#Ishqbaaz #ShivIka #Meant to be yours- 2nd shot


#Ishqbaaz#Shivika#Meant to be yours-second shot

Hi buddies

I know this concept is of separation.we both wanted to give 2 concepts together.but in both at end shivika will be united.

Last shot is all about tia revelation,sahil death anika leaving mansion,shivay leaving to London.

Second shot:

Oberoy mansion:

After 5 years:

The whole living room is filled with toys.3 kids are running here n there.
Pinky: oh my mata!!! These shaitan bache!!! My back. Aaaaa. Some one hold them.
Dadi smiles at kids.

Tej : oh god what’s all this,our arushi n ishan r so disciplined.but after this ayan entry whole house is mess.

He takes steps slowly crossing all toys.

Jhanvi: common tej!! Arushi n ishan also so mischievous.but they hide seeing ur face.but ayan don’t gets afraid of u.

Tej looks at ayan with angry face.ayan shows him his tongue n runs.

Tej smiles at him.

Pinky: arey om rudra……
Omru: yes chotima!!!

Pinky: om u catch ur ishan,rudra u catch ur little princess.

Omru: oh no!!! (But looking at his chotima face they both run run n finally catch them.

Pinky: now silently eat this(showing food)

Arushi: I will eat along with my friend ayan.

Ishan too nods.

Pinky: oh my mata!! I can’t run after him.sowmya u brought him here u only catch him.the moment he came whole house became circus.

Dadi: and before that whole house is like a disciplined office (saying this she leaves sadly)

All get upset.

Ayan comes running around.

Ayan: u can’t catch me(running all over)

Soumya: ayan beta!! Listen first eat n then start playing.or else I will inform principle n she will inform ur mom.

Ayan: la la la la la la(running)

(Ayan is arushi n ishan classmate n friend.his mom had some work so she arranged his stay in school hostel.but arushi want her friend ayan to be with her so he convinced her dad.rudra can’t say no to his princess n talked to principle.and brought ayan to there mansion for 4 days.)

Ishana comes there.

Ishana: choti ma rudra brought him here.so he will catch him.

Rudra: what? I am dead.(looking at all serious faces runs after him)

Om too tries to catch him but no use.

All security men runs after ayan in lawn too.he is running inside outside fastly.

Jhanvi: oh my god how his mother alone handles him?

All gets tired n fall on sofa gasping air.anay goes n sits on staircase ,laughing watching them.

“what the wuck!!!” a loud voice startles evryone.

All look at ta entrance.they all get tears in their eyes.

Pinky: shivay!!!

( shivay returned from London suddenly)

Omru go near him n hug him.they have lot to say n ask but words r not coming.they just look at each other.

After a while,
Shivay (in angry tone): what’s all this?( showing all toys,pillows pencils books here n there.

He takes a step forward n his leg hits a video game joy stick.he takes it n throws it in anger n it breaks down.

Ayan looking this comes furiously in front of him.Shivay looks at his blue eyes n gets surprised.
Ayan comes n takes phone in his hand n breaks it.

Shivay: don’t u have discipline?

Ayan: don’t u have dicipline?

Shivay: u broke my phone .

Anay: u broke my joystick.
Holding his hands looks at shivay angrily with his cute face.

Shivay: who is he?
( he knows its not ishan coz he had seen pics of ishan n arushi being in London)
Arushi comes n hugs shivay.

Arushi: badepappa how r u ? Why didn’t u never came to meet me n ishan.

Shivay just caresses both arushi n ishan faces.he looks at ayan.

Arushi: he is my friend ayan.he will stay with us for few days.

Shivay looking at ayan: don’t u have manners how to behave with elders ? This is oberoy mansion maintain some dignity.

Ayan: plz show less tadi. What if u all r oberoys?do u have horns?
( shivay reminisces sahil asking him to show less tadi n anika with his attitude)

Ayan: first u broke my joy stick(makes a sad face looking at that) and now u r speaking of dignity behaving like a kid.my mom gifted that on my bday.u broke it.( tears start rolling down on his white cheeks)

Shivay kneels down: OK OK stop crying .
He take out money.:see take this n buy new one.

Anay rubbing his pink cheeks: u buy new phone with that tadibaaz !!

Shivay gets shcoked with his words.

Anya runs to pool area.arushi n ishan follows him.

Pinky comes n hugs shivay.

Pinky: what u did shivay.from the moment he came he was making all of us go mad but now he is sad.he is shaitan but lovely kid.he is reminding me u.u know u were also so naughty in ur childhood.u always make run evryone after u.(caresses his face) how r u shivay? Its been 5 years….
(She starts crying)

Shivay(with wet eyes): mom! I am fine.

Shakti,tejanvi also hug him emotionally.

He leaves to dadi room and touches her feet.dadi blesses him by keeping her hand on his head.but she doesn’t talks anything .

Shivay goes to his room but looks at three kids sitting silently.

Arushi: don’t cry anay.

Anay(crying): my mom gifted that saving money,she will get sad when will know this.

Shivay hearing this feels guilty and goes to living area.he takes the joystick n repairs it himself.

He goes n stands in front of three kids

Anay looks at him with cute angry look.he goes n stands few steps away.

Shivay goes to him and shows joystick.

Anay face brights up seeing that.he takes it immediately n sees it is working.he wipes his tears n jumps clapping his hands.

Shivay smiles looking at him.

Shivay: i i …..i…. Actually didn’t do it intentionally.I was angry so….I am…..

Anay hugs him n says “ thank u for making it fine billu!!”

Omru who come there cups their faces hearing it.

Shivay sits in knees: what did u call(with serious look)

Anay: billu!!! My mom calls me billu as I have blue eyes.u also have blue eyes na so u r also billu(does logic wala sign)

Shivay gets surprised seeing his sign n smiles reminiscing his anika.omru gets happy seeing his smile.

Pinky comes there: arey anay come n eat atleast now.

Anay goes with all of them.

Anay climbs on dining chair n then table n looks at all dishes.

He makes a sad face.

Shivay: what happened now?

Anay: I want gajar ka halwa.but its not there.

Shivay again gets surprised.

Rudra: its anika bhabis favourite na?

All look at each other n get sad.

Precap: kitchen hungama

So that’s the second shot guys.plzzz comment if u like this…..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

With love
Pri & Nans

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  1. Awesome one..i guess anay is Anika’s child..

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u dear

  2. Rithik

    Who is her mom i think Anika but how can Anika be his mom

  3. Nansshivika

    So sry for confusing ayan n anay its same name I.e, ayan.so so so sry

  4. Rithik

    Who is her mom i think Anika but how can Anika be his mom and awesome concept bring Anika. Back

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u dear.u will get ur answers in next part

  5. Pri_24

    Superbly written Nandupie and peeps if you all enjoyed this do comments it will motivate us to post more collab work in future we are waiting for your feedback…☺☺☺☺????

  6. Nansshivika

    Again autocrction its anay anay anay anay anay pls gussa mat karo typing me mistake hogayi guys .that kid name is anay** hope u like the episode

  7. Anah

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    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u dear and its anay only.I meseed up with typings.?

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