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Hello peeps…????? First all of big wala sorry as I’ve suppose to post this and others on Friday night or Saturday But I am not well so I can’t do it so today here I am with update and I’ll try to post all pending update excluding epilogue of it stated with dare 5S (Few have send me reminder to post it but I didn’t get as much comment as I want and as soon as I’ll get I’ll post epilogue means epilogue is already typed….) Okay enough of my blah blah now update time.

Previous Part : Part 7

Part 8

As soon as voice and words of caller
“Anika you should not have ignored Shivay Singh Oberoi in function”
Anika has goosebumps and she felt spine in her spines listening this and though she want to reply him but words are not helping her and she can’t speak and this anger Shivay more and he speak

Shivay: Anika I already had told you that every yes or no will affect your life from now but now your thus silence to will affect your life keep this in mind.

And next second before he can speak anything call from another side disconnected and his anger went to another level and looking at wallpaper of his phone which is Anika’s smiling pic from today’s function he speak

Shivay: Anika you should not have to disconnect call but you did it and now be ready to face anger of SSO and he typed text and send to Anika and tyed another text and send to someone.

Here Anika is still shivering due to Shivay’s call but soon her phone beeped showing text and she read text from Shivay which read

“Be ready to face Shivay Singh Oberoi’s wrath”

And next second looking around she decide to ignore his headless blackmailing and she drift to deep slumber (Seems like Anika don’t know SSO well an she dared to ignore his words)

Here Shivay who is waiting for either of one person’s text didn’t received any and angry Shivay after few minute Shivay called another person and he heard sleepy voice from other side and listening this Shivay speak

Shivay: What the wuck Khanna haven’t you read my text till yet????

Khanna: Sorry sir I just slept but wait I’ll read it.

But Shivay replied

Shivay: No need of this now Khanna, listen me carefully You’ve to go to Rishi Shekhawat’s home before morning and bring his daughter to my farmhouse and yeah keep one thing in mind take care of her properly she should not get hurt else you won’t be able to regret that got it???

Khanna: Yes sir, But Sir till I remember we lost our last deal due to Daksh Khurana her fiancé but she is not at fault any where so why are we kidnapping her???

Shivay: Khanna do the thing which I told you don’t ask counter question.

Khanna: Okay sir.

Shivay: Wait listen we are kidnapping her so Daksh Khurana can lost in biggest deal of life. (Having some thoughts in his mind)

Khanna: Okay sir. Got it.

And disconnecting call Shivay look at wallpaper of his phone and speak

Shivay: Anika I got one more reason to have you in my life and this will be perfect revenge to Daksh Khurana who is on cloud nine I’ll send her to hell from there soon.

And caressing Anika’s photo Shivay drift to deep slumber having wild dreams of his Anika.

And soon Khanna went to Shekhawat’s home and according to his boss’s given direction he directly land in Anika’s room and seeing all thing from bridle wear to peacefully sleeping bride fir few second he had second thought but following his boss’s instruction and remembering his words to not hurt her Khanna press chloroformed hanky and for few second and confirming she is unconscious he pick up her with care and setting her in back seat of car he text his boss about completion of task.

An here Shivay who is having romantic dream of him and Anika feeling disturbed with that beep but reading text he smiled and next second taking his car key he to started moving towards his farm house.

And here in Shekhawat mansion all are enjoying sweet sleep unaware of strom they all gonna face next morning.

So done with this update. Hope you all will enjoy this and I am eagerly waiting for all of your feedback sonolz do leave your feedback whether its positive or negative. And silent reader plz do leave your comments.?????☺☺☺☺

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