Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love episode 15

Hii guy’s ayesha back with boring ff and boring episode & ya I want to say that u all r praising aliya she is sweet cute etc etc she is not cute or sweet she is a devil ?? u all know what when I m in hospital she ate my full choclate I ask my di (ayath my elder own sister actually I m 3 my first sister died due to cancer when she is 19 ) where is choclates I want to eat she said I don’t know aliya know I ask her she is sorry di I m missing u so I ate ur choclate my full choclate box is empty I m very angry on her leave my bak bak let’s start:

Recap: Past revealed

Ishkara: u
Shiv: u know each other
Ishkara: ya
Rudy: wow good how u know each other ha gf bf ha (naughtily)
Ishkara: what no way never he/she is not my bf/gf never
Shama: then how u meet each other
Ishana is dancing on road some children’s is enjoying her dance full speedily one car came is hit her she fall down
Isha: aaah luch
One man he is driving he came out (he is om)
Ishana stand and said
Isha: can’t u see and drive
Om: o hello it’s ur fault u r dancing in middle of the road
Isha: oh hello Mr u can also stop ur car
Om: miss u can also dance in ur home or somewhere else it’s to big village u can dance anywhere
Isha: if I’ll die then what will happen u know my family will cry & I don’t want to die this much early mr…..
Om: o….. (ishana intrupted)
Isha: I didn’t ask ur name
Om make faces
Isha: u go in hell
Om: first u go in hell miss
Isha: ish… (om intrupted)
Om: I also didn’t ask ur name
All children’s is enjoying there fight
Isha: y I m wasting time on u I have so many works
Om: oh I also not free to wasting my precious time on u
They both turn and go opposites side’s angrily
*Flashback End*

Pri: ooh that’s the thing but ishu y u always fight with omi he is so sweet so handsome smart das……
Isha: really what a joke nice joke y u will not marry her go and marry he is waiting
Priya: h……
Om smile
Om: Thanks priya for so sweet and cute compliment but I m getting feeling someone is feeling jealous it’s smelling bad here and ya sorry we can’t marry but we can be friend
(Priya is staring at them who will talk she look at them)
Isha: I m not feeling jealous from anyone got it
Om: ha ha I can smell and see too and once again thanks priya dear so sweet compliment
Isha: y guy’s I m not beautiful
Shaziya tanzz shivika & rumya: u r very beautiful anyone can fall for u
Isha: thanks guy’s for so sweet and cute compliment(she said like om said)
Om went inside they all laugh
Isha: I m feeling tired I m going inside
She also went inside
Again they all laugh then look at priya
Pri: what guy’s u all will eat me
Again they laugh shivika & rumya said they have work and they went.
Priya gave them question mark look

Pri: y u all r laughing like mad
Shaza: coz….. she start laughing
Priya is standing in question mark look and looking at everyone and think y they all r laughing
Pri: guy’s please say me y u all r laughing I also want to laugh
Suddenly they all stop laughing and look at priya
Tul: we all r laughing coz of ur compliment to om
Pri: I said correct only na he is so handsome he is sma…..
Shama: oh om ki diwani (om addicted)
Jazz: ya ur om addicted only everytime
Everyone: om is like this…. like that….. etc etc
Ann(cuteprincess): can’t u stop praising om really u like him
Pri: mai mar java gur khake I don’t like him
Ann to shaza: can u please pinch me I can’t believe what priya said please pinch me
Shaza: ok
She pinch her
Ann: ouch
Shasi (Shama+Tulasi): what happend dear
Ann: shaza pinch me
Shaza: di she said me to pinch
Shasi: u said her
Ann: ya
Shasi: y
Ann: I can’t believe what priya said
Pri: areh baba I mean to say I don’t like her i love her
Everyone: ooh
Shaza: sorry Ann I pinch u hardly
Ann: it’s ok
They both hug friends see this and they also join hug

Precap: not yet decided….

Thanks for reading & sorry for no shivika & rumya scene actually I want to add friends gang scene so and if any mistake is there for that sorry actually my left hand is fractured I m sleeping & aliya push me and I fall by my left hand and it’s Fractured coz of ur favorite aliya it’s paining ?? comment below guy’s and I prepare birthday gift for dear aarion and thanks for handling my boring ff
By….take care
Ur ayeshu & ayeshu di ????

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  1. love it sweety.waiting for next

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks di ????

  2. Oh my god ayeshu ur too comedy???
    Friends gang convo was awesome
    Thanks for pm me !!!!
    Awesome ayeshu…..

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks di for ur lovely comment ??????

  3. Ayeshu.. soooo nice om n ishu fights n evn all d frnz gang?
    Wishing u a speedy recovery dea?

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  4. no shivika today really very upset

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      Thanks and sorry for no shivika scene ????

  5. Akshaya

    Seriously . Nice . Ayeshu call aliya na . I will help her to get chocolates from you. But fracture thing . It’s really serious. Aliya kutti ( choti) play safe with your Di. Every first child including me have problems like you. I can understand you. But your tale is different from me . So I enjoyed it. ??

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks and what problem u have dear any serious ????

      1. Akshaya

        Nothing. I am in hostel . I miss my brain eater

  6. Shaza

    It was rocking ..I guess I din comment on the previous ep….cuz of my exams , but the good news is only one is left ?, so wish me luck ??..loved ishkara today , their fights and meeting ????.
    ..Priya di , is it so ? ?????….
    Ann sorry for that Pinch , hope u recover ??…
    and get well soon di …and I love u and ur sisters bond , ?u guys r awesome ?????

    1. Cuteprincess

      that’s fine…it was my mistake I asked you for that pinch..

    2. Ayeshu

      Thanks dear and ya aliya is VIP
      V: Very
      I: Irritating
      P: person

  7. Vincy

    Nice… Gud going

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  8. Cuteprincess

    no more fights between sisters…I will sponser chocolates
    nice epi dii…….

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  9. Jazz1

    It was good. Loved friends convo ????. Plz post the next episode soon yeah if u can

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  10. Priya15

    Di….. I luv u lot…. Aliya dear u r exactly a carbon copy of me ah????

    Di…. I m blushing like hell right now… Awww marriage??? Uff… Di.. U r mind blowing…. Luv u loads…

    1. Ayeshu

      Thanks & ur also VIP Very Irritating person I don’t think ur is VIP ??????

      1. Priya15

        Very irritating person????? Noooo… We have nokh jhokh (we means me n my siblings)

  11. Tulasi

    Sooo nyc dear…..luvd it a lott…actually njyd it completely….frnds gang is too much funny….??

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