Ishqbaaz (Shivika, Ishkara, Roumya) Intro


Ishqbaaz – Shivika/Ishkara/Roumya

Main Characters::
Shivaye Singh Oberoi
Omkara Singh Oberoi
Rudra Singh Oberoi

Other Characters:
Tej Oberoi
Shakti Oberoi
Pinky Oberoi
Jhanvi Oberoi
Priyanka Oberoi
Ishanas Father
Tia’s Mother

Leap appearances::
Prem (Ranvir And Ishani’s Son)
Ansh (Shivika’s Son)
Rhia (Ishkara’s Daughter)

Special appearances::
Surbhi Jyoti as Malika
Karanvir Bohra as Siddhart

Shivaye Omakara And Rudra Share a very unique and strong bond. The three brothers love each other and support each other in every way possible. Throughout this story you will see many sides to their relationship. Each one of the three brothers portray the mind,soul and body in ishqbaaz.

Shivaye and Anika’s personalities are very contrasting and they are extremely different from one another which makes their love story very different and interesting from any other love story. Shivaye belongs to a high class family and runs the family business whilst Anika is an orphan who has a very dark past and struggles everyday to look after her brother Sahil.

Omkara is a very sweet character howevever, he has a very troubled past which gives him immense pain. The pain Omkara faces is also experienced by Ishana, a middle class girl who always sacrifices her happiness for her family. Their pain is what connects them and brings them together.

Rudra is the youngest of all brothers and lives care free. His world changes when he meets a girl named soumya who changes his lifestyle completely from a party animal, fitness freak and playboy into a smart and caring character.

The story will witness many twists and turns as the love blossoms between the three couples.


As per current track on ishqbaaz Shivaye insults Anika and Anika is hurt by his words and quits the job.

Ishana (Bela) and Omkara have several meetings where Ishana tries too woo Omkara so that she can help her family pay of the loans from his money.

Soumya and Rudra attend the same college and Soumya stays at Rudra’s house. They have many funny arguments over small issues.
Rudra calls soumya ‘moti’ because she eats a lot, whilst soumya calls him ‘dumb’ as he focuses more on flirting with girls than his studies.

Will Shivaye get married to Tia? Will Ishana succeed in her motive or will she change her decision? How will Dumbell Oberoi start his friendship with Soumya?

The Story Will start after a 5 years leap. Many things have happened between the three couples Shivaye, Anika, Ishana, Omkara, Rudra and Soumya.

What You Will See In This FanFic:

* Swetlana is still plotting against the family
* Tej and Jhanvi are now happy in their marriage
* Ishana and Om are getting married soon
* Rudra and Romi are dating
* Shivaye has moved to London
* Soumya and Anika are sisters and now live in big house together
* Anika owns a big catering business
* Anika has custody over Sahil

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