#Ishqbaaz #Shivika #FF #Separated by EVIL, United by FATE – Part 5

Anika :- Shivay…. I may yes but I can’t. I’m not alone other than Gudiya & Baba I’m Vibhu & Chiku’s mother too I can’t I even think of living without them. I’m sorry.

Shivay :- Anika I respect ur decision & who asked you to leave them if they r ur kids they r mine too. In the last 2 weeks me & Chiku came really close like real father daughter & Vibhu is my son though we never really met each but I had heard abt him the youngest business tycoon Vaibhav Singh, u know what I see myself in him…
Vaibhav :- Aani u don’t have to do this. Me & Chiku will live somewhere else but for us don’t sacrifice ur happiness. U’ve already suffered a lot but now no more pain, no more grieves only happiness & ur happiness is with Mr Oberoi. U’ve already done so much for us, I always think if u would’ve not took me & Chiku in don’t know what would’ve happened to us or where we would’ve been.
Ridzi :- yes Aani, Vibhu Dada is ryt. u made both of us a good human being, whatever we r today is just b’coz of u.
Vaibhav :- & Now we got a chance to do something for u, to return the favour (Anika slaps him)
Anika :- what u just said, favor? I did a favor on u & Chiku, huh.
Vaibhav :- Aani I was just….
Anika :- shut up just shut up. Wanna return the favor return all those moments in which we all sat together & had our food, the nights when u were not getting sleep & u came to me to hear lullabys, the happiness I felt when u graduated from school & college winning the title of SCHOOL TOPPER & COLLEGE TOPPER, when u got ur first big deal etc etc. Can u return all those moments & if yes then u & Chiku can go….
Chiku :- Aani, Dadu was just…
Anika :- shut up Chiku. U grew up so big that u too wanna return me the favor.
Vikram :- Anu calm down pls they r kids.
Anika :- how can I calm down Bhaisa, how? Here my son is standing & telling me to that it’s time for him to return me the favor of loving him, taking care of him & his sister.
Anjali :- Anu…let it go he’s a grown up guy.
Anika :- no matter how grown up a mother’s kids r but for her they’ll always be her little kids.
Shivay :- Vaibhav I know why u r saying this & I understand but I wanna ask u a simple question that will u or Chiku be able to live without it Aani?
Vaibhav :- I don’t think so ?
Shivay :- that’s b’coz u love each other. Vibhu if Anika can be ur Mother then I can too become ur father. If not father – son, we can be frnds (forwards his hand for handshake) so frnds?
Vaibhav :- but……
Shivay :- I know what’s stopping u. Yes I admit that what I did with Anika & Gudiya was wrong but now I want to rectify my mistake. & trust me from now on I’ll never let any sadness to even come in the way of my family.
Vaibhav (handshake with him) :- OK I accept ur frndship but remember if I see even a single drop of tear in my Aani & Mitthu’s eyes then I’ll not spare u, PAPA.
Shivay :- agreed. ? (he then went to Anika & sits down on his knees) Anika I know I did wrong with & I already bore its punishment. I never said it to u but now I wanna say, I wanna tell u that I love u, I really do. I can’t imagine my life without you. So will u spend ur whole life with me, forever?
Anika (felt really happy after yrs) :- yes I’ll. FOREVER…. (they both then hug)
Ansh (clear his throat) :- if u guys r done can I also have a word with my Dad.
Shivay :- of course.
Ansh (climbs up the sofa to come in level of his father) :- hi I’m Ansh. I just wanna say that today u made very big promises to Aani & us. Take it as warning or a request, whatever u want but dare u even think of breaking the promise, cuz I can’t see my sister & mother in tears.
Rudra (looking at Ansh’s attitude) :- O, he’s talking just like Bhaiya.
Bhavya :- not only Ansh but Vaibhav too.
Gauri :- yes Vaibhav’s attitude is somewhat of like Bade Bhaiya.
Ranveer :- looks like Shivay got 2 tuff competition…
Om :- u r ryt, Shivay needs to buckle up…. (all chuckles)
Shivay :- what u guys chuckling over there?
Om :- nothing.
Priyanka :- Bhaiya if u r done with ur family reunion then can we meet our Bhabhi Now it’s been so long…
Shivay :- of course.

Everyone then welcomed Anika & their new family members. Shivay thnkd Vikram & Anjali for supporting Anika when he was not there by her side. Nandini, on the other hand was standing along with the kids. Shivay went to her to talk with her.
Shivay :- Gudiya…..
Nandini :- ✋don’t. Aani & others must’ve forgived u but I can’t.
Anika :- Gudiya all the things r clear now. Ur father has realised his mistakes & I’ve forgiven him, u should also let go of the past.
Nandini :- that’s the problem Aani I can’t even when I want to. I don’t have a big heart like u. I can’t forget the sufferings we went through, u went through just b’coz of him.
Shivay :- Gudiya, beta I know u r upset with me
Nandini :- upset, I’m really pissed at u ryt now & how much u can’t even imagine. & u don’t have the ryt to call me Gudiya cuz I didn’t gave u till now. Only the people whom I like, love & respect can call me with whatever name they’ve given me.
Shivay :- who r u to give me the ryt to call or not call u Gudiya, I’m ur father & I’ve every single ryt on u & this is the truth which even the God can’t change. U r “pissed” at me that I understand but u cannot decide for me to love u or not, u understand that?
Nandini :- to hell with u & to hell with ur so called Love.
Anika :- Gudiya…. (shouts)
Nandini :- Aani pls not this time. (she stormed out of from there to her room)
Anika :- Shivay I’m sorry from Gudiya’s side
Shivay :- it’s OK Anika she’s angry ryt now, we’ll handle her. & BTW she’s got my violent streak… ?
Anika :- yeah but she’s more dangerous than u ?

The day is passed talking, reviving old memories. Thakurs r staying with the Oberois for few days as Dadi wanted. Gargi also invited Sanjana for the dinner. In the Oberoi Kitchen the Oberoi Bahus, Gargi, Priyanka were making the dinner while Vaibhav & Sanjana were discussing some office stuff & were also exchanging glances at each other which got noticed by Shivika.
Shivay (comes to the kitchen) :- Anika is there anything b/w Vibhu & that girl?
Anika :- who, Sanju?
Shivay :- yes.
Anika :- they both r in love but don’t have the guts to confess. U know sometimes I see u in Vibhu in this “love matter”
Shivay :- really & how’s that?
Anika :- u forgot how much time u took to say those 3 magical words to me?
Shivay :- yeah but in the end I confessed. But u don’t worry I’ll talk to Vibhu & ask him to propose her.
Anika :- no there’s no need else who knows my son will ever be able to confess or not. I’ll do something
Shivay :- oh hello he is my son too.
Anika :- so I’m his mother & I already have decided what to do. ?
Shivay :- what r u going to do? ?
Anika :- just wait & watch. ??

Precap – yet to decide……

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