Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love episode 8

Hii guy’s I m back with another episode I m happy & sad both happy coz my aunties went back & I m sad coz I m not getting much comment please silent reader please comment please I request u if it is boring or u r not liking please say guy’s I’ll change the track or I’ll stop here please guy’s I request u please comment my hands r paining but coz of u guy’s I m writing let’s start:

Recap: Ishlara fight shivika & rumya tease ishkara angrily they went in room & shivom & aniya take breakfast for them

@ Shivomru:
Om is sitting angrily on bed
Shiviye & rudra saw that he is very angry
Rudra: Shivaye bhaiyya u go he will listen I
Shiviye: no u go ur younger right
Rudra: no I’ll not go u will go u r elder one
Shiviye: ok we will go at once
Rudra: ok
They went in breakfast in their hand
Shivaye went near om & said
Shivaye: Sorry we should not do that
No reply
Rudy: O say something
Shivru: What(giving question mark look)
Om: I…don’t…want……….to….any…one…….please…….go….from….here
Rudy: No we will not go first u will eat
Shivaye: ya he is right first u will eat
Shivru loudly: eat eat eat not we will not go eat eat eat eat eat
Om: lis…..(they interrupted)
Shivru: Eat eat eat or we will not go sorry sorry sorry
Om loudly: Ok ok I’ll eat & it’s ok(he smile)
They smile
Om ask u both ate
Rudy: no
Om: ok come we will eat they feed each other

They came
Aniya: Sorry ishu/ishu di(make puppy face ??)
She ignore them
Somo: di please eat na
Ani: ya di oops I mean ishu eat na my lovely ishu tissue (pulling her cheeks)
Glare at anika angrily ???
Ani: oops sorry ishu not tissue
Shivomru is peeping into there room
Somo: tissue di
(Glare at soumya angrily ???)
Om laugh & that time shivru gave him angry look ???
Somo: sorry ishu di please please(she start shouting & sign anika to shout they both start shouting)
Aniya: ishu eat na ishu eat na sorry sorry
Shivomru cover there ears
Ishu: ok ok I’ll eat
She start eating
Somo: di I didn’t ate & anika di also didn’t ate
Ishu: ok
They three feed each other

After sometime:
They came in hall elders[naitik & akshara also is there]discussing something
Anishya to Shivomru
Anishya: u know what they r discussing
Shivomru: no

Tej says
Tej: I want to say u something shivomru
Shivomru: what u want to say
Tej say something & Shivomru get happy & sad to Anishya get sad after listening that

Precap: Anika crying ???& ishya & Shivomru consoling her

Thanks for reading & ya please comment guy’s silent reader please or I’ll stop this here

By……take care
Ur ayeshu or ayeshu di ???

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  1. Make the leap soon yaar and don’t be disappointed all ur episodes short and sweet bro and sis moments fights are so cute post next asap and make a leap if u can plzzz

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks dear & this suspence is before the leap ??????

  2. Priya15

    Suspense… Y happy sad???

    Eagerly waiting… It was a cute epi di..

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks dear ??????

    2. Same thing here dear y happy or sad after reading it was awesome u no I got only 9 ppl

  3. Very nice my first comment is for you

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks abi ????

  4. Sat

    Just waiting to know why annikà is sad, surprise of suspense right. Really loved the way shivru consoled Om and Anita consoled ishana???.
    Please update the next epi ASAP
    Please read and comment on my new epi
    Ishqbaaz ff by Sat

  5. Ananya7044

    Hey its nice….waiting eagerly fkr the next one

  6. Jazz1

    Awesome ?. Want to know what they tej said so plz post the episode soon

  7. Waiting to know why anikas sad!

  8. Cuteprincess

    .what did tej say…

  9. Tulasi

    Its nyc ayeshu…..

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