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Hello peeps…???? Okay first all of big wala sorry as I didn’t update it as I promised but before new year day try to submit but I was feeling sleepy and without confirming I just kept my phone on side and slept and article was not submitted and later two days holiday and finally today I am here with update.??????

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Part 12

At midnight Anika gain conscious and she tried to open her eyes but she is feeling heavy due to constant crying and she try to sit on bed and this wake Shivay who is just land in sleepland and he stopped her holding her hand and with full affection and love he speak

Shivay: Are you okay Anika??? How are you now???? Do you want any thing???

Anika didn’t utter a single word and she ignored him and his words and she tried to free her hand from his hand grip and Shivay tigten his grip and speak

Shivay: Don’t you dare do that else you know what can do and (he make her sit with care and delicacy at bedpost’s support) now sit silently don’t stand up or try to go anywhere I’ll be back in two minutes.

And Shivay left from there and Anika is confused with his behavior as fee minutes before he is worried for her and next he’ll be blackmailing her AMD manhandling her and she is trying to understand him but failed miserably and she stop thinking as soon as she saw him entering with bowl of soup and food tray and coming near her he kept food try in side table and put soup bowl in her hand first she refused but very next moment he pick up spoon and started feeding her and she take spoon from his hand started eating and Shivay smiled seeing her childish reactions and actions but silently in his mind and after finishing soup Anika ate food from the tray offered by this confusing caring devil and after few minutes she felt energetic and she gathering all her courage speak

Anika: Can I go now???

Shivay: Anika, not now and plz don’t irritate me by asking and pleading for same thing again and again and now sleep you are not well and you need rest.

And before she can react he left from room and here Anika started feeling sleepy due to effect if sedatives Shivay have melted in soup and soon she drift to deep slumber and Shivay who is seeing her from outside smiled looking at his sleeping beauty.

Next day morning when Anika wake up she find no one in room plus door is open too and she without thinking anymore directly rush outside and she find main gate without any guard and next minute she tried to climb it but the sharp point at height pierce her skin but she ignored it and she climb whole gate with great difficulties and when she jump down she find her self standing in front of devil Shivay who is fuming in anger and very next second he forcefully hold her hand and opening main gate he drag her to room like a monster and after entering inside room he throw her on bed and he come on top of her and holding her face in his hand he bring near to his face and he shout

Shivay: Ibam trying to be soft with you, I thought not to be harsh with you but seems like you don’t understand language of soft word (and next second he tore her dress’s sleeve and he continue) Anika don’t force me to be harsh with you else you don’t know rather to say you know very well what van I do with you???

And next minute he come down and went out of room and shut door with thud and he lock door from outside and after hour or so Anika received her breakfast with some middle age lady and she didn’t touch food.

On other side Shivay visit Shekhawat and he show off in front of them that he is making his men running in search of Anika while in reality his men are keeping cops busybin searching at wrong places.

And whole day pass like this Shivay barked to cancel his meetings in front of Rishi who is feeling delighted with this young man while his secretary Nandini is having hard time thinking why her boos is barking order to cancel meeting while there is no meeting scheduled for today but soon she stopped thinking about this. And at evening Shivay bid bye to Shekhawat with excuse of his childhood friend come to meet him from London and he drive back to farmhouse and he rush to Anika’s room and unlocking door he entered inside and without looking at her he speak

Shivay: A car is waiting for you at main gate and will drop you a street away from your place but keep in mind don’t you dare say any one about me and one more thing you’ve to run from the place where driver drop you to your home.

Anika nod her head and she rush outside and she is not able to heard his self talk

Shivay: Anika soon you’ll come back to me wit and watch.

And next second he called someone and after conversation he smiled widely looking at Anika’s picture. And he depart from farmhouse.

Okay done with update… Hope you all will like it… Now leave your feedback I am waiting eagerly for it..☺☺☺☺

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