ishqbaaz rumya new ff #confused souls part 1

hey guys i am kavyaa , i was a silent member in ishqbaaz forum but i want to write an os on rumya .i hope you all like it.

Rudra vent his anger on saumya and blames her for everything. Saumya gets very upset and silently leaves from there. Saumya was always a brave girl who never backed up from taking a stand for herself but today rudra made her feel weak.She knows that he is upset and he can’t show this to anyone in family but she just wanted to help him. Saumya”s chain of thoughts broke with her mobile ringtone. Saumya gets nervous after seeing the caller id it was her mom.

saumya(nervously): aai

aai: How can you do this ? You haven’t tell me about it .What will i say to reyaan’s mom .We were planning your wedding and you are already married .I don’t understand what’s going on ?

saumya(while crying): aai please don’t take tension you will get ill.We were not in our senses. This marriage doesn’t mean anything for rudra .

aai: And for you?

saumya : aai marriage is not based on one person’s wish , i am very confused about everything ,a lot of things are happening together .

aai: You have to make up your mind .Reyaan is coming to meet you tomorrow ,take your decision.

saumya: ho aai .

saumya cuts the phone and closes her eyes thinking about what future has stored for her tomorrow.

Next Morning-

Anika and Rudra was talking about their plan against tia suddenly they saw reyaan coming. Reyaan and Rudra look angrily at other ,Anika breaks the silence and ask Reyaan to sit.

Reyaan: No thanks . I just want to meet saumya can you call her please.

anika nods and turn to call saumya but she saw her coming downstairs nervously.

Saumya was hell nervous ,she was shivering ,Anika goes near her and pacifies her.

Saumya looks at Reyaan who was continuously staring at her with anger. Saumya soon recognizes presence of Rudra who was giving deadly glares to Reyaan while gritting his teeth.

Reyaan : Saumya can you please come out with me ,i want to talk to you.

Saumya nods and follow him.

Rudra was very uneasy during the whole scenario ,he wanted to pretend that anything related to saumya doesn’t bother him but he can’t control now.

Saumya and Reyaan were in garden.

Reyaan: So all this while when i proposed you and talk about my marriage you were married to Rudra .

Saumya : Reyaan it was a mistake and we have decided to not to tell it about anyone.

Reyaan : I don’t know all this ,i just want to know what do you feel about him.

Rudra was listening all this from behind and he gets alert on this question.

Saumya: He doesn’t feel anything about me Reyaan and i am just a trouble maker in his life .

Rudra listen that and feel guilty about his words

Reyaan : It means our wedding is on ,i will talk to my mom and you make sure to have annulment done with Rudra.

Saumya nods and Reyaan hugs her and leaves.

Rudra was burning with jealousy and anger.

precape : not decided

sorry guys there may be some grammatical mistakes but i am new at writing do let me know my mistakes and your views on my story if you like it..I wish to make alot of new friends here…

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