#Ishqbaaz #ShivIka #Known Stranger (Shot 1)

Hello peeps…πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ Thanks a lot for all of your comments and support for new story and here I am with 1st shot of this story. Hope you all will like it too… *Finger crossed* …. Enjoy shot…πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Prologue: http://www.tellyupdates.com/ishqbaaz-shivika-known-stranger-prologue/

Shot 1

Scene start from Anika and Shivay arguing with each other over Shivay make Sahil’s admission in another school without Anika’s consent and without informing her and finally Shivay ended up saying he knows her character as soon as this words escape from Shivay’s mouth Anika is shocked hearing this but she determinant to know due to which Shivay is saying this and she hold Shivay’s hand who is about to leave and coming in front of him she speak

Anika: Enough Shivay, now I am fed up with this blame game of your now just blurt out the reason due to which you are blaming me.

Shivay: Anika, I am feeling ashamed of saying that but don’t worry on your insist let me remind you which you are pretending to forget.

Anika: I am waiting to know it so speak up.

Shivay: Anika, I’ve seen you with Daksh in his room and you’ve spent a night with him for 15 lakh and….

Shivay is stunned because before he can continue Anika’s hand is landed on his cheek and with tear in her eyes anger is flashing from that tears and she speak

Anika: Shivay, not even I my wildest dream I thought that you’ll blame me for such low thing and you know what Shivay Singh Oberoi whatever you see is always not the right keep this in mind and next time before saying a word agait my character think twice else you’ll face such side of me which you never want to and I’ll never like to saw you.

And angry and broken Anika left from room leaving stunning and shocked Shivay behind and Shivay registered each word of Anika and soon a thought clicked in his mind that how come Saumya know about Anika’s presence in Daksh’s room and immediately he rush to Saumya’s room to interrogate her and here broken Anika entered poolside but before she can break anymore she heard someone whispering and and she controlled and composed her self and she move towards whisper sound and there she heard Tia’s voice

Tia: “Baby within few minutes I’ll leave from here and I am so excited that we’ll be celebrating our anniversary together. I love you so much baby for arranging all this you are….

And excitedly she turned and seeing Anika her words went back to her throat and sweat form in her forehead and she speak to caller

Tia: I’ll call you later.

As soon as her call get disconnected Anika speak

Anika: Seems like you forgotten to speak baby to him.

Tia: Anika just shut up you are not allowed to interfere in my life so just stay away from me till the time you are in this house.

Anika: Mind your language Tia, because if you raise your voice my chameli to want to raise to kiss your cheek for shouting on me.

Tia: Shut up Anika you don’t have manners to talk with…

Anika cut her in between and speak

Anika: Manners and that to with you dream on Tia and by I’ve other task to do.

And before Tia can reply, ask or react anything Anika left from there and Tia to went from there.

And Anika went to OmRu’s room and make them agree to her plan to expose Tia and soon they started following Tia in Om’s car.

And they did mistake by taking that car as seeing his car Tia speed up her car and this increase OmRuNika’s doubt more and soon Anika come up with another plan and according to plan on next turn she and Rudra come out from car and hired a cab and I’m continue following and soon RuNika covered their face and settled on back seat and according to Om’s direction they get Tia’s car and now changed his direction so they can divert Tia’s attention and they succeeded in that they keep giving direction to Om an dsoon they chase game end in front of Bliss spa ans resort’s gate but yet Om didn’t reached there and RuNika are waiting for him in car only and after parking car Tia checked everything and entered inside and and seeing this Anika speak

Anika: See Rudra the way she is checking surrounding it means she is doing something wrong and trust me this time we’ll catch her.

Rudra: Anika didi today we’ll send this universe ki baby ko universe me vapas bhej denge. (And they smiled)

Soon Om joined them and Anika informed that she had saw sweemsuit there OmRuNika decide to enter in poolside.

At Oberoi Mansion

Shivay entered in Saumya’s room and interrogate her and she informed that she was there in Daksh’s room with Anika that night as she is feeling uneasy and uncomfortable in her room and Daksh bhiya himself called Anika didi for her. And Shivay felt miserably guilty for his blames and he went to poolside in search of Anika but she is not there and Shivay set on corner o swimming pool.

And at downstairs Daksh happily entered inside mansion and hugged everyone and seeing Sahil there he is surprised and coming to his height he hugged him first and speak

Daksh: Sahil I am happy to see you here and where is your Anika didi and before Sahil can reply Dadi come there and informed everything to Daksh how Anika and Shivay get married to each other and angry Daksh shout Shivay’s name. And hearing this Shivay become angry and rush to hall as he have to settlement many thing with him.

And here at resort

OmRuNika is moving towards swimming pool while Anika speak

Anika: OmRu keep your eye in each direction as we can find her here and Rudra you keep your camera ready as we need some strong proof to prove Shivay that Tia is fooling him and this picture will help us.

OmRu: Okay Anika Bhabhi.

And they looking around moving towards pool and when Anika turn to Rudra to say him something she saw his ‘O’ curves lips and she shake him and Rudra point his finger in some direction but Anika saw tree there as place where Rudra is standing is lil upper then Anika’s place so she hit Rudra on head and speak

Anika: What’s happened Rudra why are you behaving weird????

Okay done with first shot. So how was it???? Plz leave your feedback whether its positive or negative… Silent reader do leave comment re…


  1. Nansshivika


    |Registered Member

    I am just waiting for ur next shot chocopie….make anika more anger on shivay.stupid SSO.and this one is good logical wala planing of anika.and anika replying shivay n tia is superb.that like jalli anika.love u chocopie😘😘😘😘

  2. Tulasi


    |Registered Member

    Suprrr excited for d next shot….. yeh ideas kaha se aathe hain meri maa….. u r incredible…. 😎😍😍😍😍😍😚 i m waitng for next epi

  3. Rads

    Di you started this story on current track and I must say you’ll be our hope to have IB story which we want because I know Gul will bring some stupid track but I know you won’t to do so I am excited to read your this story…

  4. Aviana

    Nice twist when Anika and Rudra take a cab and followed Tia I like that and Anika’s conversation with Shivay and her slap to him is what bring 1000 walt smile and I want to see slap in IB too but that didn’t happened so I am disappointed but you saw that scene and I am happy visualising that scene and Tia AMD Anika’s conversation OMG Anika is so fiesty and that dialogue of her My Chameli want to raise to kiss yur cheek I just laugh a lot Di and I am excited for next part and even happy with one misunderstanding clearance plz update next part soon di

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  6. Mrunal


    |Registered Member

    definitely shivaay needs slaps for hurting annika again & again…..
    this is sooo interesting….
    amazing update….πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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