Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love episode 10

Hii guy’s I m back with my 10th episode I cant believe I complete 10 episode I m happy so party eat & enjoy ???????☕???????????????????????????? & I want to say to my readers I plans surprise for u & it’s ready now so I request my every readers please comment silent reader to & the surprise is after leap enough bak ban lets start:

Recap: Shiomru is going abroad anishya sad Ishkara handshake

Next day morning:

Every came to had breakfast anishya is sad ??? they came & sit
They start having breakfast
Ishkara saw everyone is sad
Ishana think something
She get an idea ???
She start drinking water om is sitting front of her she smirk ???
Rudy: Y everyone is sad shall I say one joke
No reply
Rudy: u all know Ishkara become one
Ishana split out the water directing its on om face
Om gets angry ???
Isha: sorry omi ???
Om glare at her angrily ???
Om: see what u did ishu tissue
Isha: who is tissue
Om: u
Isha: I m not
Om: ur
Isha: no
Om: yes
Isha: no
Om: no
Isha: yes(she bite her tounge)
Om: u accept ur
Shivika & rumya start laughing
Isha: leave i don’t want to talk to u
Om: so don’t talk

After that everyone finish there breakfast and leave shivika went near pool
Shivika is sitting silently saying nothing
Then at once they said : I want to give u something
(They both laugh)
Ani: first we r not saying anything now we say at once & first u give
Shiv: no first I give
Ani:no first u give
Shiv: no I said u give first
Ani: ok give at once close ur eyes and forward ur hand
Shiv: u also close ur eyes & forward ur hand
They close there eyes give each other gift
They open there eyes
Ani: wow so nice bracelet(ya guys it’s bracelet)
Shiv: wow nice locket but where is her half heat
Anika shows her neck
Shiv: ooh u have half heart & I’ll half heart so sweet
Ani: come now we will give other gifts to Ishkara & rumya
Shiv: no ishana & om
Ani: ya (They laugh & went out)

Rudy: I want to give u gift
Somo: give
Rudy give her gift
Somo: what is this
Rudy: my autograph
Somo: I can see but y ur giving me this
Rudy: see after coming back to India I m become superstar then u want my autograph na so
Somo: Duffer oberio (she went out)

They came in hall Shivomrupri & anishya r there only children’s
Shiv: I want to give u something my sissy
Ishaya: we also want to give u bhaiyya first u will give us
Shiv: ok
He give ishana ring & soumya earing
Ishaya: thanks bhaiyya but for anika di
Shiv: I already have her
Omrupri & ishya: oooooooooh(they laugh)
Ani: now I’ll give to my bro’s
He give om shayari book & rudra headphones
Isha: now I’ll give
For shivaye & rudra one photo frame in that her phone & everyone’s phone r there omis standing on side
Isha: don’t think I’ll not give u anything I’ll give u
She gave one album in that album there fighting images r there he see at ishana and smile
Somo: now I’ll give
For shivaye recipe book
Somo:(crying tone)bhaiyya read and when u will come back then cook for me he node her head
For om watch for rudra one kiss
Shivompri & anishya: ooooooh
Om:now I’ll give For anika ring for soumya bracelet
Ishana start making face
Om: Don’t make face
(He gave gift and smirk ???)
He open & frog came out of that she shout
Everyone laugh she gave her angry look ??? and turn other side & he go front of her and give her anklet she smile & take it
Rudra give everyone kiss
Pri: bhaiyya for me(sad face ???)
Shivomru: how can we forget u
They give her big photo frame of them in that photo shivaye, om, rudra, & priyanka r there she smile & hug her
Tej come & said
Tej: Boys time to go
All get emotional everyone hug each other then first time Ishkara hug each other
Everyone get shock & Ishkara smile

They say by….. to everyone and want everyone get emotional

Precap: leap intro & surprise for my sweet readers

Shama di,Tulasi di,Priya,shaza,satvika(sat),jazz, ananya,janvi,Goms,ayath,Arion,cuteprincess(ann),Dhruvi, abiha,akshaya,nithu,yazhu.

Guys first sorry then I know I forget so many names ??? so whom name I forget please say me please its important for me please

Thanks for reading this boring ff I not so good writer but thanks for supporting me(especially shama di, priya & shaza)I m so happy that it’s boring but then also u all r liking thanks but thanks
Luv u guy’s ????
Ur ayeshu or ayeshu di ???

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  1. Looking forward for nxt episode….. Eagerly waiting

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      Thanks vincy ????

  2. It’s interesting….. Waiting for your new update…….

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  3. Ayath

    awesome epi dear don’t be sad ur story is too good

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  4. super sad abd i waiting leap pls come soon more lengthy pls pls……

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      Thank u but I can’t make more lengthy coz I have so many works but I’ll try ?????

  5. Shaza

    Don’t U dare think it’s boring’s my Ayesha di’s ff OK !!??
    It was awesome,..emotional and cute …..
    Emotional cuz u know .ShivOmRu going to abroad ..but now I’m super exited about the next ep …
    All ready for ur surprise !! ??
    Pls post it ASAP???
    And no need of thanks , no thanks between sisters na⁉️
    Infact we should thank you for this ff !! Despite being busy ur writing such an amazing ff ??
    I really want u to become a producer or director ..then when u will become a successful producer or director then ur thnq speech will be there na , that time u can say …special thanks to me on flimfare ??..Ok!?
    Hope that happens ?????

    1. Agreed to shaza its the ff of our awesome ayeshu…. Thanks for mentioning my name dear but what did I do ur good so I will say that only na ….
      OK now give me ur home address to me and friends gang as promised I will reach their with a water tank… ?
      And aapka joh yeh bhoot ? hai na ki Aapka ff boring short ha woh panibaazi ke hi baad utre ga so give me ur home address now !!!!!

      1. Ayeshu

        First Thanks so much for ur cute cute comments then second come home di I m waiting but don’t come with water tank come had dinner lunch then we will enjoy then go ??????????

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      1. Shaza

        What r u saying di …u can’t manage …if all the works in the world are also given to you na , u can manage ..???

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  6. nice one

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  7. Its so cute yaar awesome

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    Awesome awesome. Please post the next ASAP

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  9. Nice episode!!!!

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  11. Noo ayeshu..its not at all boring dearm..n i m eagerly waitng for ur surprise n leap….post d next asap….

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  12. its cute episode ayeshu di

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  13. Yes u forget me but fine amazing ff
    I look it

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  14. Lovely update I loved it ??
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