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Part Six

As soon as Shivay shut her mouth by his hand Anika started feeling panicking and she is trying to remove his hand from her mouth and he is heavy for her or may be now she do not have stamina to fight with devil Shivay at this point of time and seeing her loosing Shivay lean on her coming closer to her ear he intentionally let his lips touch her earlobe and that send shiver to her spines and though she don’t want to respond to his such lusty touch but her body ditched her and react to it and Shivay smirk seeing his effect in her and he keep his hand on her I love pooh T-shirt covered waist and by other hand he bring her face near to him and their lips are inches away and their hot breathe are fanning over each other and Anika close her eyes and she keep it shut with all force she has in her body as she thought one more time he’ll kiss her forcefully and this time Shivay didn’t kiss her but he bring his lips near to her ear one more time kissing her earlobe and after that in his deep husky voice he speak

Shivay: Anika, I love you so much. You are so much beautiful and I love you smile and your this pouty lips you don’t know your mere presence is enough to awake my manhood and you are just pushing me away from you all the time how can you do this to me my love????

To his surprise or rather to say giving him shock to death Anika hugged him back and in her s*xy voice she whisper in his ears

Anika: Shivay…

Listening his name from her create havoc in his mind and he just stop her from speaking further and engulf her in his arms and started kissing her on her neckline and she just close her eyes in pleasure and clutch his shirt from behind taking it as a signal to move further Shivay started kissing her more down and now he about to pull of her T-shirt but She stopped him and move towards his neckline and started kissing him there Shivay press her waist and pull her more closer to him and he just enjoying attention if his wild kitten and now he dominant her and about to slam his lips on her but his phone ring and he just look at phone and his surrounding and there he find himself on his bed hugging one of his pillow close to him and he rubbed his eyes one more time to find out Anika but she is nowhere so he understood that he was dreaming about her and before he can once again lost in his thinking his phone once again ring sawing caller ID Papa so he pick up call and talk to his father who asked about his visit to Shekhawat and he replied well and then his father informed him to visit tomorrow night at Sangeet time and informed him about their safe landing in Singapore and told him to tale care and Shivay listen to him silently which surprised Shakti but he don’t know that as soon as his order of visiting Shekhawat heard by him his heart is dancing like a maniac and his mind is running in race to find out better idea to meet Anika alone so that he can ask her about her answer and depend on her answer what action he’ve to take… And after disconnecting call once again he drift tondeep slumber so he an once again meet Anika….

Shekhawat Mansion

It is almost 2 o’clock of night and Rishi went of kitchen to have water and while returning from kitchen he heard crying from his daughter’s room so he move his leg in direction of her room and softly he press knob and open door of her room and there he find her sleeping and hugging her teddy and crying too and this what surprised Rishi because before today she never cried in her sleep so he silently come to her bed and caresses her hair and kiss her forehead and Anika jerk up and wake up from sleep and seeing her father there she take breath of relief and next second hug her father tightly and Rishi to hug her back and Anika speak

Anika :I love you so much Papa.

Now this is what surprised Rishi but controlling his curiosity he sit beside her and Anika keep her head in his lap and Rishi started caressing her hair and after few minutes when her sobs subside he ask her.

Rishi: What happen Ani?? Why are you so upset from evening??? Any thing happened Ani???

Anika want to open her heart in front of her father but she stopped her self from speaking out truth and she lied

Anika: I am feeling bad to leave you both.

Rishi now trust her words because as a father he too is feeling hell bad s her daughter will leave them after a day and he, himself will give her hand in another man’s hand and he felt weak due to this tradition of society and same time all the memories of his with Anika started coming in his mind fro her first step she walk, for the first time she call her papa , her first dayvin school and how badly both father daughter duo cried on that day, then her first vacation to her maternal uncle’s home when she become ill just in one day as she is missing him and with that he remembered how he promised her that he’ll never send her away from him and then he come to present an remembered that day after tomorrow he’ll send her away from him and seeing her father numb Anika sense that her father is remembering their memories and promises and before he can break down Anika become her strength and hugged him tightly and speak

Anika: I know Papa you are feeling ba for breaking promise but I know that too you’ve to do this and trust me I am not feeling bad cause of that so now stop feeling ad else I won’t talk to you, I’ll do karti with you if you don’t smile while heartily on count of five and she started he counting and on count of three Rishi smiled at his daughter and hugged her and later both cried too and after that Rishi told her story like he use to tell her in her childhood days and make her sleep and after confirming that she is drift to drop slumber he tuck her in duvet and crying Rishi went to his room after kissing her forehead with all fatherly live and care….

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