Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love episode 7

Hii guy’s ayesha back with another episode I know i said one week but I m posting early actually my hands r paining I can’t type properly ?? coz I apply mehendi then design dresses for my aunties my mom is busy in talking so i m only cooking coz of that i came to my granny’s house but tomorrow i should go home mom is calling coz of u guy’s i m posting this i can’t awaited u so much leave let’s start:

Recap: Shivaye kiss anika & anika blush

Ishkara & rumya:Ishqbaazi

In return anika also kiss shivaye
Ishkara & rumya cuped there mouth

Then rudra kiss soumya then soumya kiss her in return they all get shock

Then they see at ishkara
They gave questions mark look
Rudy: O now u kiss isha di
Shivika giggle & then ishkara said
Ishkara: shut up rudra
He make puppy face ???

Ishkara glare at each other angrily ???
& went in there respective room
Shivika & rumya hug each other & went in there in respective room

Next day Anishya is in Oberio mansion naitik & akshara went back everyone force anishya to leave for 3 or 4 days so they r staying in OM (oberio mansion)

Anishya wake up & come out for breakfast

Ishana: nashta me kya h
Om: zeher tumhare liye
Ishana: maina tumse pucha nahi toh apna muh band rakkho
Om: mai q apna muh band rakkho
Ishana: subah subah mujhe ladna ka shauk nahi
Om: mujhe bhi nahi h
Ishana: toh apna muh band rakkho na
Om: mai q band rakkho tum rakkho
Ishana: I want to kill u
Om: same here
(Both give each other angry look like they eat each other ???)
Shivaye: guy’s please apni ladai continue karo kitni maza aarahi thi
Anika: ha ha continue karo
Rudy & soumya: ha ishkara apni fight continue karo
Ishkara: ishkara??
Rudy: ha ishana ka ish aur omkara ka Kara
Ish+Kara=ishkara agar aap log ko pasand nahi aaya toh omish kaisa rahe ga.
Ishkara: Shut up rudra
Soumya laugh rudra glare at her angrily ??
Rudra slowly says: jise dekho shut up rudra shut up rudra kuch aur nahi h kya bolne ko ???
Shivaye: wow so sweet name mera aur anika ka mila kar (he think) shivika shivaye ka shiv aur anika ka ika shiv+ika=shivika or anshi kaisa rahe ga
Rudy: bohot accha h bhaiyya mast superb ??
Shivika: kitna accha naam hai na shivika anshi haina Ishkara
Om: (in angry tone)hum log ko Ishkara mat bulao
Shivika: accha teekh h omish
Ishkara glare at shivika angrily ???
Rudy: Rumya for me & soumya rudra ka ru aur soumya ka mya ru+mya=rumya
Rumya: kitna accha naam hai na hamara bhi shivika & ishkara
Ishana:(in angry tone)hum log ko Ishkara mat bulao
Shivika & rumya: hum teeno ka kitna accha naam hai na ish……..ka……..ra no no no o……..mish.

Ishkara:(they said at once)(in irritating tone)hum log ko woh mat bulao
Shivika & rumya: nahi hum toh bulaenge Ishkara ishkara ishkara ha ishkara ishkara ishkara (They sing like song dhik tana dhik tana [I don’t know proper song name] from movie Hum aap kai hai koun)omish omish omish.
They went in room in irritation & shivika & rumya laugh loudly & take the breakfast in room for Ishkara shivom take for Om & aniya take for ishana

Precap: Something happen that make anishya sad ???

Sorry for grammatical mistake and i know this is boring one sorry for that & sorry for English readers I m not feeling good my hands r paining so I wrote in Hindi sorry for English readers ??? & ya this is long for me I can’t wrote more longer then this ☝☝☝ & thanks for reading ???

Luv u guy’s
By…… take care ur ayeshu or ayeshu di

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  1. Priya15

    Di its an superb epi….. I…. S.. H.. K.. A.. R.. A was amazing.. Haha… Actually they don’t want to be called jointly.. I can’t separate ishana and Omkara.. So I separated the letters… Haha..

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks priya ????

  2. I guess you want me to throw water on u as you’re again and again saying boring … By the way don’t reply my comment as ur hand is paining and thanks for update…
    Its not boring….
    Ayeshu take care ….

    1. Ayeshu

      Di please don’t throw water on me & ya it’s ok coz I m righty & lefty both more lefty thanks u di ????

      1. Nice but u no I am trying from one hand because I don’t know double handed typing dear and yaa I was kidding dear ur simply awesome I want suggestions from you … And I am 20 what’s ur y r u calling me di

    2. Ayeshu

      sorry di i m replying u at this time actually i m 17 & ya u r very superb writer i should take suggestions from not u should take suggestion from me 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Sat

    Wow very nice di, first of all, I have to appreciate your hardworking nature and your ff was awesome and simply superb. I really loved it. And please update the next epi ASAP????

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks dear I’ll try to update soon ????

  4. Ananya7044

    Its was fab and ya i sended them my story donno when thry will update u pls read it as i wrote something for u at the end

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks ananya dear & ya I’ll surely read ????

  5. Dheemahee

    awesome one post next one soon..bye and sorry itna late comment ke liya.

  6. Tulasi

    Its lovely dear…

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