Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love (part 2)


Hii guys ayesha back how r u all guys this is the second intro of my ff so read & comment i m very happy today my exam goes good so i m posting this lets start:

Anika Singhania:
Elder daughter of akshara & naitik singhania(actually I m not getting any other name so)cute and very friendly girl best frnd of SSO love her sister’s very much can do anything for her family sister of OSO & Rudra.

Ishana Singhania:
Younger sister of Anika and 2nd daughter of akshara & naitik love her both sister & parents very much sweet and bubbly girl love her brother’s I mean SSO & Rudra fight with OSO call her Mr.painter or Mr.Angry bird and Om call ishana miss.cham cham or miss.irritate she love dancing and singing song. Om also sing songs.

Soumya Singhania:
Love her parents and sister’s very much very cute and talkative girl sister of SSO & OSO she also like Rudra but she don’t show that she and Rudra some time Tom & Jerry and some time jai & veeru.

Akshara Singhania:
Nice queen Mother of anishya Love her husband & daughters so much caring mother she think shivaye and Anika r perfect for each other.

Naitik Singhania:
Very nice king father of anishya love her daughters so much can do anything for her daughters love her wife so much he also think like akshara that Anika and shivaye r perfect for each other.

Oberio’s and Singhania’s are very close to each other every festival or anybody’s birthday or anniversary they celebrate like own family my story start from childhood

Intro of child charecters:
Shivansh kotia as Shivaye
Spandan chatyrvedi as Anika.
Vishesh Bansal as Omkara.
Palak dey as Ishana.
Divyam Dama as Rudra.
Tasheen Shah as Soumya.
Dhriti Mehta as priyanka.

Sorry for grammatical mistakes thanks for reading should I continue or not guy please comment below by…. take care ???

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  1. Start the story soon waiting eagerly

    1. Ayeshu

      Thank u tiara ???

  2. Priya15

    Ofc u should continue di ..M waiting for my ishkara scenes now… As ff’s r the only way for my ishkara….

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks dear I m happy u like it ???

  3. Shaza

    I was exited when I saw ur ff …when I read akshara , Naithik ..I was like noooo not a Merge with ishqbaaz …later reading the bracket …took a breath ??……wow it’s hard to imagine Shivika as freinds …awesome ??..and congrats for ur exam ?

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks shaza actually that time my mom is watching yrkkh so I listen akshara and naitik so I wrote that only ?? ??

  4. Jazz1

    Hello Ayeshu di. I really loved the intro so plz continue

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks dear I read ur ff it’s supertb ???

      1. Jazz1

        Di I think u misunderstood something I don’t write any ff. Maybe it’s someone else

  5. Yeah waitngg forr d story yaar……post it asap

    1. Ayeshu

      Thank u I will try to post soon dear ???

  6. Ayeshu

    Guys thanks for support today or tomorrow I’ll post promo read that promo than episode 1

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