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Part – 4
Shivay :- Ragini stop….
Kunal (who returned from the trip & is in OM to meet the girls) :- hello everyone ? [senses the seriousness of the situation] what is going on here?
Ragini :- Shivay let her also know what kind of a characterless mother she has. Nandini dear ur mother Anika was a characterless women who married Shivay for his money & had an affair with his duplicate. & u my dear is the fruit of that seed of illegitimate relationship of ur mother with the duplicate.
Shivay :- Ragini I’m warning u a word more & I’ll rip ur tongue out. ?
Pinky :- Shivay why r u scoldings my Ragini, huh?
Ragini :- Shivay I’m just telling her the truth, she’s not ur daughter she’s a illegitimate child & I know u hate illegitimates. ☺
That was enough of Ragini, Nandini lost her cool she grabbed her neck & pinned her to the wall while the rest was shocked….
Nandini :- how dare u talk abt my Aani like that, huh?
Pinky (who came forward to rescue Nagini) :- r u mads? Leave her u mad girl.
Nandini (to Pinky) :- u should be grateful that I’m letting u go just b’coz u r my so called grandma & a part of the family & though I hate u to the core I can’t even think to hurt u. So it’s ur good luck & my bad luck. (to Ragini) but u Ms Nagini I’m not gonna leave u, I would’ve let u go if it was me u’ve talked abt but u, u raised a question on my Aani’s character & that I cannot tolerate so u’ve to pay the price…..
Dadi :- Gudiya beta pls leave her, pls….
Nandini :- I’m sorry Dadi but this lady tried to malign my mother’s character which I can’t tolerate so…
Gauri :- Gudiya pls beta not for us or urself but for Bhabhi’s sake leave her. ?

Listening Anika’s name Nandini left Ragini who fell down & was gasping for air. Kunal brought a glass of water & bend down to give her. As Ragini forwarded her hand to take the glass Kunal pour the water on the floor leaving Ragini shocked…
Kunal :- Ms Ragini u r not even capable of showing pity. Today u’ve committed a sin by saying ill abt our Aani. It’s good that u r a woman & our mothers taught us to respect women else if I was in Jiji’s place I would’ve shoot u dead. If instead of Jiji or me there would’ve Vibhu Bhaisa & Parth Bhaisa they would’ve tortured u to that level that u will beg for death but they would’ve not let u die… So it’s a free advice that never ever think ill abt our Aani else her children will make ur life hell to that extent that neither u’ll be able to live ur life nor we’ll let u die… Now get the hell out of here else I’ll be forced to kick u out forgetting that u r a woman….

Listening to Kunal Ragini was hell scared & left from Oberoi Mansion. Shivay tried to talk to Nandini.
Shivay :- Gudiya….
Nandini :- don’t ✋. If u’ve ever thought of me as ur daughter then tell me why u threw Aani & me out? Was it for the same reason that ur mother & that Nagini said? U thought of me being illegitimate child?
Shivay :- Gudiya I…..
Nandini :- yes or no? Pls ? no more lies.
Shivay :- yes ?

That was enough, Nandini turned numb as if someone snatched the floor beneath her. She faints. Kunal & Ridzi came to her aide. The doctor was called, he informed all that Nandini suffered a nervous breakdown but not a major one & she’ll be fine till the next morning. All left from the room except for Shivay.
Ridzi :- Mr Oberoi I don’t wanna be rude but pls leave from this room.
Shivay :- I wanna stay here with my daughter.
Ridzi :- I understand ur concern but pls for Jiji’s sake leave ?
Shivay :- but…
Kunal :- pls Mr Oberoi…
Shivay :- OK.

Shivay left from the room but stayed outside. In the room Ridzi was sitting besides Nandini while Kunal tries to pacify her.
Kunal :- Ridzi don’t worry Jiji will get fine.
Ridzi :- I know but I can’t see her in pain. I know what she’s going through after learning truth but she’ll not show it.
Kunal :- Ridzi, Jiji is strong she’ll handle herself & if not then u know na we all r right beside her to take care of her.
Ridzi :- but….
Kunal :- Chiku….
Ridzi :- don’t call me that ?
Kunal :- if u continue to cry I’ll keep calling u Chiku…. ?
Ridzi :- I hate u… (hit him on his arm)
Kunal :- I know ☺

The day passed & a new day began. Anika along with Vikram, Anjali, Sahil, Gargi (Sahil & Gargi r married) & Vaibhav arrived to Mumbai. They first went to the ganesh temple for offering prayers. When they were leaving the temple Nisha & Vivan spotted them. The kids greeted Anika & asked everyone to come to their house (didn’t mentioned Oberoi Mansion). Nisha asked everyone to cover their eyes with a cloth as there’s a surprise for them especially for Anika. They then started their journey to the Oberoi Mansion…
In the Oberoi Mansion, when Shivay went to see Nandini he found her packing her stuff.
Nandini :- Chiku finish ur packing fast.
Ridzi :- Mitthu Jiji why so hurry, first u get OK then we’ll leave.
Nandini :- Chiku once I get out of this Mansion I’ll get better, now pack ur stuff & pls don’t leave anything behind.
Shivay (entering in the room) :- where r u 2 going?
Nandini :- home.
Shivay :- Gudiya this is ur home bachcha….
Nandini :- the roof under which my Aani’s character is questioned by her own people I can’t live there (packing done) come Chiku. (leave from the room)
Shivay (goes behind them) :- Gudiya beta pls wait. I know I did wrong but pls stay..
Dadi :- Billu what happened?
Shivay :- Dadi see na Gudiya & Chiku r leaving…
Om :- Gudiya, Chiku beta we can sit & talk but pls don’t leave.
Rudra :- yes Gudiya we got u back after 12 long yrs don’t leave us again.
Gauri :- Gudiya pls beta at least give Bade Bhaiya a chance to justify himself.

Just then Vivan enters & grabbed everyone’s attention…
Vivan :- ladies and gentlemen look who all r back… (Anika & others enter leaving Oberois shocked)
Nandini & Ridzi :- Aani…
Anika :- Gudiya Chiku here ? (listening to her daughters voice she quickly removed the cloth from her eyes & was shocked to see her past) Shivay….
Shivay :- Anika ? (he ran to her & hugged her) Anika I can’t tell u how happy I’m to see u again.
Anika (ignoring him) :- Gudiya, Chiku what r u both doing here, how u came here? (girls gave no response)
Sahil :- didn’t u 2 heard, Jiji is asking u something, speak up ?
Gargi :- Sahil relax pls….
Sahil :- what relax? (to the girls) what r u 2 here?
Nandini :- Mamu actually….. (narrated the whole story)
Vaibhav :- OK now let’s go.
Shivay :- no they’ll not go anywhere. Anika pls I already have lived 12 longs without u but now I want to live with u, our children.
Anika (tried to hold herself but the dam of patience broke) :- our children Shivay? But what I remember is that u said that I cheated on u & that our daugh….oh sorry my daughter, my Gudiya is the result of that cheat, ryt?
Shivay :- Anika I know I made a mistake & I already have beared it’s punishment pls ? forgive me.
Anika :- Shivay I’ve never ever offended u whenever u berated me but what u said that day, u called Gudiya our daughter “illegitimate” u raised a question on our love, our relation, why?
Sahil :- Di why r u hurting urself by digging the past, let’s go from here come on..
Shivay :- Sahil, champ pls ? today let me tell everything, the whole truth pls ?.
Sahil :- which truth?
Shivay :- the one which I’ve been living with since the last 12 yrs, the one which I’ve buried in my heart. But now I no longer have the capability to keep the truth buried, it’s killing me… (he then revealed Pinky’s conspiracy from starting till the end leaving everyone shocked & disgusted)
Pinky :- Shi….Shivay, son this is all a lie, u misunderstood me. Beta what I did was just for ur betterment. This Anika is not worth of u, roadside trash looks good on the road not in house & this girl is no less than a roadside trash. I could’ve let go of her status & let her live in this house if she had gave birth to a boy first instead of this manner-less Nandini. I wanted my son’s first born to be a boy who can be Oberoi’s heir in line but Nandini was born so I had to throw these both out…
Shakti (slaps her hard) :- I feel disgusted to call u a wife, a mother, grandmother & above all a woman. How can u stoop so low?
Pinky (shouts) :- I did not do anything wrong, what I did was ryt. Since the day Anika entered this house my son became distant from me. & if I had to do it again I’ll do it, I can even kill her.
Shivay :- don’t u dare think of it MOM, oh sorry u r not even suitable to be called a MOM. U know why?, b’coz a mother always want her child’s happiness but u, u snatched my happiness from me.
Sahil :- all things r clear now then let’s leave… Mr. SSO, sorry Mr. Oberoi thnk u so much for taking care of my nieces, bye…..
Vikram :- Sahil pls let Anu decide.
Sahil :- what is left to decide..
Anjali :- Sahil it took 12 long yrs for the misunderstanding to get clear, few decisions r to be taken by Anu, pls give her time (to Anika) Anu take ur time but remember that ur decision will effect everyone.
Shivay :- Anika pls stay back I need u, we all need u…. Pls stay back I really love u trust me I’ll sort out all the problems… But I want u to be by my side….
Anika :- Shivay…. I’m sorry I can’t…

Precap :- Vaibhav’s wedding talks; Shivay to learn abt Parth…

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