Ishqbaaz-Shivika: A love story (Episode 11)

Hi guys! Sorry for the late update. Actually I was focusing on my new FF of Ishqbaaz,which is Ishqbaaz:the beautiful couples. So couldn’t concentrate on the story line. Here is the link for all my previous FFs:
click here for all episodes Anyways,here goes episode 11.

@unknown place.
2 people are talking in the dark. Spotlights are on,but they are facing their back. There is a young man and an old lady.
Lady:how is this possible? Kapoors are arrested. Who had tried to kill me? When did all this happen?

Man:seriously you are worried about those Dhokebaaz(cheaters)? Those people tried to kill you and Gayatri aunty. Gayatri aunty died,but somehow I managed to save you.
Lady:I’m proof of you son. But how did you get to know about this?
Man:Maa,a few months ago,when the Kapoors got exposed,they blurted out the truth. I was hiding by a nearby pillar to listen their confession. Mrs Kapoor said that she thought that you and Gayatri aunty were of no use,as their plans used to get failed. So,she told some truck driver to hit the car in which you and Gayatri were returning home. As Gayatri aunty’s airbag didn’t work,she died on spot. You were under track on my GPS,so I rushed to save you. Mrs Kapoor doesn’t know whether you are alive. She used your accident as her plan. She informed the police that Shivaay had committed the murder of Roop Singh Oberoi and Gayatri. However,your body

wasn’t found and there were no strong proofs,even some Anika saved him. Later,Shivaay got married to this Anika and introduced her as his wife. Hopefully she didn’t reveal the secret motive she had behind destroying Oberois.
Lady:but how you entered the mansion?there was tough security there.
Man:Maa,I disguised myself as a worker and entered the mansion. I even tried to kill Anika,butshe got saved.
The boy tells everything,right from Shivika’s forced marriage to acceptance of their marriage.
Man:when they got to know that I’m a fake worker at the house,I filled away from there.
Lady:my son is so brave I don’t know. But this Shivaay got saved again by Anika.
They turn to face the light and are revealed to be Roop and Amar.
(So,the lady is Roop. The guy talking to her is Amar,Roop’s son,who disguised himself as a fake worker in real Ishqbaaz)
Roop:but what to do next?
Amar:I have a plan.
They discuss something which is muted. They laugh wickedly.
Roop:OK. The plan well be put on action. Now you are gone,Oberois!

@Oberoi Mansion
All were busy in preparations of Lohri function.
Pinky(to servants):sab kuch ekdum perfects hona chahiye. Koi kami nahi honi chahiye kyonki yeh mere heere bete aur heere bahu ki pehli Lohri hai. Understands?ab jao.
Dadi:sab taiyariyaan(preparations) ho gaye Pinky?
Pinky:haan mummiji. Oh My Mata! Main Shivika ke kapdon ke bare main toh bhul gayi. Abhi dekh kar aati hun.
Rudra comes there and shouts, “ruk jaaeye choti maa!”
Pinky thinks that Rudra wants to ask something important so she stops. But Rudra is Rudra. He ask the most dumb question ever.

Rudra:ab yeh Shivika kaun hai choti maa?
Pinky(touching Rudra’s cheeks):tu Rudra hi hai naa?ya main tere bhoot se baat kar rahi hoon?
Rudra:main Rudra hi hoon.
Pinky:arre gadhe,Shivika yani ki Shivaay+Anika.
Rudra:oh. What happened to me? Main yeh kaise bhool gaya?
Pinky:Soumya thik kehti hai,tu ek no. ka dumbbell Oberoi hai.
Rudra:mujhe uss moti ke naam se mat chidaye(don’t tease me with the name of that moti).
Rudra didn’t notice Soumya behind. Pinky signs Rudra to stay quiet but he didn’t listen. He looks behind to find an angry Soumya. She starts chasing him. They were fighting like Tom and Jerry.
Pinky:inka kuch nahi ho sakta.
Pinky leaves for the arrangements.

@Shivika room
Shivaay was trying his outfits. Anika enters. Shivaay was shirtless (bare chested). Anika didn’t notice him as she was talking to Ishana on phone. She closed the door as she wanted to try some outfits.
Anika:Meri choice hai,phone toh achhi hogi. Ok. Phone rak aur jaldi ghar aa. Lohri ke outfits select karne keliye. (It’s memy voice,the phone has to be nice,right? Reach home fast as you have to select the outfit for Lohri.)

Shivaay notices Anika and decided to take advantage of the situation as they were alone.
Anika:OK. Bye Ishu.

Anika turns to see Shivaay shirtless. She immediately closes her eyes and runs towards the mirror.
Anika:I didn’t see you. You can change fast.
Note:Anika was wearing a backed saree with a lace. She wanted to check her other outfits.
Anika opens her eyes. She sees through the mirror that Shivaay is moving close to her he finally holds her from behind and turns her towards him.
Anika(blushing):yeh kya kar rahe hai aap Shivaay?
Shivaay was opening the lace of her saree but she didn’t knew it. Shivaay could clearly see her back as her back was facing the mirror.
Shivaay: no need to blush. I’m your pati(husband) right?

Anika:uh,voh,…… were shirtless.
Shivaay:so what,Anu? I want you to give me a gift. It should be the most precious gift for me.
Anika:but what would you give me in return,Shivu?
Shivaay was busy opening her lace. At last,it gets opened. He sees her mommy back in the mirror and starts caressing it. A wide smile creepy in his face. Anika,who realized this,was surprised. She thought when her husband became so romantic. Or of nervousness,she held Shivaay’s shoulder tightly.
Shivaay(smirks):see,someone is blushing…..

Anika:Shivu,it’s daytime,right?
Shivaay:toh kya? Hum husband-wife hai naa, dekhta hun,hume kon rokta hai.
Shivaay pulls her closer. He kisses her forehead,eyes,cheeks and moves towards her lips. Their lips met,they had a passionate lip lock. It became more wild and finally they had to part away as they were out of oxygen. Suddenly,there’s a knock on the door. As Shivaay was bare chested,Anika suggested him to hide in the bathroom while she held one of Shivaay’s outfits. She tied her lace fast and covered her back with hair and rushed towards the door. She went to open the door to find Pinky.
Pinky:Oh My Mata,Anika beta tu taiyyar nahi hui ?
Anika:nahi mummiji voh mujhe kapde select karne jana tha,par main Shivaay ko dress select karne main madat kar rahi thi.
Pinky:par Shivaay kahan hai?
Anika:voh bathroom main.
Pinky:achha. Tu chal mere saath. Main tujhe Lohri ke kapde deti hun.
Anika ages and goes.
Evening,Oberoi mansion hall
Everyone come dressed in various outfits (just like shown in the show)
Shivika arrive at last and take blessings from Dadi. Pinky sees them and goes to them.
Pinky:nazar naa lage tum dono ko. Kitne pyaare dikh rahe ho!
Anika:mummiji,Ishu aur Om kahan hai?
Ishu:hum yahan hai,Di! Voh main iss nautanki ko laane gayi thi Zulfi Singh Oberoi ke saath.

Anika: yeh Zulfi kaun hai?
Ishu:Di, Omkara ka naya naam, Zulfi Singh Oberoi!
Shivaay:Om,ekdum sahi naam hai. Good job,Ishu. Tumhari Didi se toh achha naam hai,varna jab dekho toh billuji bulati hai.
ShivIsha do high-five while AniOm give them a deadly glare.
Rudra:Sahil,tune mujhe miss kiya?
Sahil:yes Rudra Bhaiya you are my partner in everyone’s tang-khichayi.
Anika:Sahil,you forgot your Didi?

Sahil: arre no,did you get jealous?
Anika:stop your drama. Go to change.
(Guys,now Sahil it’s cured. He can walk and run like a normal kid.)

At lawn
Ishu was wearing a beautiful green and golden lehenga with a white crop top and duppata. She looked mesmerizing.

Shivika performed the rituals of Lohri together,as it was their first Lohri. They alsohad a happy couple photo.
Scene shifts to the drummers. Roop and Amar have disguised into drummers and hidden the pistols in the drum. They hide at a higher place(a terrace sort of place)to target their prey,who is Shivaay.
They tried a multiple times,but couldn’t succeed. Finally they found Shivaay alone as Shivaay was waiting for Anika to introduce her to one of his business partners. He signs Anika to come fast. Anika looks up and sees Roop and Amar and remembers about the fake servant. She immediately rushes towards Shivaay. The bullet gets shot. Anika falls in Shivaay’s arms in process of saving him. Everyone landed in shock seeing Anika drenched in blood. Everyone rushed to her rescue and make Anika admitted in a nearby hospital. Ishu is holding one hand of Anika’s while Shivaay holds the other. Anika who was subconscious,sees the pendant in Ishana’s neck and says in a very low voice,”chutki”. But,no one could hear this.

Sahil(crying):Jiju,Ishu Didi,Anika Didi theek ho jaaengi naa?
Shivaay(consoling):kuch nahi hoga Anika ko, Sahil. I know she’s acting. She had promised me that she won’t leave me. I know.
Ishu,who couldn’t control more,breaks down crying. But Om supports her. Ishu hugs him tight.
Ishu:Om,kuch nahi hoga naa,Didi ko? I agree with Jiju. She’s acting. She’s the no.1 dramebaaz.
Shivaay tries to control his tears and goes to Ishu to console her.
Pinky:sab theek hoga mummiji. Anika beta ne mujhse vada kiya hai,ki voh mujhe mere pote-potiyan lakar degi,aur iss parivaar ki raksha karegi.
Dadi:tu sahi ke rahi hai,Pinky.
Doctor comes out.
Shivaay:how’s my wife,Doctor?

Doctor:we have taken out the bullet,but unfortunately….
Ishana:why did you so,doctor?
Doctor:unfortunately,she hasn’t gained consciousness. Her health status is already critical and if she doesn’t rain consciousness in the next few hours,she may land up in coma.
All were shocked with this statement. Shivaay was shattered. He rushed into the room like a storm. When he entered the room,he couldn’t control. He cried his heart out seeing her condition. Everything flashed in his mind:How they met,their nok-jhoks,their confession at the pool party when they were drunk(when Mallika had arrived),the day at Sangeet,their first hug when Anika was stalked,their marriage,their confession of love,their kiss,everything.
Shivaay took her hand in his.

Shivaay:kyun Anika?meri jaan bachayi tumne. You know the doctor is mad. He says that you can land in coma. Nothing can happen to my Anika. You are my
Anu,right?wake up Anika,wake up.
Omru go to Shivaay to console him. Ishya also ever the room.
Ishu:Anika Di,so your nautanki. I know you are acting. If you won’t wake up,I’ll throw water on your face.
Soumu:Anika Di,I’m your Soumu,right? You consider me as your sister? If you think I’m your sister,then please wake up. Wake up.
Omru:both are right Bhabhi. Please for Bhaiya’s sake,for our sake,for Ishana/Ishu Di’s sake,for Soumya/Sumo’s sake,wake up. Ishya go to support Omru.

Shivaay’s tears fall on her face,right below her eyes. It looks as if she’s crying too. Suddenly,Shivaay notices something. He notices that the hand which he was holding was moving.
All look towards Anika. Her eyelids move. She slowly opens her eyes. At first,everything was blurry,but she was able to see one face-of her beloved husband,Shivaay’s.
Anika(low voice):Shi……Shivaay.
Shivaay was overjoyed and hugged Anika. The youngsters join the hug. Soon,the elders entered and asked Anika about her condition.
Tej:par beta,tumne dekha kya joh tum Shivaay ki taraf bhagne lagi?
All started at her for the answer.

Anika:bade papa,aapki behen,Roo……Roop aur uss nakli servant ko dekha,voh Shivaay par goli chalane wale the,isliye main Shivaay ki taraf bhaag kar gayi.
Tej:but how is it possible?Mrs Kapoor told that she had conducted the accident of Roop and Gayatri.
Shivaay:but bua’s body wasn’t found. So,we can’t say that she died. And in case of the fake servant,I guess Anika is correct. Now I won’t leave her.
Voice:I’ll help you to in that,Bhaiya.
All turned to see who the person was. All were surprised while AnIsh were confused. It was a boy. Soumya ran and hugged him.

Precap:Roop and Amar arrested. Shivaay turns into a caring husband. Shivika,Ishkara and Rumya moments.
So,done with the update. Please do read my other FF which is Ishqbaaz:the beautiful couples. What do you think who the person would be?please try and guess who the person might be. Wow your guesses in the comments below. ?

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