryone play with him which brought spark back in the mansion.

Now shivay project work is completed.he is going back to London.though no one wants,they don’t know how to stop him.

Shivay does his packing n looks for anay.

He comes out and asks arushi n ishan abt him.they say they were playing hide n seek n anay hided somewhere in house.

Shivay thinks its better to leave without meeting him.what if he get sad.

Here anay in study comes out peeping n runs to shivay room n tries to hide in his wardrobe.he sits climbing.but he gets pics there.he looks at pics n get down n comes to living area.

Shivay already bidded bye to evryone n is abt to step outside.

Shivay stops n turns back to look at anay.

Anay comes to him running.shivay kneels down n hugs him.after a moment anay pushes him back slowly n shows his n anika pic.

Anay: why is my mumma in this PIC with u? Do u know her?

Shivay eyes get widened.

Precap: shivika meet!!

Guys plz comment if u like this.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.its just 5 shot.only two shots r pending so plzz do comment.plzzzzzzzzzzzz

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