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Hello peeps.????? Thanks a lot for all of your comments on first shot and my and Nandupie’s collab work and on Dark FF I am souch happy.☺☺☺☺☺☺ Enjoy next shot…??????

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Shot 2

Listening Anika, Om too look at Rudra and his perfect ‘O’ curve lips and he too hit on his head coming near him and asked

Om: Speak up duffer.

Rudra pull both up and sawing his finger in direction where he is looking he speak

Rudra: See, that lady baba is having pool party with someone.

And Anika and Om too stunned looking at that scenario and here Tia and Dushyant (Robin) unaware of this all are engrossed in their celebration and here Rudra started clicking picture and Om put his phone on vedio mode and shooting this and here in pool Dushyant pull Tia towards him and Tia blushed furiously and next moment he captured her lips and they lost in their world and seeing this Anika press OmRu’s eyes with her hand and OmRu together speak

OmRu: Anika didi we are 18+ and legally mature and we can see this scene. (I like this dialogue of MFK movie so included it here)

Anika remove her hand with her logic wala signature step and she speak

Anika: Chepdi Tia use sharam na aa rahi hai and muje yanha michmichi ho rahi hai. (Cheap Tia is not even feeling shy an here I am feeling strange)

Rudra: Badi aai thi universe ki and sharam ki bate karne, waise ab karna kya hai Anika didi???? (She is giving lecture on universe and shame and all, BDW what will we do now????)

Anika: First send this picture and vedio’s to your taddibaz brother and then we will give surprise to Tia.

Om: Anika, wait we need to capture who that boy is???

And next moment Dushyant turn hugging Tia close to him and Tia to keep her hand on his neck breaking kiss and OmRu saw their magic and started capturing these and their jaw touched to land seeing Robin with Tia and here in pool Tia give peck on Dushyant’s lips and here agent Rudy captured this all and send this pictures to Shivay and next second they started moving towards pool to give biggest shocking surprise to Tia. And soon Tia saw them and she remove her hand from Robin’s neck and here OmRuNika are pretending like they are not seeing them and soon Tia pleed Robin to hide and he didn’t as he don’t want to hide from anyone. And soon OmRuNika reached to pool and say hi to Tia.

Here in Oberoi mansion.

As soon as Shivay heard Daksh’s voice he rush to all in anger and seeing Shivay in front of his eyes Daksh loose his temper and he shout

Daksh: How dare you marry my fiancée rather to say how dare you forced her to marry you???? I’ll…

But Shivay cut him in between and speak

Shivay: Done you dare take my wife’s name from your flithy mouth.

And Daksh’s anger went to another level and he run into Shivay’s direction and holding collar of Shivay’s shirt he speak

Daksh: I’ll file complaint against you for this.

Shivay removed his hand from his collar and angrily he speak

Shivay: Daksh it’ll be good for if you don’t even think about that else I’ve biggest point of defaming character of Mrs.Oberoi and trust me you won’t be able to regret it later.

And listening this Daksh is about to punch Shivay on his face but Shivay sense this and hold his hand and twist it and he is about to punch him but Dadi,Pinky and Jahnavi who are silent and confused Spector till now come and apart them and finally Dadi asked them about what they are talking and Shivay said them how Daksh created misunderstanding between him and Anika ad how he blamed Anika and next second Jahnavi and Pinky give tight slap on each of his cheek and Pinky speak

Pinky: Shameless you are don’t you feel shames speaking such thing about a girl??? Just get out of my house now.

Shivay: Don’t you heard out now… And keep one thing in mind don’t try to look at Anika or COMT near to her else I’ll kill you.

And fuming Daksh leave from Oberoi mansion but he is already up with his plan B and here in mansion Shivay take out his phone to call Anika but he saw 200+ msgs from OmRu and he worriedly checked messages and he get biggest shock of his life looking the pictures his brothers have sent to him and same time he felt guilt for not trusting Anika’s doubt regarding Tia and next second he decided something and taking his phone and carkey he storm out from Oberoi mansion and on the way he made call to Ms.Nandini Khana his personal assistant, ACP Nina and Tulsi, and at last he called to Sanaya and Akshya his legal advisor and he instructed something and something to all.

Okay I am done with update. Hope you all will like it. Waiting eagerly for all of your comments and silent reader plz leave a comment it’ll motivate me to post next shot soon.☺☺☺?? So plz do leave comment.?????

Precap: Lady baba and Siyapa (Tia’s mom) in problem, ShivIka’s face off, and may be Anika’s kidnapping (Obviously by Daksh).

Have a wonderful day ahead peeps…☺☺☺☺☺☺

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    And our friends gang is there super se uper. Such a lovely surprise thank u chocopie.

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