Ishqbaaz-Shivika: A love story episode 12

Hi readers. I was very delighted after reading your comments. Thanks for appreciating my ff(or the bakwaas things I had written). I’m sorry for being late. Actually I was having a lot of assignments from school so couldn’t post this ff. But no worries,here is the link for all the ffs:
But guys, I have a sad news. I will have to end this ff soon. Maybe in 2/3 more. But,I’ll definitely concentrate on my other FFS. Lots of emotional talks. Let’s go on with the ff.
Till now,
Anika gets shot in the Lohri function in process of saving Shivaay. She’s admitted in the hospital and gets saved. Shivaay promised that he would not leave those villains. Voice:I’ll help you to in that,Bhaiya.
All turned to see who the person was. All were surprised while AnIsh were confused. It was a boy. Soumya ran and hugged him.

Here goes episode 12:
Soumya:Ranveer Bhaiya,how much I missed you!
Ranveer:me too,Soumu.
Shivaay:Ranveer,you here? What a big surprise!
No bhai. Actually Prinku was the one who called me to inform about the function,when suddenly she noticed 2 drummers slipping away from their group. She doubted them so she told me. That’s why I was able to get hold of them and arrest them.
Shivaay: Shaabash(congrats) Prinku. See,I used to tell you na,that you are my Prinku pehelwaan. By the way,who is it? I’ll definitely make sure they don’t get bail early and easily.
Ranveer:she’s none other than your bua Roop and her son Amar.

Tej:she just makes my blood boil. How could she even think of harming my family?

All were shocked by Tej’s possessiveness towards the family.

Ranveer(calming him down):relax uncle. Bhabhi,are you OK?

Ranveer turned towards Anika to see her. They thought that they shared a sudden connection with each other. Although,they ignored it. All elders leave. Youngsters left.
Shivaay:I think we should go now.
Anika:but I don’t want to live here. I hate living in hospitals.
Om:but Bhabhi,you haven’t recovered till now.
Anika:can’t we do medical arrangements at home?
Rudra:Bhabhi is correct.
Ishana:yes,Jiju. I can’t leave my Di here.
Shivaay:OK then. I’ll arrange for the medical facilities at Oberoi mansion.

@ Oberoi mansion.
Youngsters arrived home. All elders were waiting for them as the mansion seemed gloomy and boring without them. All elders convinced Ranveer to stay in Oberoi mansion itself.
As days passed,Anika felt really irritated and disgusting. Shivaay was treating her as a small kid! He never used to let her go out of the Mansion premises and appointed 2 bodyguards behind her to keep a check on her when he was not at home. She was only allowed to roam around the Mansion or the beautiful garden behind the mansion. When Anika used to fight to go outside,Shivaay used to pick her up in his arms and take her back to the room.

One day,irritated by Shivaay’s gesture,she talked with pinky.
Anika:Maa,see na. I’m Fit and fine. Shivaay is not allowing me to go out.
But pinky used to give her the same answer.
Pinky:beta,he’s your husband. Let him take care of you.
Anika slowly started to recover properly.
But,we don’t have only Shivika here. Or Ishkara,Rumya and priveer were showing their live too. One day,Ranveer proposed Prinku. She happily accepted the proposal but they didn’t marry as Ranveer’s parents weren’t there and were coming home next week.

While,once Soumya was asked by find but she was saved by Rudra. Both were realising love for each other,but couldn’t confess it.
But,our detectives were on work. All youngsters(except Rumya) we’re finding the truth. Finally,they dug out the truth but didn’t tell it to the elders do that Rumya can realize and comes their marriage and love.

Our Ishkara were very happy with their lives. Om one went to Ishana’s dance institute and was mesmerized seeing her. Even,when Ishana entered his at gallery after a long period of time,she felt as she had gone to heaven to see the sculptures. Many of them had won noble awards too,but she was interested in her Omkara. They got very close to each other initially,but they were facing the same problem as Rumya. Fed up of this hesitation,Omkara decided to propose Ishana on Valentine’s Day.

On Valentine’s Day.
The whole mansion was beautifully decorated. The code was red and white. Everyone looked as beautiful as ever. Though it wasn’t a festival but we can’t forget that Oberois celebrated every function from their heart,whole-heatedly. Om took Ishana to his art gallery. He tied a cloth in Ishana’s eyes and then took her to a very special room,where everyone was abandoned to enter. Ishana was asked by Omkara to open the cloth. She did so. She didn’t find Om behind her,she started getting scared but someone covered her eyes with his hands.
Ishana(knowing who it is):Om,I know it’s you. Why did you get me here?
Om:first see this.
He removes his hands and turns on the lights. Ishana gets astonished and surprised after seeing the sight. The whole room consisted of Ishana’s portraits and sculptures. She was super happy and hugged Om tightly.
Om(kneels down):Ishana,I don’t know when you entered and changed my life and stole my heart away from me. As everyone says that I can make big shayris and poems based on love,but today I’m speechless for confession my love to you. So I’ll just say,I love you. Will you marry this Zulfi Singh Oberoi?
Ishana:yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai? I’ll surely marry you,Om. But,I’ll say one thing.
Ishana:actually Ishana doesn’t love Om…..but….
Om was shocked by this confession. But with hope he stands up and graduated to ask the next question.
Om:but…..(tensed and scared)
Ishana(making puppy faces):but,Ms. Drama loves Mr. Zulfi Singh Oberoi. Om,see your face. I was joking. You are sweating. Itna pyaar karte ho mujse?
Om(relieved):yes Ms. Drama queen. I literally got scared.
Both hug each other.

They return to the mansion and find all others staring at them.
Youngsters were smirking.
Rudra:Bhaiya,you also became paraya dhan. But me and sumo well get 2 Bhabhis now.
Soumya:congrats Ishana Didi and bade Baal wale Bhaiya!
Dadi:are you both ready to marry?
Both share eyelock. All smirk and then laugh.
Just then,
Rudra’s smile changed into a grin. You must have guessed the person-it’s none other than Reyaan.
Reyaan:Soumya,will you marry me? I really love you a lot.
Before Soumya could say something,Rudra comes and stands in front of a scared Soumya and holds her hand.
Rudra:you can’t Reyaan. Because she’s married.
All are shocked(except youngsters).
Tej:what nonsense Rudra. How do you know that Soumya is married?
Rudra:papa,Soumya is married………me.
Rudra(to Soumya):I know,even you don’t want to marry Reyaan. And if it’s a yes,please say no. I can’t see note tolerate you with anyone else. As opposites attract,sumo is always perfect with a dumbbell Oberoi. I know that the marriage happened when we weren’t in our senses,but now I’ve understood- that I love you.
Soumya:I love you too,my dumbbell.
Reyaan goes from there.
Anika:do you want help to explain your marriage,or shall we…..
Rumya were shocked. They explain the whole incident while everyone accepts Soumya as their bahu.

Function Was over.
Shivika’s room.
Anika:I’m so happy for the youngsters.
Shivaay:me too. You know,love is a feeling that you can’t get rid of. It gives you an energy to fight your enemies and also becomes your weakness at times. But I’m happy that everything is OK.
Anika:you ate Shivaay only na? When did you become like Om? Doing philosophical talks,not bad.

Both laugh and then they enjoy the rest of their night together by cuddling together.

Precap:Aroras’ entry(Ranveer and Soumya’s parents). Anisha’s past revealed.

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