Ishqbaaz-Shivika: A love story (Episode 2)


Hi guys! I’m new to Telly Updates but a big fan of Ishqbaaz. So here’s my story (starting from Tia’s fake pregnancy) ….

Tia and her mom had forced Shivaay to divorce Anika else she’ll reveal that Shivika are married to the media which will lead to the downfall of the Oberoi industry. Shivaay takes Anika to their room and consoles a shattered Anika.

Shivaay:Anika,don’t worry. These papers are fake. I know Tia is just forcing us into getting divorced through her fake pregnancy. I’m 100% sure the child is not mine. So we’ll act as if we’re divorcing but we will meet at your house.

Hearing this Anika’s crying stopped.

Anika:but how will we expose her?
Shivaay:I have a plan.I’ll tell everyone that I’m going for a business trip to Goa but we’ll plan this at your house.I’m definitely sure Omru will also help.
Anika:I’ll pack some of my clothes with yours and you also do the same.

They come to the hall (remember,Dadi and Omru have arrived)
Dadi spots Anika with a suitcase. Tia has a victory smile on her face.
Dadi:Shivaay usse rok ,meri bahu ko rok de Billu
Anika:nahi dadi iski koi zaroorat nahi hai
(Anika winks at Shivaay which is only noticed by him) Anika leaves

Later at night,Oberoi mansion
Shivaay:Main aap logon ko bataana bhul gaya tha ki main business trip ke liye Goa jaa raha hoon
Shivaay leaves for Anika’s house

Precap:Shivika informed Omru about their plan. Omru to help Shivika in exposing Tia

How was it? Please do comment!!?

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  1. Akshaya

    Yo shrutika . You are rocking dear. wonderful plan yaar

  2. Shrutika

    Guys please ignore this f this is the first ff

    1. Ya actually I also thought that. Pls post next episode asap.

  3. Actually i didnt read the 1st part….so considering this the 1st part, its awesome…

  4. nice!!!!!!

  5. LoveLynn episode ??

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