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Hello peeps…πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ Today I log in to submit next part of Vivah FF but few things happenes, my mind work on extra pace and I ended up typing update for this and yeah now one more thing do check last para an important news is there. Okay as of now enjoy update…πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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Part 10

Daksh: Don’t you know that your daughter have affair???

Rishi is shocked beyond limit as he didn’t have expected this from him and he is about to speak but before that Daksh’s father and mother started not giving chance to Rishi to speak

Daksh’s parents: we still can’t believe we’ve selected such characterless girl like Anika for our son and we can’t believe that you don’t know about affair your daughter is having… What will society will say now about us due to you people our name too will be spoiled in society we trusted you and your daughter but you people have ruined our name.

Rishi’s head bend as he is not able to listen this all blame on his daughter’s character and yet Daksh and his parents are throwing dagger at them in form of words but soon Rishi’s capacity to listen is give up and he finally speak

Rishi: Just listen me once she didn’t run away leaving marriage but she gas been kidnapped and if she wants to run away then she’ll go after dropping some letter or note but she didn’t means she is…

Daksh: How can I trust you??? And if it is kidnapping then why there is no call for any ransom money so stop lying and right now I am breaking every relations with this home and you and your daughter.

And he throw engagement ring and along with his parents he left from there leaving astonished and broken Shekhawat behind.

At farmhouse

As soon as Anika look him coming towards her she wants to run away from there and she tried to get up and run but Shivay hold her hand pull her and she once again land on bed and Shivay trap her between corner of bed and his leg and he take her head in his head and bring near his face and he lean towards her face and Anika felt scared and she closed her eyes in fear as from.past encounter with him she assumed that he’ll forcefully kiss her and few second she didn’t feel anything and she opened her eyes to see what that devil is planning and there is smirking looking at his effect on her and as soon as Anika open her eyes Shivay move his lips deadly close to her lips and brushing it he speak

Shivay: Sweetheart you are mine and accept this.

But Anika pushed him with full force and she shout

Anika: Don’t you dare come close to me and touch me else I won’t spare you.

Shivay is first bewildered seeing her but next second he laughed and move towards her like hunter move towards pray and looking at her trembling figure shivering lips and Anika is feeling uneasy and scared and feared and all alien feelings like that as she know how low Shivay Singh Oberoi named devil can stood but tucking her hair strands which are blocking his view of this beautiful angelic face he speak

Shivay: Don’t be scared, I won’t touch you right now as I want to have my to-be-wife on my bed for first time on first night.

Anika felt disgust listening him but soon she join her hand in front of him and tears are rolling down from her eyes and she speak

Anika: Let me go plz today is my marriage and my parents will be worrying about me plz let me go there pride and reputation will be at stake due to my absence plz let me go.

Shivay felt like his heart is aching with some unknown pain seeing her pleading and shedding tear but his devilish mind is still ruling him but his heart somewhat overpowered his mind and looking away he speak

Shivay: I can’t let you go you are mine and you’ll be mine only mine.

This angered Anika and she hit him on his muscular chest and speak

Anika:You are a devil a beast not a human.

Shivay choose to keep mum and seeing him silent Anika became more angry and she jerk him and she run in direction of door but Shivay is more faster then her he pulled her by her wrist harshly leaving buries over there an her this step angered him to the core and he pinned her to near wall and trap her between him and wall and he angrily speak

Shivay: One more time you’ll repeat this then I’ll forget every thing will mark you mine right here on that bed so keep quite.

But Anika is not in mood to keep quite ad threatening him she speak

Anika: Once I’ll be out from here I’ll tell your truth to my father and my fiancΓ© and they will not spears you.

But before Shivay can replied to him his phone ring and shutting her mouth by pressing his hand he received call and talk to caller and smilingly he disconnected call and seems like this call is done some magic and moving his hand he speak

Shivay: ( In deadly dangerous voice bit without anger) Darling toi won’t like to do such mistake as you know me very well and if by chance you think to do then trust me no one will trust you because within half hour I’am attending a meeting in Bangalore and your ex fiancΓ© is also coming there.

And Anika is shocked hearing him and she never have thought that her destiny will be so cruel to her and she felt defeated and she collapse there and Shivay this time out of concern hold her and Anika don’t have any strength left in her to stop him and Shivay scoop her in his arms gently and he put her on bed and he kissed her forehead and speak in her ears

Shivay: Have breakfast you need it.

Even Anika felt concern in his voice but this is not enough to forgive his deeds… And next minutes Shivay left from room and Anika heard door knob clicked and she assumed that he have locked her. And she is lying lifelessly on bed.

Shekhawat Mansion

Almost day passed nwith the hope thty now their daughter will come.running to them but nothing sort of thing happened and Police is giving their monochromatic answer that we are trying our best and here father’s heart is shattering into pieces with worry of safety of her daughter and yet not a single clue is known to them about her whereabouts and next second his phone ring and he looked at caller and received and from another side he heard.

Caller: I am sorry Mr.Shekhawat I was busy meeting since morning so I was not able to attended marriage of your daughter.

Rishi: Shivay marriage didn’t happen. (Yes the caller is Shivay)

Shivay: What??? Why???? (With utter shock in his voice) (Best acteo awards goes to him for this performance)

And next Rishi informed about all things and Shivay told him that he’ll be there in few minutes and he disconnected call and looking at wall paper he smirks and speak

Shivay: Anika, I muself will help your father in searching you and will bring you in front of him. Darling Shivay Singh Oberoi don’t keep an loop holes in his planning and he settled in car and drive towards Shekhawat mansion with preparation of playing a good boy image in front of Anika’s parents.

Okay done with update. So how was it???? Hope you all will like it… *Finger crossed* Dear readers and silent readers plz donleave your feedback and yeah now important thing
In last UPI told you that I am ending and even I said that I’ve surprise and ask me about it first I thought if giving it on last part but now I am revealing it today only and it is

“I’ll write second season of this FF where I’ll cover revenge part (Who will that is secret) and change in Shivay and ShivIka’s relationship. But but but another important thing now I’ll end this season with back to back update on alternative day but new season will be start after I finished Vivah FF’s four more part. Hope you all will be OK with my decision…☺☺☺☺

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  1. Nansshivika


    |Registered Member

    Like always its was like goosebump giving episode.now shivay will get into good looks of Rishi? Omgggg he is such a beast…I am waiting for his hero side.and daksh such a creep happy that shivay kidnapped anika.waiting for next part,and also vivah ks,season 2 of this,collab work ……….

    Love you chocopie😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Akshaya


    |Registered Member

    Awesome chocopie. Poor Anika . 10 parts for first season?? Revenge in second season?? Maza aayega 😁 Shivaay or Anika who will take revengeπŸ€” I have to use my brain to think . I think using my brain is also difficult chocopie πŸ˜‚ . So I will wait for it😊😍😘

  3. Rads

    Di I am having goosebumps all the time I am reading ShivIka’s part and Daksh is such a creep and hippocrates person he don’t deserves Anika and his parents they are nonsense people I hate them and I am feeling bad for Anika and her parents and this caring devil Shivay is so much good I liked him a lot today I find love in his words an deeds though at some point of time lust I there and bahut hi badhiya surprise diya hai bus aise aise surprise dete raho. I am waiting eagerly for next part update soon re.

  4. Aviana

    Perfect planner award goes to devil Shivay I like his planning though it is not good for Anika but it will bring them closer I think and his care, obsession, possessiveness, anger and his devil side his smirking all are giving goosebumps to me. But I love this shade of Shivay alot.

    And Daksh and his family so cheap how can they be so rude????

    Anika feeling bad for her she is suffering so much.

    Shekhawat’s they too are suffering so much.

    I am waiting for next part plz update soon

    And surprise awww that’s really a wonderful surprise I liked it a lot. And excited for season 2.

  5. Ria

    Pri you became Santa before x’mas with this surprise and update and I am sure like me everyone reader is happy reading this you are amazing in portraiting such dark side of Shivay I like this update come on now update next part soon.

  6. SamSun


    |Registered Member

    Awesome one loved it. I will wait for season two and the vivah ff too. I love all ur ffs cause the way u write and express what is in ur head is awesome and mind blowing.

  7. Nainaa


    |Registered Member

    Woah!! You rocked and shooked it😎
    I can feel Shivaay’s change in his behavior when he sees Anika in pain.. and that was carried out perfectly…😍😍
    I am so happy with the news that you will upload parts of this in alternate days😍😍
    Ehh!! Yippie!! I am so happy with your decision… and second season of this is gonna be adorable I guess…
    Keep going and keep rocking…
    #chocopie #cutiepie’schocopie #fantasywriter #ownerofmyfantasyworld

  8. Mrunal


    |Registered Member

    as usual super episode dear…😊😊
    amazing update…
    OMG this shivaay is soooo devilish. but i still love him to the core…

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