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Shot 3

As soon as OmRuNika said Hi to Tia she covering her nervousness replied

Tia: Hi and what you all are doing here??? Are you following me??? Om, Rudy I know Anika have problem with me but you too come in her words… And Anika…

But Anika cut her in between and speak

Anika: Chepdi shut up and tell me who is he???

Tia who is not aware of the fact that they have seen her romancing with Dushyant started her usual tape and speaks with her most irritating smirk

Tia: Anika do you have problem of memory loss??? He is my brother Robin…

Anika: Ohh and what he is doing here with you in pool???

Tia: Anika what type of question is this??? And I am not binding to give you answer of your useless question and plz stop spying me else I’ll tell Shivay…

Once again Anika cut her and speaks

Anika: Do not you dare scare me with his name and yeah you want to call him… Ok do it because he too knows that…

But before Anika can complete her sentence Om stop her holding and pressing her hand and turning to her side signal her to keep quiet and turning to Tia’s side he speak

Om: We are sorry to disturb you Tia we just had misunderstanding so…

Tia: Its ok Om you don’t need to give clarification.

And next second Om hold RuNika’s hand drag them from there who are boiling in anger as they are thinking that they lost chance of making Tia utter her truth and as soon as they reach to car Anika asked

Anika: What was that Om??? Just few more minutes and I’ll make that chepadi speak her truth but you just…

Om: Anika, people like Tia don’t utter truth just like that and we’ve her pictures and as well as I’ve recorded our conversation with her so we can expose her with this in front of everyone so let’s go back to home and Rudra call Shivay and inform him to come back to home ASAP but don’t tell him any other thing and I know one short cut and we’ll be back to home soon.

And next second they get settled in car and Rudra informed to Shivay to be home in half hour and inside resort Tia get worried after OmRuNika left but Dushyant lift her mood by romancing and soon they get lost in their world once again.

And Shivay who is on the way to Kapoor’s home take a U-turn and come back to home and informed all the his PA Nandini to come to OM directly and he ordered her to call ACP Naina and Tulsi to and his leagal advisor Sanaya and Akshya to directly come to OM.

After one hour Oberoi Mansion living hall

All family members are waiting for OMRuNika and soon they make entry and Shivay rush to them and asked

Shivay: What happened Rudra?? Why you urgently call me to come home???? I was on the way to…

OmIka: Nothing can be more important than what we’ve to say…

Shivay: What is it???

And soon Rudra attached his phone to TV and he saw his recording of Tia and Robin to everyone and after that Om saw pictures to them and all are shocked seeing this and soon Pinky who is recovering from this all speak

Pinky: Oh my mata.. Tia is kissings her brother…

Anika: He is not her brother I do not think so.

OmRu: Even we don’t think so.
But before they can discuss further Shivay’s assistant Nandini enter with file and speak

Nandini: Sir your doubt were right Kapoor’s don’t have any son now their son Robin died in car accident in Sydney and after that they wind up their business and kapoor ladies get settled in India.

Shivay: What do you mean by Kapoor ladies????

But before she can reply ACP Tulsi and Naina entered and greet him and they informed them that

Tulsi: Mr.Oberoi actually before your today’s call we have received 2 arrest warrant against Mrs.Kapoor for some fraud scheme and before arresting her we want to search everything so we start getting past record of them and they all were clean but suddenly they were out of India and soon we started collecting their information and from that we come to know that they flew away to Sydney after death of Mr.Kapoor and they are handling same business of fraud schemes and due to this someone killed her son and after that they just wind up everything there and come back to India.

Naina: And here along with her three daughters she is handling her business only one company of Kapoors are having legal business else are just fraud and handling illegal and her younger daughter is trapping people by behaving like a god and we are searching proof against her other two daughters.

And soon Shivay saw recording to them and informed how Tia disappear on day of marriage and after collecting all they informed that are going to arrest Tia kapoor and before they can depart Shivay’s legal advisor Sanaya entered and informed

Sanaya: Sir as per your order I already tracked Tia mam and her current location is sawing near bliss spa and resort.

Shivay: Thanks miss Sanaya and ACP and soon I’ll join you all at kapoor’s home and miss Nandini take this soft copy of picture and make hard copy from it and reach to kapoor’s home within half hour.

And soon Nandini, Naina, Tulsi and Sanaya depart from there.

As soon as they depart Anika come near to Shivay and speak

Anika: So Mr. Oberoi here I done with proving you real image of so called good linage and family’s girl. And yeah before departing I ‘ll like to say that never judge a person by its surname and its family hope this will help you next time.

Shivay: Anika you are not going anywhere.

Anika: Look you are none to me so you can’t stop me.

Shivay: I am your husband Anika and….

Anika: (Cutting him in between) Are you serious???? Or you are suffering from short term memory loss just before few days you have introduce Tia kapoor as your wife in front of whole world so I would appreciate your effort of stopping doing things only if it is for her hope I’ve clear your doubt and misunderstanding now.

And Shivay;s mind turn blank and he is not able to reply anything to her and soon Anika left from there holding her tears which are fighting to arrive and here in hall soon Shivay started crying and soon Dadi and OmRu come near him and Dadi speak

Dadi: Billu she is broken and hurt.

Shivay: But Dadi how can she leave me just like that???

Jahnavi: Give her time Shivay she needs to recover.

OmRu: And Shivay we need to punish that people due to whom you both are going apart so let’s go to kapoor’s home and then we’ll bring Anika back till then let her have some alone time.

Shivay nod her head and leave to kapoor’s home.

And crying Anika take an auto and come back to her home and as soon as she entered in side she closed door and while turning to other side she saw Daksh sitting on sofa and before she can speak anything Daksh come near her and speak

Daksh: Surprise… Surprise…. I am back…

And even before Anika can ask anything or can say anything to him he hit flower vase on her head and next second unconscious Anika fall in his arms.

So howz update???? Please do leave your feedback and once again I don’t proof read so… And yeah Vivah’s next part will be up by tomorrow morning.

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