Ishqbaaz-Shivika: A love story (Episode 4)


Oberoi mansion
Shivaay returns holding Anika’s hand. Everyone shocked by Shivaay’s move.
Dadi:when did u return home Billu?thanks for bringing Anika home.
Shivaay(fake excuse): Dadi Court has ordered that Anika has to stay with me till the divorce happens (taking a pause) as my wife.
Omru(whisper): what an excuse Bhaiyaa!
Tia gets irked seeing this.
Tia leaves the place. Omru and Shivika notice this. ShivOmRu were leaving for spying while Dadi stops them.
Dadi asks Anika to do a rasam in which the wife has to cook for the family. She happily goes and cooks Paneer butter masala for the Oberois.

Unknown location
Tia,Swethlana and Romi are standing in jealousy. They are sisters as shown in serial. They want to destroy the Oberois.
Tia:Shivaay brought Anika back.
Swethlana:why do you always get affected by her?
Tia:di,she’s very clever minded. She knows the child is not Shivaay’s and she has even warned me to stay away from Shivaay.
Romi:but on what basis did he bring Anika back?
Tia:court has ordered them to stay together until they get divorced. She will hav to stay as Shivaay’s wife,again.
Swethlana&Romi (shocked):what?is it true?
Tia:yes,it’s true.
Romi:so we haven’t plan something if we want her dead.
Swethlana gets an idea.
Swethlana: I think we should kill her by making her unconscious and putting her into the fridge she’ll suffer due to cold and she will die.
Romi:but di,Tia di cannot do it all alone. She requires help.
Swethlana :you are right Romi. I have a plan for that too

Oberoi mansion
Anika presents food on the table. Shivaay makes faces. Dadi asks Shivaay to have the food first as he is Anika’s husband.
Anika serves him. Shivaay tastes the food. He wants to vomit,still he appreciates it only for her reputation.
Shivaay:wow !it’s so yummy. I’m so lucky to have such tasty food and praises it.
Dadi &Pinky:then we will also taste it.
Shivaay drags the bowl.
Shivaay:no need I will eat the whole dish. I liked it so much.
Rudra:par mujhe bhi bhabhi ka khana khana hai(even I want to eat bhabhi’s food).
Shivaay:nahi tu diet pe hai bimar ho jayegaa.(no you are on diet. You will fall ill )
Rudra:mujhe toh bhi voh chahiye (still I want it)
Shivaay:maine kaha na nahi matlab nahi (I said no means no)
Anika was confused. Shivaay was making faces still he we eating away all the food. Even he was not letting others eat it. She opens up.
Anika:koi baat nahi Rudra. Maine aur bhi banaya hai. Soumya leke aati hogi. (No worries Rudra. I hav made more of it. Sounds is bringing it)
Shivaay shocked.
Shivaay:aur bhi hai(there’s more)?
Anika nods.
Rudra:thanks bhabhi. Sumo bring it fast.
Saumya gets the bowl. She was giving it to Rudra. Anika notices Shivaay’s expression. He was scared. Anika snatches the bowl.
Anika:mujhe bahuth bukh lagi hai mai kha leti hun. (Even I’m hungry. I will eat it.)
Anika tastes it. She realizes why Shivaay was giving such expressions. But she in a minute eats everything and keeps smiling.
Everyone retire to their respective rooms.

Shivika’s room
Anika: you could have spitted everything out. What was the need to save me?aap sabko mera khana khane dekar meri insult dekh sakte the par aapko farq kyun pada?( you could have told everyone to taste my food and could see my insult why did you feel bad)
Shivaay:tum meri patni ho aur mera farz banta hai ki mai tumhe bachaoon ( you are my wife and my job is to save you from insult)
Anika was taken aback by his words. In mind,she was dancing with joy.
Shivaay:Maine tumpe kitna shak kiya. Mujhe maaf karogi?(I have always doubted you. Will you forgive me?)
Shivaay moves closer and holds her.
Anika:haan. Main aapko maaf….karoongi. (yes. I forgive you)par doobaara(but again)…
Shivaay:doobaara aisa nahi karoongaa(I won’t do it again)
Shivika do a hug. They just don’t care whoever sees them. They are lost in their world.
Om Rumya were passing by. They decided not to disturb them. RuMya clicked a pic as a memory.

Kapoor mansion.
OmRu investigate Tia ‘s room. They find many shocking things-her wedding pic,marriage certificate,T&D bracelet. But they don’t see a family pic in which Tia Swethlana and Romi are present. They take the things found by them to Shivaay.

AniSaum were cleaning the fridge. Saumya gets a call and she leaves. Anika decides to make tea for Shivaay. She sends tea to Shivaay but Shivaay returns the tea back saying he drinks only espresso.
Anika(mind):Main toh bhul hi gayi ki Billuji espresso pite hain. Itne pyaar se banaya tha lagta hai khane wale baat so naaraaz hai. Koi baat nahi unse maafi maangoon gi ( I forgot that Billuji only drinks espresso which how much love had made this Tea for him I think that he is angry on me for that food which I had made but no worries I’ll apologize for that to him)
Anika decided to drink the tea. Tia thinks this is the right time for her to make Anika unconscious.

Meanwhile Dadi receives the gifts she had ordered from Tirupati. Swethlana and Romi disguise themselves as workers. Dadi feels as if she saw Swethlana but does not bother. Swethlana and Romi hide near the kitchen.

Anika emptied the fridge. Tia quietly peeps into the kitchen and adds some sleeping pills and hides near her sisters. Anika gets up and has a sip of tea. Due to overdose of sleeping pills she faints.
Tia and her sisters come out and drag an unconscious Anika towards the fridge and push her inside. Tia locks the fridge.

Precap:Shivaay senses Anika in trouble. Anika in grave danger. Saumya,Shivaay save Anika

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