Ishqbaaz-Shivika: A love story (Episode 7)

Hi guys! This is the link of my previous episode of Shivika A Love Story:episode-6
As I told you part 6 and 7 would be interesting as I would show Tia’s exposure. So I won’t be wasting too much of time in this and we will start with the 7th episode.

Episode 7
Shivaay: just shut up your nonsense Tia.Dare there you call my wife like that .Rudra start the video.
During this,the police and media come.yes,Shivaay had called them only.they also listen to the matter silently as instructed. Media was asked to ask their questions afterwards.
Rudra starts playing the video which was shot by Khanna on the day of the wedding. It was the same video in which Robin was hugging Tia saying that he was her husband and Tia also reciprocates the hug and happily runs away from the wedding.
Om:Dadi,maa,choti maa,chote papa these were the videos which was shot during the wedding and you can see clearly that Tia ran away from the wedding.
However everyone gets a big shock . Rudra moves on with the next video(fridge one captured by Anika’s pendant)

Shivaay:aur ye,jab Tia ne Anika ko jaan se marne ke liye use fridge me lock kiya( and this, when Tia wanted to kill Anika so she locked her up in the fridge)

Anika drags Romi and Mrs.Kapoor from behind.
Anika:and they were also included in the plan.
Rudra moves on with the final video in which Tia reveals everything about her motive to Anika and even tells her that she wants to kill Shivaay.
The video also shows that how Anika saved shivaay from the glass attack .Tia was damn scared. How Anika got these videos?this question was ringing in her mind.

Finally,Omru get the marriage certificate ,marriage pic and the pregnancy report in which it is clearly written that Tia was pregnant with Robin’s child.

Before anyone could move ahead Soumya had to show something too
Soumya ask everyone for the permission to show a video (this was the same video in which Romi was threatening Soumya by kidnapping Rudra on the day of Shivika’s marriage)

Anika goes to Tia.
Anika:oh no!Tia you must be having some confusion in your mind ,right ?let me clear that confusion. You were already shocked as well as scared when I found that you are married and you tried to destroy all the proves but let me tell you I am always a bit ahead of you so I kept a hidden camera in my pendant so that I could capture all your harmful games that you wanted to play with the Oberois.
Tia was stunned.and before she could react along with her sisters, a tight slap landed on Mrs.Kapoor, Svetlana ,Tia and Romi ‘s cheeks. Dadi slapped Mrs.Kapoor ,Jhanvi slapped Svetlana where is Pinky slapped Tia and Soumya slapped Romi.
Anika walks up to Tia and asks I solved your confusion but you didn’t solve mine. Now my question is that how come you know Svetlana and Romi? Answer me Mrs Tia Dushyant Khanna!
Tia: because…..because… woh …….woh
Pinky:{with a lot of anger} abe woh woh ki bacchi suna nahi meri bahu ne kya kaha?jawaab de jaldi.( what because because’s child didn’t you listen what my daughter in law asked you answer fast)
All were stunned seeing Pinky’s behaviour and affection towards Anika.
Tia: these two are my…..(taking a pause)sisters, Svetlana Kapoor and Romi Kapoor.In our childhood,we lost our dad,or everything,Mr.Pankaj Kapoor,only because of the Oberois, especially, Devrath Singh Oberoi(he was Shivaay’s grandpa)
Tia’s mom: Although we don’t know what was the specific reason as I was admitted in the hospital for Romi’s birth. Even the court didn’t inform us about this as did had this might be shocking for us but I still remember on the day when my sweetheart was ordered to get burnt and it was only because of you. I met Pankaj just before his death and he told me that only because of you all especially your grandpa,Shivaay, he was given this punishment.
Svetlana :and from that day we decided that we would do anything for our father’s death.
Mrs.Kapoor: Even Gayatri and Roop who were my best friends supported me in this plan. Unfortunately in an accident both of them died and we wanted to take benefit of this .So, we Put The Blame On Shivaay although Roop’s body was not found but Gayatri’s was.
Romi: we always tried to harm your family- either by putting poisonous gas in the kitchen on adding current to the waterline.But, all our plans failed….
Tia{ pointing towards Anika}:only because of her.She always saved this family from different attacks,even in the Gayatri murder case.We even involved that psycho Daksh in our plan add he was my devar. Daksh became totally got obsessed with Anika and manipulated Shivaay and Pinky over spending a night with Anika. As Shivaay accused Anika on that day,Daksh kidnapped Anika from the Oberoi mansion. But,Shivaay rescued her.
Svetlana:when we got to know about this,we thought to make a drama of Tia’s fake pregnancy. Though she was pregnant with Robin’s child,we made fake reports and made Shivaay believe that it was his child only.
Everyone was standing in shock.
Media were allowed to ask questions.
Person1(to Tia):is it true that you are not married to Shivaay Singh Oberoi?
Person2(to Anika):are you the one who is married to Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi?
Many media people gathered around and Anika and she got shocked hearing many questions. But,she had support. Shivaay held her right hand and came forward. Both faced the media.
Shivaay:meet my actual wife,Mrs.Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Everyone present there got shocked but Shivaay was firm. He explained everyone the situation. Anika suddenly realized that someone came and held her left hand. It was Pinky.
Pinky{in a guilty and upset tone}:Anika beta mutse bahuth badi mistakes ho gayi.Please mujhe forgives kar de(Anika beta,I have done a very big mistake.please forgive me).She joins hands in front of Anika.
Anika:nahi aunty aise koi baat nahi hai. Badon ke hath aashirwaad ke liye hote hai maafi maangne ke liye nahi(no aunty,there’s nothing like that. Elders have their hands for giving blessings,not for asking for forgiveness)
Pinky:par I ams very angry with yous(but I am very angry with u) {she said with faking anger}
Anika{shocked,taking it seriously}:but why?
Pinky:u should calls me moms or mummiji rights?
Anika{relieved}:oh sorry aunt….(taking a pause)mummiji!
Pinky:yeh hui meri daughter-in-laws wali baat(this is like my daughter in law)
Police arrested the Kapoors. Oberois are together now,all of them(including Anika)sing lafzon ka yeh rishta nahi….

Precap:Shivika moments….
Q:what do u think I should write after this?you can put your suggestions in comment box.


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