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recap-shivika leave OM…..
(After shivika left everybody except tejvi is shattered.the more affected is Rudy and gauri.pinky and Dadi too is shattered but not as compared to these two.rudy has no more his super hero bhaiya and bhabi.gauri has no bhade bhaiya and bhoujai of her …)


R-(comes to dadi).Dadi see you said in childhood to even yesterdy me and my brothers will not seperate and my super hero bhaiya will be with lied to
me dadi.
D-Its not like that belive in your bhaiya and bhabi right.
R-yes i belive
D-Then trust in his decision and love for his some evil has seperated u from ur brother(seeing towards swetlana and seeing Tejvi)some one has
closed their eyes tightly some day they should open it.

T-(misunderstands)Ma you are saying your son as evil.
D-(gets angry)no whom a i to say are more than that Iam ashamed to be your mom.
J-Mummyji,we are not evil we just want our sons to also have a can shivaay take their life from sons are blind in brothers love so they
can’t see further.

D-shut up jhanvi.they are blinded in true love but you are blinded by mad love for tej.what is the difference.u always say shivaay is your so.but where is that love jhanvi.
J-haan mummyji.i regard him as my son but he cheated me .he took my sons right and insulted them.
G-no maaji.bhade bhaiya won’t do this if he did this then there should be reason behind this.
Tejvi-Don’t interfere one asked your support for shivaay we know what we did and nothing wrong in it.
D-(seeing tejvi)you two don’t speak a word(now seeing rudra)don’t cry puttar everything will get better focus on bringing your bhaiya and bhabi back.i
support you.
Tejvi-we can’t allow this.nobody should talk about or think about him and his wife.they are gold diggers.

R- Enough Mr.oberoi not a word more you didn’t fulfil a dad duty for me ans(seeing jhanvi)you didn’t fulfil mom duty.both was fulfiled by my bhayia.khabardhar from today you both are not my parents!!!!!
Tejvi-Mind your words rudhra..
SHINKY ROOM:(shakthiand pinky)
P-Jethji you snatched my only son from me .you too have too go though same.i will plan and finish ur life.
Sa-pinky what are you saying?

P-iam saying i will destroy tejvi.
Sa-are you stupid its their angry made them do so.we should not be same as them
P-they send our son to vanvaas shakthiji not our house servant.if you are so good to sacrifice your son but not me.i will destroy them.
Sa-whatever you won’t listen to me(he goes).
P-of course i won’t(she smirks)…


(in cab Shivaay and Annika is travelling.Annika is sleeping innocently.shivaay cares her hair softly without disturbing her )
S-(thinks to himself)we are going to goa Annika.i have saved some money and a small private villa in your name by my hardworking money’i wanted to present in
a very special manner.but in your language(raitha phel ghaiya)annika.but its going to save us.i promise you i will keep you would be hard for u
some days but trust me we will be ok.
Driver-Sir the place you said to drop is there.
S-(comes ou of thought)Annika wake up we are there.
A-we are where shivaay .iam so tired 5 more minutes(she hugs him tightly).
S-Annika its cab not our room get up.
A-suddenly remembers and wake up says sorry.come we can go.

S-(gives amount to driver)thank you bhaiya
They came to house shivaay remembers calling someone and says they are coming tommorow and house should be readywhile annika is asleep…..

PRECAP-what will be Annika ‘s reaction seeing their personal villa,whether pinky will succeed in her motto

u have to wait for that.
P.S-Rikara,Rumya will be included as the story moves on.
ok guys bye take care!!!

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