Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love (promo)


Hii guys I m ayesha back i m very very happy i m on cloud 9 that u all r liking ff actually when I write my first intro i m very nervous that time u all will like or not coz I m not so good writer but I m happy that u all r liking it i have 3 days holiday so i m posting this this is the first promo of my ff let’s start:

Scene one:

One cute boy and one cute girl sitting near river boy give girl chocolate girl get happy and hug her & said
Girl: Thank u billu ur so cute(pulls boys cheeks)
Boy:(in angry tone)??? ani don’t call me with that name I don’t like it.
(I don’t want to say that that girl & boy is anika and shivaye)
Ani: No i’ll call u with that name only billu billu billu she said and run from there.

Shiv: (in angry tone)Panikaaaaaaaaaaa ????????
Shivaye said & run behind her.

Next scene:
One palace is shown beautiful palace in side it’s written Oberio palace inside the palace.
One girl is seen silently listening songs earphone in her ears (I don’t that time earphones r there or not) just then one boy came and see her & start seeing in north side just then girl see her said
Girl: what r u seeing
Boy: I m seeing that Sun rise in the correct place na
Girl: Whyyyyy(big question mark look)

Boy: coz u r not fighting with me na so miss irritates(now u got to know who r they of course our ishkara guys)
Isha: u want i’ll fight with u na then ok come and don’t call me miss irritates i m not ur Mr.angrybird
Om: ur junglibilli.
They start fighting just then shivika and dadi come and start laughing seeing there fight they sit in sofa and enjoying there fight
Isha: don’t show me ur face u look like monkey i think u came here by mistake u should go in forest
Om: u shut up u should go in forest not me

Isha: I hate u Mr.bagadbilla(shivaye name ???)
Om: Han Han who said I love u i hate u to chudail
Isha: I m not chudail.
Om: u r
Ish: ??????
Just then Dadi said to shivika:
Dadi: enough now we should stop there fight
Ani: No Dadi leave na kitna maza aaraha h.

Shiv: Han Han Dadi ani is right
Dadi: No we should stop.
She went near ishkara and said
Dadi: enough bas bohot lad liye om jao apne room Mai aur isha jao anika ke pass jao
Om:par Dadi…. (Dadi interrupt and said)
Dadi: I don’t want to listen anything om.
Ishana make faces ??
Om and isha at once ok Dadi they went in opposite direction
She came back on shivika side and said u have seen rumya anywhere ishana is also with them only
They said at once no Dadi

Scene shifted to rumya:
Rumya is eating paratha and feeding each other.

Dadi ishana & shivika see from little far…….. and smile

Thanks for reading sorry for grammatical mistakes sorry for less rumya scene actually I m not getting anything so this is just a promo how it is guys good or not u like or not ??? please comment below

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  1. Ayeshu dear awesome nice please write more for epi OK waiting promo was awwwww… For me junior ishkara SHIVIKA and Rumya like so cool

    1. Ayeshu

      Thank u di ??????

  2. Priya15

    Super… Especially my ishkara…. It’s so naughty hai na??? Luv my ishkara… Waiting for next part di…

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks u priya I’ll try to post next part today only but my twink(it’s my phone name) is not well

      1. Priya15

        haha..u used to keep name to thinks….so cute…

      1. Priya15

        sry..its things….btw..which std u r ??r u n clg??

    2. Ayeshu

      i m 10 dear and ur & i luv my thing so much so kept there name my lappy name is bourn bourn how it is

      1. Ayeshu

        * i m in 10th std and u

      2. Priya15

        cute yr…but u r my choti i shouldnt call u di.. i m n 11th std dear..

    3. Ayeshu

      from now i’ll call u di and ya i posted next part

      1. Priya15

        Hey no prb u can call me by name.. I won’t mind dear… Ha ha..

    4. Ayeshu

      hii priya i think i should clear ur confusion i m 12th who said u about she is in 10th she is my younger sister aliya she didn’t ask me replied u actually she is just reading it she said about her not about me she only said about me that i’ll keep my things name actually i’ll not say to anybody that i’ll keep my things name but she really i’ll not spare her that is my secret that i’ll keep my thinks name only but no problem u get to know & ya episode 1 she only written not me i don’t know what she written in that 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Priya15

        Ur sis is so sweet di.. So sry.. Don’t scold ur sissy.. Okay.. I won’t mind.. If u keep name to things.. Even I used to do… Sometimes.. But for my teddies.. Haha.. Funny na.. 11 pad rahi hun… But keep name to teddies.. That has become my habit di..

  3. Hii ayeshu….jnr shivika scenes r tooo cool…..i luvd it…waitng for d next…n i wanna see snr shivika frndship….its diff …we hav always seen them fightng n nw i m eager to see them as bestiess…update d next asap

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks u I’ll try to post today only ???

  4. surbhi chandna

    is that childhold scene?bt its really too cute.keep it up

    1. Ayeshu

      It’s there childhood scene dear thanks for ur comment ?????

  5. I lved it yr……plz post next soon…junior ishkara n shivika r awsome…..rumya r also soo good…

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks abiha ??????

  6. Jazz1

    Ishkara is fighting like shivika ??. Rumya are eating paranthas. Waiting for the next episode

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks jazz and I said u by mistake I want to say that to my another ff reader sorry ??????

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