Ishqbaaz-Shivika: A love story (Episode 4)


Here goes episode 3:

Shivika are spying on Tia and her mom and they realize that Robin is not present there.
Anika:Aapko pata hai yes Robin kahan had?(do you know where’s Robin)
Shivaay:Yeah it’s been days I’ve met him when I asked Tia she did not respond.
Anika:Matlab yeh chipdi kuch toh chupa rahi hai(means this cheap person is hiding something)

Suddenly an idea strikes Anika’s mind.
Anika: Shivaay, aapko yaad hai Khanna ne shaadi ke videos banaye the?(do you remember Khanna had made the marriage videos)
Shivaay:Par uska Tia se kya lena Dena?(but what relation do the videos have with Tia)
Anika:Aapko Tia ka message mila ki vo shaadi nahi kar sakti(you told you got a message of Tia that she cannot marry you)
Shivaay:But Tia got kidnapped later
Anika:Then Tia’s kidnapping could have happened in the same room and if she was kidnapped,she was already in the bridal look and you found her clothes lying there.
Shivaay:Ya correct. Get into the car. I’m calling Khanna

In the car
Shivaay received the videos. Shivika are playing all the videos one by one
A video had the recording of Tia and Robin’s conversation
Shivaay:means Robin..
Anika:Robin hi is chipdi ka pati hai(Robin is this cheap lady’s husband)Shivaay is video ko save kariye(Shivaay save this video)
Shivaay saves the video
Later in Oberoi Mansion.
Omru fit the cameras but soon find that they are not working properly
Rudra receives a call
Rudra: bhaiya …..haan aapka kaam ho gaya hai par problem hai……ji abhi pahunchte hain(yes bhaiya your work is done but their is a problem … we’re reaching their now)

Omru arrive at Anika’s house.
Om: cameras kaam nahi kar rahe(cameras aren’t working)
Shivika: pehle isse dekho (first see this)
Shivika show the video to Omru. Omru get shocked.
Shivaay:chalo Tia ka sach sabke saame latein hain ( let’s bring Tia’s truth in front of everyone)
Anika:aap pagal ho gaye hai kya billuji ?yeh proof pe koi bharosa nahi karega ( have you gone mad Billuji no one will trust this proof)
Om: Anika is right. Shivaay we need more proofs.
Anika notices the bracelets they are wearing
Anika: Yeh sab kya hai (what’s all this){pointing at those bracelets}
Rudra:bhabhi voh…….
Om:yeh Shivaay ke shaadi wale din Rudy ne pehnaya tha(Rudy made us wear it on the day of Shivaay’s wedding)BTW why did you ask this?
Anika gets 4 Mini adjustable cameras

Anika:you said that the cameras were not working,so I got these for you. Adjust these on your bracelets and I’ll wear this in my pendant.
Rudra:Kya idea hai Bhabhi (what an idea Bhabhi) thanks
Om:thanks a lot
Anika:no need.You call me Bhabhi right?
Omru:par ek aur person hai jise thanks kehna hai ( another person is left who has to say thanks){eyeing Shivaay}
Shivaay:yeah Thanks,Anika.
Anika was shocked as well as overwhelmed
Anika:your welcome. Now wear these.
Anika was not able to fit the camera in the pendant when I walk pair of hands hold her hesitating hands (yes you are right it’s Shivaay)
Shivika share an eyelock. Omru make an expression that Mission Shivika part one successful.
Shivika come back to their senses.
Anika:voh mere pendant main camera nahi jaa raha toh isliye Shivaay mere madat kar rahe the ( I could not fit the camera in my pendant so Shivaay was helping me)
Om:par tujhe kaise pata chala ki Anika ko help chahiye?( how did you know that Anika wanted help)

Shivaay:mujhe mehsoos hua (I could feel) after all she is my wife
Shivaay just realized what he said and looks at Anika. Shivika share an eyelock again.
Omru:Oh. Wife?
Shivika come back to their senses.
Rudra:aapse nahi hoga bhaiya(you cannot do it Bhaiya)
Shivaay:what?I’m Shivaay Singh Oberoi. I can do everything.
Rudra:aap abhi tak Bhabhi ko pendant nahi pehna paa rahe ho.
Shivaay adjusts the camera and makes Anika wear the pendant lovingly. Omru are just smiling from outside but from inside their hearts are dancing with joy.

Screen freezes on Shivika’s face.
Precap:Tia plans something dreadful. Omru investigate Tia’s house. They find Tim’s marriage certificate.

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