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Hello peeps… ??? Here is recap of story and next shot…


Shakti forced Shivay to attend marriage of his friend Shekhawat’s daughter and after seeing bride-to-be there Shivay irrecoverably fall in love with her and he vow to make her his but she refused and this make Shivay furious and later he kidnapped her on night before her marriage day and this make people assume she is having affair and her fiancé brake alliance and later Shivay pretend to help Shekhawat in search of Anika and mark his name in good book of Shekhawat and after a day Shivay releases Anika, after few days Anika come to true color of her ex fiancé and then she try to forget everything but at last she solve puzzle which created by Shiva Singh Oberoi and she vow to make his life miserable and agreed to get married to him.

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Now time for shot…??????? Bold words are flashback. 

Soon she herd deep husky voice of devil from other side and she sighed and from another side Shivay speak

Shivay: Hi sweetheart. What are you doing? Missing me??? (Though he very well knows answer of his question but still)

Anika: How many times do I need to tell you that I am not your sweetheart??? I’ve a name and i.e. Anika so call me by my name.

Shivay: I know your name and even I like your name but you know when I call you sweetheart I feel like you are mine only mine. Anyway I call you as unofficially our courtship period is started and till I know couple get to know each other during this time and even I heard that this are golden days for a couple so would-be-MRS oberoi let’s know each other.

Anika: just stop it Shivay. I do not want to know you and you and I can’t ever be couple I am marrying you just… (But suddenly she realized that she is about to spill bean of her own plan so she stopped)

But this make pop out so many questions in Shivay’s mind and he speak but before he can ask any of them to her Anika continue

Anika: Anyway I don’t want to know anything about you.

But Shivay being Shivay started

Shivay: How can you say that word Anika as per our tradition and society’s rule wife and husband need to know each other and if I am not wrong whole life you have to fulfill my wishes and desires you know what I mean right sweetheart???

Now his word pressed wrong nerve of her and suddenly she replied to him in lil louder voice

Anika: And what make you think that I’ll give damnn to tradition and society’s rules???

Shivay: Sweetheart till I know you, I know that you are the girl who don’t like to be odd and go against traditions and society’s rules and don’t forget you were pleading to me when…

But cutting him in between she speak

Anika: Mr.Oberoi just like you I too have different shades. (In louder angry voice)

Shivay: Calm down Sweetheart else your parents will be worried and I would love to know all shades of you Sweetheart any way goodnight sleep now and see me in your dreams.

And before she can reply anything to him he disconnected call and Anika throw her phone out of anger and frustration and after few more minutes she drifts to slumber.

A week have been pass since Anika agreed for marriage and her conversation with Shivay but yet there is no sign of Shivay or his family for alliance or anything and this have confused Anika as per her assumption she is expecting them on their door with alliance very next day. But she thanked her stars for delay as she is not yet ready to live with that devil but very next second doorbell ring interrupting her thoughts and on opening of door she shivered seeing smirking Shivay standing in front of her along with his parents…

And after few seconds Anika come to her senses and she invites them in after touching feet of Shivay’s parents and soon all settled in hall and after few minutes Shakti initiate conversation over Anika’s broken marriage and again that bring bitter memories flashback in Shekhawat’s mind but they compose themselves and after discussing few more things finally Shakti break news behind their visit (after coming from flashback) [After coming back from their trip Shakti informed Shivay that they have officially received Alliance from Mr.Kapoor for his daughter Tia and Shivay’s marriage and same moment Shivay declared that he will marry Anika and inform them everything happen with Shekhawat in his dramtic way which don’t fail to touch their heart and this make Shakti feel proud of his son] and ask for Anika’s hand for Shivay pleasantly shocking Shekhawat while giving goose bumps to Anika.

Shekhwats are out of words (Rishi and Jayshree out of happiness while Anika is cursing Shiavay while pretending to feel shy) and soon composing themselves Rishi and Jayshree thanked Oberois for their big heart and asked for few minutes so they can have conversation with Anika and after few minutes of private conversation they agreed and they offer Shivay to have some conversation with Anika and Jayshree told Anika to her room to Shivay.

And hiding his smirk Shivay started following Anika like an obedient boy (Which he is not) and once in her room Shivay closed door and holding Anika by her waist looking into her eyes he tucked her hair strand and bringing his lips deadly close to her ears he speak

Shivay: Sweetheart I told you earlier I got whatever I want by hook or crook.

Anika pushed him away from her and looking into his eyes Anika speak

Anika: Not so soon Mr. Stone Singh Oberoi.

And steeped out from room and started walking towards their parents followed by worried and surprised Shivay.

Okay here I done with shot so how it is??? And from now on I’ll 99.99% try to update my works on daily basis. So any assumption now what stunt will be pulled by Anika and what will be Shivay and their parent’s reaction cause of that stunt??? Leave comment aka review aka feedback. And one more FF of mine is on going on Wattpad would you all like to read it??? And if you are there then you can read my work at Wattpad search with profile name Pri_24.  

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