Ishqbaaz-Shivika: A love story (Episode 6)

Hi guys! My 6th and 7th episode would be really very interesting as I would be exposing Tia in these 2 episodes but don’t think that the FF is going to end so soon as I have to still reveal Anika’s past. So here goes the 6th episode.

Anika wakes up and sees that she is sleeping beside Shivaay on his bed. She realizes that she is still holding Shivaay’s hand.
She somehow releases her hand from his, but fails,because when she’s about to leave,a hand pulls her closer towards the bed. It’s our Shivaay.
Shivaay pulls Anika closer to him,tucks her hair behind her ears,and says,”good morning”.
Anika was as red as a cherry,blushing and runs away. Shivaay smiles.

After sometime,
Oberoi Mansion
Omru ever Shivika’s room. Anika removes her pendant and gives it to Shivaay. Rudra plays the videos.
Shivika and Omru are hell shocked seeing that Tia wants to kill Anika and they are confused seeing Swethlana and Romi there. Tia was assigning Swethlana as her di and
Swethlana helping her.
Shivaay(in mind):how dare she!She wanted to kill my Anika!no Shivaay no!you will have to take this Tia out from my life.
They decide to expose Tia today itself.
Tia plans to kill Shivaay and as he had declared her as his wife in front of the media so he can take away all the property that belongs to him. As seen in show Tia misguides Anika to the outhouse.

Anika knew that Tia was up to doing something wrong, so she kept the camera on.
Anika smartly tricks Tia into revealing all her motives. But Anika is shocked by these words which blurted out from Tia’s mouth.
Tia:I don’t care if Shivaay is alive or dead. I just wanted all his property and I will get that as he introduced me as his wife in front of the media. Even the law says that the wife will get all the property of her husband after his death. Save him if you can,Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi ?
Anika gets stressed and shocked as Tia wants to kill her husband-her love,her everything. She even tries to call Shivaay,but he doesn’t respond to the call. She runs towards the mansion.

Shivika’s room
Shivaay is checking all the proofs against the Kapoors, unaware of the fact that the glass behind him.
Here,behind him,the glass wall breaks.
He gets damn shocked.He realizes that someone had pulled him and saved him.It was our Anika. Anika gets very scared and hugs him tightly. Anika shows him everything and tells him about Tia’s motive about killing him.
Shivaay is now very damn angry.first,that Tia tried to kill his wife. Now she wants to kill him and steal all the property that never belonged to her!He turns into his Bagad billa avatar. He goes and makes a call to some people. He asks Anika to get the proofs ready.

Meanwhile,Oberoi mansion hall
Swethlana somehow tries to manipulate Tej into saving him from a fake accident and injuring herself.
Tej gets her back to the Oberoi mansion. He makes her lie down in the sofa.
However no one is happy with Tej’s act.Tej doesn’t care. He is only concern about Swethlana.Om is burning with anger.
Rudra:(whispers to Saumya):lady baba aur lady siyapaa kya kam thi,jo drama queen bhi pohonch gayi.
Saumya:shut up,crybaby. Matter is serious.
Tej:oh god!Saumya go and get water.
Tia and Swethlana are smiling.
Suddenly,Shivika enter the room.
Shivaay:there’s no need for this,bade papa.
Anika:congrats Tia.what a plan!Swethlana ke saath kya plan fix kiya hai no tumne!
Tia gets scared as she thinks that Anika might expose her.
Anika continues:fake accident!manana padega[we hav e to believe].mind blowing plan.
Tia starts panicking. Pinky scolds Anika and asks her to shut her mouth.
Tej:and when did Swethlana come in between.
Shivaay:bade papa,Anika is right. If u have doubt we’ll clarify it.
Shakti signs Pinky to shut up and let Shivaay explain.
Tia:Shivaay baby,u don’t trust me and u r taking her side?even when u know,I’m pregnant with your child?u r taking the side of this middle class girl,having no blood line,Lineage….
She is interrupted by Shivaay.
Shivaay:just shut your nonsense Tia. Dare u call my wife like that.Rudra video chalu kar.

Precap:Tia exposed. Mrs. Kapoor reveals reveals that why she wants to kill Oberois. Pinky accepts Anika as daughter in law.

Q:Whom do you think Shivaay must have called?
Q:Will media ever get to know that Anika is Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi?
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