Ishqbaaz ..Shivika @ Karwachauth Celebration- OS

Hello readers.. I just wanted to write a OS on Shivika romance during Karwachauth celebrations..
I hope you all will like it… Here we go without much delay

The karvachauth preparations begin in Oberoi mansion. Anika takes up the responsibility of all the arrangements. Shivaay also fasts as Anika likes the idea of men fasting during the festive in Oberoi family.
The much awaited evening arrives , Anika beautifully dresses in a baby pink lehenga embroidered with Golden threads and stone embellishments, with a beautiful crop top matching the lehenga.
Shivaay too dresses great ad comes out.
(I din’t like the dress Anika wore in original serial )
His blue eyes searching here and there for Anika. Finally he finds his lady near the pool side arranging the diya’s. He gets mesmerised seeing her and finds a reason to be close.
His mind and heart doesn’t allow him to be far from Anika for a longer time. Anika too feels his presence and is nervous and dearly wants him to be on her side.
Shivaay slowly walks towards Anika and Anika nervousness reaches peaks when Tia comes in between.
Shivaay notices Tia for a moment but still his looks are on Anika. Anika on the other hand feels sad and moves from the place. Shivaay’s eyes follow Anika’s movement.
Tia : Shivaay , how am I looking? You know what I have specially made it designed by best designer for this festive.
(Shivaay mein kaisi lag rahi hoon ? Maine ye lehnaga khaas karva chauth keliye banvaya hain from the best designer.)
Shivaay: Good..You are looking good..i have a little work , I will just come.. in a short while…
(Tum acchi..acchi lag rahi ho. Mujhe thoda sa kaam hain mein karke aata hoon. Bas abhi..)
Tia stops shivaay and says
Tia: What happened Shivaay baby? Where is your attention? Is everything fine? Neither have you seen me properly nor did you compliment me?
(Kya huan Shivaay baby? Tumhara dhyan kaha pe hain? Sab theek tho haina? Na tum meri taraf dekh rahe hon a tum meri tareef kar rahe ho?)
Shivaay gets a bit irritated and in a bigger volume than normal shouts
Shivaay: I have said right ..I have some work please don’t expect anything from me now..i will just come…
(Maine kaha ne Tia mujhe kuch kaam hain… isliye please abhi mujhse kuch expect mat karo..mein thodi mein aata hoon…)

Tia gets tensed and says
Tia: Ok..Okay baby..relax..I can understand .. I will be waiting for you..but please come soon..
(Okay..okay baby ..shanthho jaoo…mein samjh sakti hoon..mein tumhara intezaar karoongi..par jaldi aa jaana..)
Shivaay: ok..alright
(Ha ..haan theek hain..)

Shivaay moves in the same direction where Anika went and starts searching for her…
Anika is in the hall of Oberoi mansion behind a wall adjusting the curtains…
Shivaay sees Anika and catches hold of her hand and says
Shivaay: I have something to talk to you, come to my room..i will be waiting…
(Anika mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hain mere kamre aaoo.. mein intezaar karoonga..)
Anika: whatever you have to say, speak out here , I’m not going to come to your room
(Aap ko jo kehna hain yehi kahiye mein waha nahi aaoongi)
Shivaay: I have asked you to cpome to my room…treat this as my order and come fast..
(Maine kaha na mere kamre mein aaoo..isse mera order samjho aur jaldi aao..)
Anika: okay ..but I will first complete this work and then come there..if you are in a hurry you can speak here…
(Theek hain par mein ye kaam khatham karke aaoongi aur agar aapko jaldi hain tho aap mujhse baad mein baat karlijiye…)
Shivaay: why don’t you agree in one go? you always have conditions to put up.
(Tum kabhi ek jhatke mein haan nahi bol sakti na ..sari baton mein conditions lagati ho?)
Anika: you have come to speak to me..i din’t come to please wait..anyways what is left to talk to
(Aap mujhse baat karna chahthe hain mein aapse nahi …isliye aap mera wait kijiye …waise bhi ab bacha kya hain baat karne mein…)

Shivaay looks into the eyes of Anika and says
Shivaay: Is nothing left? Do you really think so
(Kya kuch nahi bacha? Tumhe ye sach mein lagta hain ..)
Shivaay carreses her face and with a smile walks towards his room.. Anika feels his touch and trembles and looks towards Shivaay while leaving.
Anika fears to fall for him again and again and deliberately delays meeting Shivaay…
Time passes and finally Anika enters Shivaay’s room…It’s dark and she gets scared..Shivaay comes and holds her hands and drags towards him…she was about to shout when he cups her mouth with his hands and turns the dim blue lights on…
They both look into each others eyes and are lost..after a few minutes they break their eye lock and Anika was about to say something..shivaay puts his finger on her mouth asking her not to speak anything and pins her to the nearby wall…
Anika moves away his hand and says
Anika: what are you doing?
(Ye aap kya kar rahe hain? )
Shivaay: I felt like staring at you really close so I’m doing the same..
(Tumhe kareeb se dekhne ka mann kar raha tha isliye tumhe dekh raha hoon)
Anika: This is wrong Billuji .. you and Tia have to be…
(Ye galat hain Billuji ..aap ko tho Tia ke)
Shivaay: sshhh…quiet…we will not talk about Tia for sometime…please…
(sshhh..chup ek dum chup …Tia ke bare mein ham baat nahi karenge thodi der..please…)
Anika: But Billu ji..
(Par Billuji …)
Anika looks at him lovingly while Shivaay reciprocates the same look and his hands touching Anika’s hair till neck and says
Shivaay: Sshhh.. no if’s and But’s ..Anika do you really know how beautiful you are ?My heart beats fast seeing you…I try to find reasons to be close to you..i couldn’t stop myself when I saw you in the evening…I had to come to you…I really have no idea about what’s all this happening with me…but I’m feeling good right have something special in you which drags me towards you..tell me what happened to me Anika …
(sshhh …par war kuch nahi …Anika tumhe pata hain tum kitni khoobsurat ho? Tumhe dekh kar meri dhadhkane badh jaati hain…tumhare kareeb rehne ke bahane subah se dhoondh raha tha…Jab tumhe sham ko dekha mein khud ko rokh nahi paya …mujhe tumhare paas aana hi sab kya ho raha hain mere saath mujhe nahi pata..par iss waqt mujhe ye bahut accha lag raha hain. tum mein kuch bahut azeeb si baat hain jo mujhe tumhari taraf aise kheench laati hain…mujhe kya ho gaya hain Anika tumhe kuch pata hain tho keh do….)

Anika couldn’t believe what she was hearing and her heartbeat increased..they were so close and immersed in each others eyes that they both could now feel their breaths and listen to their heartbeats…
Anika somehow broke the moment and said

Anika: I .. I should leave now Billu ji..I have lot of work to do…
(Mein ..mein chalthi hoon Billuji bahut kaam hain..)
She starts to leave when he holds her hands from behind and pulls towards him….she moves near Shivaay..
Anika and Shivaay face the same direction with Shivaay behind Anika and his hands around her waist….
Anika slowly starts melting and take long deep breaths..she is unable to resist her love…Shivaay who is behind Anika moves away her hair from neck and plants a kiss on her neck…
Anika says:

Anika: Please Billu ji..don’t do this with me..I will not be able to control myself..I cannot go away from you..please let me go..
(Nahi Billuji aise mat kijiye…mein apne aapko nahi rokh paoongi…door nahi jaa paoongi aapse…mujhe jaane dijiye…)
Shivaay suddenly leaves her and she gets shocked..she stays at the same point in the same position while Shivaay says
Shivaay: Go Anika..I thought you also like spending time with me.. you alos like to be close to me..but may be i’m wrong…I have kept fast for you today..I don’t know why I have kept fast specially for you…Tia presence doesn’t really bother me but if I don’t see you a day I feel like I had a bad day…Don’t you feel the same? Doesn’t my presence matter you? Don’t you feel like being close to me?
(Jaoo Anika..mein socha ki tumhe bhi mere saath waqt bitana accha lagega..mere kareeb rehna accha lagea ..par shayad mein galat tha…mein tumhare liye aaj vrat rakha …mujhe khud nahi pata tumhare liye hi kyun.. Tia ka rehna na rehna mujhe farak nahi padta par tum ek din nahi dikhi tho aise lagta hain ki who din kharab hain…kya tumhe kabhi aisa mehssos nahi hota? kya tumhe mera rehna ya na rehne se koi farak nahi padta? kya tum nahi chahthi ki mein tumhare paas rahoon?
He turns Anika towards his side and says
Shivaay: Answer my questions Anika
(Jawaab do Anika mere sawaloon ka)

Anika with a trembling voice slowly mutters
Anika: Nnn …Nooo ..
(Na ..hi)
Shivaay a bit shocked and sad pins her against the wall and says
Shivaay: Look into my eyes and say that you don’t feel the same..if you can say so..I promise I will never come near you..Tell me Anika…
(Meri ankhoon mein dekh kar mujhe mana karo mein vada karta hoon mein fir tumhare paas kabhi nahi aaoonga…bolo Anika)
Anika looks into his eyes and tears start flowing down her cheeks..she couldn’t lie seeing in his eyes…
Anika cries and hugs him tightly and says
Anika: Yes.. I too feel the same as you..but with what right…
(haan mujhe bhi who sab kuch lagata hain aur hota hain jo aapke saath ho raha hain par mein kis hakh…)
Shivaay cups her mouth again and says
Shivaay: I have heard what I have to..Please donot say anything more..not now atleast..and no more tears..
(Mujhe jo sunna tha maine sun liya ..agaey kuch mat kehna ..abhi tho bilkul nahi ..aur koi aasoon nahi …)

He hugs her tightly and later plants kisses on her face. They see the moon through the window of Shivaays room…
Shivaay takes out the items to break the fast he sees the moon through the net and then sees Anika, Anika feeds him water lovingly and makes him eat sweet.
Shivaay says
Shivaay : Anika wouldn’t you break your fast now?)
(Anika ab tum apna vrat nahi thodogi?)
Anika: But I have
(Par maine tho …)
Shivay: I know you haven’t realised that you actually fasted the whole day ..You have not eaten and neither did you drink anything from the morning…Unknowlingly you fasted..and I want to break your fast with all the rights…
( Mujhe pata hain jaan ke tumne vrat nahi rakha par tumne subah se kuch nahi khaya aur kuch nahi piya ..anajaane mein hi sahi tumne vrat tho rakh liya na…ab mein tumhara vrat poore hakh se thodna chahtha hoon …
Anika with tears of happiness sees the moon through the net and then Shivaay and he feeds her water ..
Anika says
Anika : I’m so hungry please feed me sweet else I will fall unconscious here…
(Mujhe bahut bhook lagi hain meetha tho khilayiye warna yehi gir jaoongi)
Shivaay : Not so easily…
(Itni Asaani se nahi ..)
He keeps a part of sweet in his mouth and rest of the sweet is outside and asks her to bite it herself
Anika comes near him , he keeps his hands around her neck while she comes close to his lips and takes a bite while their eye lock continues.. they both come close and have a pleasant liplock …

Hope you all have enjoyed reading..Sorry for grammatical and spelling mistakes…. please pour in your comments about how you felt.. I will be glad to read all of them and will also try to reply to your comments as soon as possible… VHM signing off for now !!!

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  1. Sally_V

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