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The story starts….
SHIVIKA comes to their house.
S-This is our new house is it?
A-It is superb.i mean kidhkithod but this house how? shivaay we are not allowed to take oberoi’s share then how this house?
S-This is your house Annika and its only ours not from oberoi’s share .this is in your name.
A-what are you saying shivaay?how?
S-I brought this house in your name by my working money for my lovely wife

A-(hugs shivaay) you are so sweet.i didn’t expect this from you(she cries)
S- (wipes her tearsand caress her cheeks).i’m sorry Annika i wanted to present you this villa in our wedding day but i couldn’t.i spoiled everything.
Annika cries more and thinks shivaay you are broken inside and still you are making me to feel comfortable…you are so good.
S-don’t cry annika you know na i can’t see you crying
A-i’m not crying
S-then maybe for u tears just falls like that.

Annika starts to go inside but shivaay stops
S-stop Annika
A-what happend everything ok iam just going inside
S-wait a minute .i will come(he goes inside and comes with aarthi plate)
A-what is this?
S-you are grahalakshmi of this house so and you are entering for first time here .so this should be done if dadi is here then she would have done this and starts doing aarthi
A-(again her eyes gets moisture)now shall i enter
S-ofcourse come in

they enters flower petals falls on them.annika enjoyes it seeing this shivaay to gets happy.Annika sees the interior settings and likes too..
A-its so good shivaay.i love it from tommorow i will become good GL.
S-what GL?
A-grahalakshmi.i will get up early .clean house,prepare food etc.
S-laughs.u need not take stress annika i’m there na i will handle.
A-Iwill do from tommorow will see new avatar of annika.
S-laughs and goes.

Tejvi and rudra argue again.dadi cries ,gauri doesn’t know what to do and who to support and is worried

Tia-(instigates)tej uncle don’t take stress you just came out of danger.please think in calm mind.
T-calm my foot.i can’t belive that shivaay has diverted my son against me.i won’t leave him.
J-Relax tej please he is just angry on can become normal.

D-tejvi you have lost your sons and made house into two.
T-you were right ma but according to
P-(comes)you have jethji.i won’t forget or forgive you for blaming and sending my son from here.i wish you two go through this situation only then you can
understand the mother’s heart.i have single son and you seperated me from him .i won’t leave you.i will destroy you!!!!
D-what are tou saying pinky.will you destroy ur own family.

P-there is no own family mummyji.heart is seperated then how will there be family?
R-chotima is correct they seperated my brother from me knowing him very well .they can’t be my parents.
D-tum dono chup.i can’t see my family shattering.
R-family already shattered dadi.i don’t want them in my life never.
Tejvi-what are you saying rudra .no one can change your birth truth you are our son.
T-so pinky wants seperation then ok we shall seperate better than arguing everytime(calls staff)

T-put line in the centre of the hall.this side is ours and that is theirs.rudra and gauri come here.
R-no i won’t come iam have seperated chotima from his son and me from my brother.i will be here and i won’t come there its my responsiblity to look
after my brother’s parents.
T-rudhra come here iam warning will se me dead.

R-According to me you are already dead.
Tejvi goes from there without saying anything…
R-come chotima and chotipapa iam there for you your son.
pinky thinks i didn’t do anything but happend what i needed and wanted you seperated me from my son see jethji and jethani how karma played on you.rudhra

thank you beta.
G-i don’t know what to do what will i say to omkaraji.i’m daughter of both families.i shouldn’thave let my family break but it breaked(she cries)……

PRECAP-Annika upset, om returns from germany..

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