Ishqbaaz-Shivika: A love story (Episode 5)

Hi friends!Shrutika again. Happy New Year and sorry for the late update. I will make sure that I never do such delay again. I had sent a note saying I’m changing the storyline. But don’t worry guys as of now,the story is same. Enough of talks…let’s continue with the ff

Till now,
Shivaay brought Anika home. Dadi starts first rasoi rasam. Anika burns the dish but Shivaay saves her from getting insulted. Shivaay apologizes to Anika. Tia plans to lock Anika in fridge. AniYa were cleaning the fridge. Saumya gets busy with a call and Tia mixes sleeping pills with Anika’s tea and with the help of Swethlana and Romi,she puts Anika in the fridge.

Part 5
Shivaay suddenly senses that something wrong is going to happen with Anika. He goes to the hall and searches for her but she is nowhere to be found. Shivaay informs Dadi about it. Omrumya also join find Anika.
Saumya:bade Bhaiya I think we should search for her in the kitchen as we both were cleaning the fridge.
Shivaay:yes u are correct let’s go to the kitchen.

In kitchen
Shivaay sees that a tea is kept which was smelling weird. When he smelt it he got to know
that someone had mixed sleeping pills in the tea. His tension increased. He hurriedly went near the fridge and opened it. To his surprise,Anika fell into his arms and she was freezing from cold.
Shivaay lifts her up in his arms and takes her to their room. He also covers her with a blanket and sits next to her until she gets consciousness.
When Anika gains consciousness,Shivaay is relieved. He scolds Anika.
Shivaay:kya karna chahti thi tum?tumhe pata hai agar tumhe kuch ho jata toh mera kya hota?(what were u trying to do?do u even know if something’s happened then what would I do?)
Shivaay realizes what he said. They share a cute eyelock. Anika breaks the eyelock.
Anika:mujhe jana hai. Jaane dijiye (I want to go. Let me go){removes hand from the blanket}
Shivaay:{keeping the hand inside}u r not going anywhere. U will only rest. No more excuses.

Kapoor mansion
Swethlana:I told u Tia to keep away from Anika. Now she will gain Shivaay’s support.
Tia:not so soon di. I have a superb plan.

After sometime,
Oberoi mansion
Rumya are arguing on love. Saumya explains Rudy about love. Shivaay listens the conversation. Anika was paying by when Shivaaypills her closer and both of them listen to Rumya’s conversation.
Rumya were also holding hands and they don’t realize it. Saumya was about to slip when Rudra hold her. Rumya moments…
Meanwhile,Anika insists on leaving her hand. Though Shivaay leaves it but when she was about to leave,he holds her tightly from behind. He whispers in her ear “I want to tell u something. Come in my room”.Anika blushes and leaves.

According to her plan,Tia enters Shivika’s room.
Shivaay:Tia,can’t you knock and enter inside?
Tia:why would I ? Do you still consider that Anika as your wife ?{starts her crocodile tears}
Shivaay consoles Tia. Seeing this,Tia tries to flirt with Shivaay and even tried to intimate with him.
But at the right time Anika enters the room.
Anika gets hell angry. Shivaay is shocked by seeing the possessive attitude of Anika.
Anika shouts:Tia now u have crossed your limits. From whose permission you got access to come,sit in my room on my bed and have romance with my husband?
Tia has no words to say.
Saying this,Anika drags Tia outside the room,throws her out and shuts the door behind her.
When Anika turns back,she sees Shivaay with a naughty smile on his face.
Shivaay:why are u standing there?come sit here with your husband on your bed.
Saying this,he moves closer to Anika who was just lost in his blue eyes. He caught her,held her tight and this brought Anika back into her senses.
Anika blushes. Shivaay notices this.
Shivaay:mujhe nahi pata tha ki tadibaaz ladkiyan blush bhi karti hain(I didn’t know that tadibaaz girls blush too..
Anika:blush kya hota hai (what is blush)?
Shivaay:main batata hun(I will tell you you)
And he starts pulling Anika closer to him. He starts his flirting.
Shivika were both getting cozy with each other. Anika treats on Shivaay’s arms smiling. Suddenly she turns cherry red and our of blush,runs away from Shivaay and sits near the the swimming pool.
Shivaay goes and sits with her. Suddenly there is a power cut in the house. Anika starts beating heavily. She gets scared and holds Shivaay very tightly.
Shivaay knew this as she got scared once earlier too. Shivaay carries Anika in his arms and makes her sleep next to him on the bed. Shivaay happily goes to rest.

Precap:Shivaay’s life in danger. Anika stressed. Tia to get exposed soon.

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