Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love (Promo)

Hii guys aliya not ayesha actually di is hospitalized actually yesterday she is coming from dance class & she saw one blind girl is standing & one car is about to hit she came in between(filmy story) but she is ok now(di is hero I m proud of her) & this is just a promo if this is good don’t appreciate me coz I m just copying di written in one book let’s start:

One girl is sitting she is nervous another girl came and said
Girl 2: di I know u r nervous don’t be nervous
Girl 1: no how can u say if it’s happen with u na then u get to know
Girl 2: di I can understand I think it’s 4 years he forgot that u should also forget that
Girl 1: if he didn’t forget that then what will I do
Girl 2: di u just calm he is coming back
Girl 1: I know he is coming back so only I m very nervous dear
Girl 2: just relax if someone will see u like this then….
Girl 1: then
Girl 2: then they get doubt that something is going on in ur mind
Girl 1: ok but what to do my heart is saying he forget that but mind is not accepting that I m so much tensed if he remember that then how will I gave him
Girl 2: di u just relax calm down drink water(she offer her water)
Girl 1 drink water and said
Girl 1: I think u r right he forget that ya he forget that
Girl 2: this is my good di
(They hug each other)

Another girl came & said
Girl 3: They came

Girl 1 again get nervous & girl 2 hold her hand tightly girl 1 smile

Who is girl 1 ??
Why she is nervous ??
What happen before 4 years ??

Sorry guy’s if any grammatical mistakes r there thanks for reading & u want more promo or direct episode one.

Ur Aliya ????

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  1. Oh goodness!! I hope Ayesha Di is fine now and I salute her for saving that girl. The promo rocked and continue posting promptly.

    1. Ayeshu

      Thank u ????

  2. So much suspense not fair plz update the episode and get well soon wishes to ur sis

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks ????

  3. Hope ayeshu is fine
    Pls take care of her
    Nice promo
    Get well soon dear ??

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks pinkyy ????

  4. Akshaya

    Aliya the promo was good and quiet confusing too. I knew that ayesha will be fine. Get well soon ayesha. Coming back to you, your a wonderful sister blessed for ayesha. Even I have good cousins sisters but they are not of encouraging type. I’m proud of you.

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks akshaya di ????

  5. so much of suspense plz post next part asap and it is very short plz make it lengthtier

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks dear ????

  6. Jazz1

    Hope ayeshu will be fine soon. And aliya the promo was good ?

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks u ????

  7. Mehreen Islam

    May ALLAH help Ayesha di recover soon.
    Actually I was a silent reader when I read that Ayesha di was hired by the car I couldn’t control so I just shared my opinion.
    BYE the way my real name is Farisha Sanjana Afreen Falak Solanki Gulfisha Nigaat Nighaat. Mehreen is my elder sister’s name I don’t have an account so I am just using her account. I hope u don’t mind??
    However the promo sounds interesting. Keep writing. N I will pray that INSHALLAH Ayesha di recovers soon?

    1. Mehreen Islam

      Sorry writing mistake not hired by the car actually it will be hited by the car
      Really sorry?

    2. Ayeshu

      Thanks & ya what ur name it’s too big ????

  8. Sat

    Very much twisting promo, I just can’t guess who are they, but anyways eagerlY waiting for the next episode . And ayesha di, oh my god, you are a superhero, hope you get well soon, praying for you.and aliya you are great even though your sister is busy you update, you share a good bin just like mine.???.

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks u ????

  9. Tulasi

    Hey ayeshu …get well soon….shuld appreciate for wat u did….hope u r fineee dear….n i thnk girl 1 is anika n girl 2 is ishu…..waitng for epi one soonn…….take care dear….rest well…gdnyt…

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks tulasi di I read it ff and its superb ????

  10. Prayers for ayeshu she is very brave may she get healed soon lots and lots of love and hugs to her that munna Bhai MBBS hugs which heal people …
    Promo was awesome as our ayeshu always …
    Full of thrill….
    Waiting for her recovery and episode too….
    Take care of her aliya dear your so sweet sissy thanks for entertaining us to both of u ????

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks shama di & yesterday di was ok but now she is in I.C.U ??? & I m doing her work my mom is not well so I m cooking taking tuition & dance class ??? & I m very much tensed for di I can’t meet di

      1. Don’t worry dear I know your situation must be really tough but you know one thing when our people are in problem and we get alone so god stands with us and gives us courage dear your di will be fine as she has much well wishers and such a loving caring Sissy…
        You know we all face problem but the one who faces it bravely without fear and full of hopes then the problems only scare …
        Don’t worry dear we all are there in good wishes and times doesn’t matter good or bad…

  11. cute suspense

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks safaq ????

  12. Episodes has very much suspense nice and take care of your di. And give my salute to her. She is very brave

    1. Ayeshu

      Thank u ????

  13. Vincy

    Confusing promo… Hope so ur di will be well soon

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks ????

  14. Shaza

    .proud of Ayesha di , salute her for saving that girl .??.hope she gets well soon and be back with a bang ?…
    So she will miss her other competitions ?
    The Promo is awesome….confusing too ..Can’t guess anything…???…waiting for the ep ..try to post it fast ..suspense control Nahi Hotha yar..

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks shaza dear & di is in I.C.U yesterday di was ok but now ??? & I can’t post early coz I m doing di’s work cooking dance class tuition ??????

      1. Shaza

        I.C.U??…tears rolling yr….will pray for her well being ….hope she gets fine …and it’s OK if u can’t post it soon will be waiting…inshall ah she will be fine soon ?

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