Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love episode 21


Hii guy’s ayeshu here last episode from my side and I m not leaving for comments I happy how much I m getting I m leaving coz I can’t handle my ff my studies and my works so I m leaving and ff is continue by my elder di ayath di let’s start:

Recap: friend’s gang & anishya talk shivomru invite for party

Everyone is busy in decorating oberio mansion for party just then 3 girls enter
Everyone look at them
They three enter
They are pinkyy, nandini & sahana
Saha: guy’s where r u
Friends gang came and saw them They get happy
Shama: u r here
Tul: I m so happy to see u three here
Nandi: I know u all r shock to see us
Pin: actually we want to give u surprise
Saha: so we r here

Nan: what’s happening here
Pin: any party
Shivika ishkara & rumya come and they also get happy to see there friends
They hug them
Pin: guy’s any party is there today
Ani: ya our Prince came back after long time so it’s party for them
Nan: oooh
Saha: we will also help u all
They all decorated the oberio mansion it’s part time
@anishya room
They r getting ready

Anika is wearing:

Ishana is wearing:

Soumya is wearing:

@shivomru room
They r wearing same which they where in the show in maha pooja

Friends gang u can imagine urself in ur favorite dress

Our heroes came down everyone is looking at them They r looking handsome dashing as always
They r talking with friends gang
Pri: om ur looking handsome

Shivru cough
Pri: u both r also looking handsome
Om: Thanks Priya ur also looking beautiful
Shiv: shama tulasi sahana everyone u r looking like Angel
Girls: Thanks shivaye
Shiv: ur welcome
Shivaye is just looking at stares
Rudy he start flirting
Rudy: Ann(cute princess) ur looking so beautiful
She know he is flirting with her
Ann: Thanks I’ve some work ill come

They all laugh
Rudy: shaza u r looking so beautiful I can’t take my eyes
Shaza: Thanks rudra ur also looking handsome
Rudy: Thanks shaza
Jazz: rudy we know u very well u r flirting with us so don’t do that we know
Pin: we know u very well
Saha: don’t flirt with us
Nan: stop ur flirting
Rudy pout all laugh
Just then our heroines enter
Shivaye is just staring at anika her hair is flying ??❤
Rudy is also just staring at soumya her hair also flying
Where is om ??
He also looking at ishana and making faces but inside he is feeling something else she also cant understand that ehat he is feeling ???

Priza is hosting the party
Pri: ladies and gentlemen I m Priya and she is…
Shaza: shaza and we r here for our Prince coz they came after long time so this party is for them
They all clap
Shivika look at eo and smile
Pri: so we should start with dance and first dance is by our friend’s gang
Friends gang dance song sooraj dooba hai
Shivomru also dance with friends gang

Then tejvi shanky also dance
Shaza: now the chilhood friend best friends r dancing guess who I’ll only say they r Shivika great hand of applause for them
Shivika is shock
They dance on song jab tak
They both lost in eo eyes he hold her waist pull toward her they r so close to eo they r lost they in there own world they forget about people who r seeing them they r lost
Everyone claps and they came into sense they part away
Shaza: nice dance u both dance beautifully ??
Pri: now the world biggest enemy r about to dance I think in dance also they fight that dance less and fight more ??
All laugh ???
Shaza: who r there ??
Pri: offcourse that r Ishkara
Shaza: no no ishana & omkara
All laugh
They both refuses but all request them to dance they said ok
They dance on song Ishq Mubarak
There r dancing he twist her then pull her they r too close they both hair is flying that lost in eo eye’s
Everyone is looking at them
Om and ishana both r feeling happy but they don’t know y
Everyone claps
They part away and look at each other and smile
Pri: wow they dance nicely that didn’t fight ??
Everyone laugh
Akshaya also join them
Ak: now they r sometimes jay veeru and sometimes Tom & jerry
Pri: I know then they r
Shaza: Rumya
Rumya dance on hua hai aaj pehle baar
They r lost in eo eyes they r feeling comfortable that finish there dances
Everyone claps

Anishya stands and goes to stage prizaka came down
Ani: guy’s we 3 have some surprise for shivomru
Shivomru gets excited
Isha: so let’s start
They turn off the light
Soumya start the slide
Everyone is seeing happily

Precap: Dhamaka

Guy’s please read & comment silent reader please I m leaving so please I don’t want less comments
Guy’s I will miss u and this ff is continue by ayath di this ff will not stop
Sorry if I bore u with my ff
Sorry for grammatical mistakes
Sorry for everything
Big sorry for leaving u all
Love u guy’s till now how much u all support me thanks for that support di also when she will write I love u sorry for leaving

I’ll miss u guy’s miss me
Don’t forget me ??
Remember me
Love u all
Good by………………….forever take care
Love u all so much
I’ll miss u I’ll never forget u

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  1. Cuteprincess

    I will miss you a lottt…
    and coming to the was super..
    rudy..noo flirting with me…if mama sees you will get scolding’s..
    friends gang convo was really nice…

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks dear I’ll also miss u ??❤

  2. I m a silent reader and just wanted to say that ur ff is really great. Hope that slide show brings out shivika’s marriage truth.?? will surly miss u??

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks nida ??❤

  3. Nithu

    Ayeshu…its lovely..we also miss u soo much

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks nithu di I’ll also miss u all ???

  4. I am and will miss you always ayeshu dear and thanks for the episode it was awesome and sooner or later in December my good bye and I will miss you all like hell hope destiny connects us again really upset gonna miss you n all thanks ayath that ur continuing ff

    1. U r making me cry shama????

    2. Ayeshu

      Thanks di & I’ll also miss u ???

  5. Dea ayeshu.. v all will miss u alot???
    But u can atleast keep commenting so that we can keep in touch?
    Coming to ff… i m eagerly waiting for the dhamaka… n i liked todays epi.. thnx for including me…?
    Thank u ayath dea for continuing the ff…
    I can understand it becomes very difficult to manage both studies and other works like these ff…
    I also face the same dificulty?
    Anyways all the best dea?

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks and u desrve to be in my ff coz u support me so much I’ll also miss u ???

  6. Nansshivika

    The episode like always rocked yaar and u made my entry and I am in cloud 9 and I can understand ur situation dear. Now focus on ur studies and give ur best dear
    And we will miss u very much and how can we forget such o lovely friend and whenever we read this ff by ayath we will get all those memories with u in front of us
    All ta best dear and ya we miss u a lot

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks di and ya I want that before I leave I want to add u so I added I’ll also miss everyone ???

  7. Razna

    Hii ayeshu diii…what happnd ..why u leaving …..any way we will miss u a lott…
    And thank u ayath for the continuation….go a head…it will rockzzzz

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks dear and actually I m not only a student I have so many works if u listen I will get shock so leave about that I’ll also miss u all ??❤

  8. Jazz1

    It was awesome. Waiting for next episode as it’s dhamaka and u also showed it in promo.
    I will miss u di. Take care bye

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks jazz dear I’ll also miss u after I leave don’t forget me ?????

      1. Jazz1

        I will not forgot u di not that easily

  9. Tulasi

    I ll miss u sooo much ayeshuu baby…..n i ll nevr forget u at all…..awww shivaay told me i m lookng beautiful….wowww…..suprrb….

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks di I’ll also miss u and ur ff too ???

  10. hey ayeshu di…
    i will really miss u a lot… nd all d bst fr ur studies…
    nd d update was superrb…
    specially rudra’s flirting…
    atlast we will miss u.. do stay in touch.

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks janvi dear I’ll also miss u ??❤

  11. Samm

    i loved this episode! it was awesome! 🙂

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks samm ??❤

  12. I loved the episode I will miss u ayeshu dear

  13. Ayath

    awesome epi dear…..i really miss u

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