#Ishqbaaz #Shivika #FF #Separated by EVIL, United by FATE – Part 8

#Ishqbaaz #Shivika #FF #Separated by EVIL, United by FATE – Part 8

A new morning. The preparation for the big day has begin. Everyone is handling some or the other work. Suddenly they heard a car hauling outside, out come from it a tall, smart, handsome guy. He’s none other than Parth Vikram Singh Thakur. Seeing him Ridzi called everyone out & ran to him, jumped over him & hugged him.
Ridzi – bhaisa I missed u so much.
Parth – even I missed my Chiku. ? OK now get down (she gets down) god u became heavy (Ridzi hit his shoulder) achcha now let me meet others. (he then met everyone& was welcomed with full heart but his eyes were searching for his lady)
Anika – whom r u searching for Parth??
Sahil – oh ho Di who else he’ll be looking for other than for his Kuhu.?
Kunal – BTW Parth Bhaisa it Kuhu is in the kitchen. Why don’t u go in & meet her.
Ridzi (whispers) – remember to control urself Bhaisa ?
Parth – u done now can I go meet her.?
Ridzi – of course.?
Parth – thank u.?
He then went in the kitchen when he saw the most beautiful girl making gajar ka halwa. He went to her & back hugged her & kissed her cheeks.
Parth – I missed u.
Nandini – welcome back & I missed u too (turns around to be his face to face)
Parth (tucking her hair strands besides ears) – hmmm… God u became beautiful in the last 6 months. ?
Nandini – that means before I was not beautiful
Parth – no I mean u became more beautiful than before. (pull her more close) u know how much missed u in these 6 months.
Nandini – I missed u too. (again turns around to cook)
Parth – yaar this is not fair I came to u after so many days & here u r focusing on it this damn recipe ?
Nandini – dare u say anything to it ? I’m preparing it for my would be husband cuz he loves it ? & also this is the first time I’m making i ?
Parth – oh. But how do u knew that he’s coming today? Did he told u? Cuz as I remember I didn’t,i meant he didn’t said anything abt his arrival.
Nandini – u see I know him better. I knew that after our conversation he’ll book the tickets of the very next flight to Mumbai & will come to me. So I thought that instead of he surprising me I should surprise him.
Parth – oh…..Then I think he should taste it (takes a spoon & taste it)
Nandini – how’s it ?
Parth – well….. To be honest it is slightly salty….
Nandini – what? But I remember I put the sugar in it. Then how ? Let me taste it (takes the spoon & taste it, some of it remained near her lips) the sugar content is perfect then how is it salty??
Parth – really let me check again (takes the piece stuck at her side of the lips) hmmm…now it’s sugary, perfect. It’s really tasty now I think I should eat it all (pulls her close & was abt to kiss but Nandini stopped him)
Nandini – Mr. Thakur control urself. If u r forgetting then u r in the kitchen of Oberoi Mansion nor in our room, what if someone comes.
Parth – let them.
Nandini – what they’ll say?
Parth – nothing. They’ll say that how much we love each other. Now if u r done can I have my halwa ?.

Nandini too gave in the kiss which lasts for few minutes till they broke it once out of breath. After the kiss they both joined their heads & were smiling looking at each other.
Parth – I missed this, US. ☺️
Nandini – I love u ?
Parth – I love u too.
Ridzi, Kunal – we also love u {who were standing outside the kitchen hiding} (PaNi turned around).
Parth – what u guys are doing here?
Ridzi – nothing Bhaisa we just came to call u out.
Kunal – Actually everyone wants to talk to u since u have them no chance to interact with u as u were so impatient to meet Bhabhisa. (listening to which Nandini blushed hard) oh ho…. Bhabhisa u look so cute when blushing.
Ridzi – Kunal don’t u dare leg-pull my Mitthu Jiji or else…
Kunal – or else what? Arey it’s my right to play around with my Nandini Bhabhisa.
Ridzi – whatever. OK Bhaisa u come with me.

Ridzi took him out with her, Kunal also left with them while Nandini was left alone in the kitchen. She was all smiling thinking abt the kiss, she was so lost that that she didn’t saw Ganga, Sanju, Bhavya, Anika, Gauri. They all were amazed to see her all smiling, so lost. Sanju snapped her fingers which bought Nandini out of her trance.
Ganga (in a teasing tone) – what happened Gudiya why r u smiling so much? ?
Sanju – oh ho Mamisa can’t u see how happy she is after all the love of his life, her Parth came back & that too after 6 long months ?
Anika – achcha now stop ur teasing session. BTW Gudiya did Parth liked the halwa u made for him? Did he ate it by himself or u made him eat ?
Nandini – Aani….
Anika – what? I meant that u served him the halwa ryt? What u thought? Have some shame girl u r talking with ur mother ?
Nandini – who said that u r my mother, u toh is my best…..friend anyone could ever have. ☺️
Sanju – awww….cho chweet…
Gauri – bhojai now let’s go we also have to select dresses for tomorrow.
Sanju – yes Aani let’s go. ?
Bhavya – oh ho look at her Bhabhi how much excited ur would be daughter in law is for tomorrow.
Nandini – oh ho Choti Maa why will she not be excited after all tomorrow’s is her engagement & even “first” karwachauth. Tomorrow Vibhu Dada will be breaking her first with his own hands..
Sanju – Mitthu…. ? & why r u teasing me in fact this karwachauth is also urs first.
Nandini – actually no this is my second.
Priyanka – that means u have already kept fast for Parth last year also.
Nandini – yes though Parth didn’t wanted then but I kept it.
Anika – but u didn’t told me this, not fair?
Nandini – oh ho Aani leave it na it’s in the past & u only say na we should leave out past behind
Anika – yes then why arent u doing the same (in a serious tone) {just then ShivOmRu too came in the kitchen but Nandini didn’t saw them as she turned to Anika}
Nandini – what do u mean??
Anika – what I mean is why can’t u just go & talk to ur papa. At least listen what he wants to say, he loves u Gudiya.
Nandini – I don’t wanna talk anything abt it. What he did with us u may forget it but I can’t, I don’t have a big heart like u. & old don’t ever call him my Papa cuz if father’s are like him then I don’t want any father. (listening to her Shivay was very hurt but he composed himself as he knew that this time it’s his mistake, a big one)
Anika – Gudiya u… (looks at Shiva who signalled her to let good it for now)
Nandini turns to go but find ShivOmRu, she eyed Shivay with anger tears filled eyes. She started to move out but stop as Shivay stopped her.
Shivay – Gudiya, beta whether u like it or not I’m ur Papa & I love u. I know I made a mistake but I also know that u too love me but as of for now u r angry at me & ur anger is justified. But I’ll wait for the day when u’ll call me Papa just like Ansh do.

Nandini said nothing & went out.
Anika – Shivay I’m sorry from her side. She actually…
Shivay – Anika it’s ok I know. She’s angry & it’s justified but old don’t say sorry. It’s a father daughter affair we’ll sort this out in our own way u old don’t poke ur nose in it (side hugs her)?
Anika – fine.
Bhavya – ok if u guys are done then can we move out we’ve to get our dresses finalized for tomorrow.
Rudra – yes yes c’mon Bhaiya do romance with Bhabhi in ur room at night ok.
ShivOm & AniGaVya – shutup Rudra….

They all then went out. Ladies were busy selecting outfits & jewellery & men were as helping them (with no choice left). But our Nandini was not getting her kind of a dress which she wanted so she left from there to her room as she was tired & wanted some rest. As she went inside her room someone closed & locked the door & Nandini was kinda surprisingly shocked.
Nandini – u…..

To be continued………

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