Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love episode 1

Hii guys ur ayesha here I m back with my first episode thanks everyone for ur support thanks my di’s and little sissy’s I m really very happy u all r liking it actually I want to post this tomorrow night only but my twink (it’s my phone name I know u all think who will keep phones name but i’ll keep??)is not working properly so I m using my mummy phone if u think I need some improvement so u can say that & if u want to give any suggestions u can give i surely accept that let’s start here u go:
If u guys have any confusion for that:
OSO: Omkara Singh oberio.
Anishya: ‘ani’ka, ‘ish’ana & soum’ya’
One palace is shown beautifully decorated every where lights looking superb ??? in side it’s a board oberio palace everyone is going inside just then front of oberio palace one black Mercedes-Benz stop one cute princess get down she is looking like fairy black gown hair open looking superb ?? next another princess navy blue gown one pony she also looking superb another girl get down she is wearing pink colour frock looking very cute they 3 went inside with their parents everyone is looking them only full oberio family is there only its someone’s birthday two boy looking at girls and smiling and one boy making faces 1st girl who is wearing black gown run and hug one boy & said:
Girl: happy birthday Shivay
2nd girl: happy birthday Shivay bhaiyya. Another boy look at girl and start making faces.
3rd girl: happy birthday bade bhaiyya.
Shivay: Thanks ani, ishu & somo.
(Ya guys it’s Shivay birthday and the girls r our princesses anishya???)
OSO & rudra also standing there only om is making face looking at ishana but rudra is very happy coz soumya came na.
OSO push ishana & said
OSO: hatto hatto cake cut karne do.
Ishana gets angry ??????
And then she push om and he fall down.
Everyone start laughing seeing om.
OSO gets angry now he stand and said
OSO: tumhari himmat kaise hoe mujhe dhakka dane ki.
Isha: pehle tum ne mujhe dhakka diya tha.
OSO: (he start stammering) vo…. jhoot… mat bolo….Maine tumhe dhakka…. nahi diya
Isha: accha mai jhoot bol rahi ho ya tum tum jhoot bol rahe ho isliye tum aise (he start doing like her)mai….voh.. aise baat kar rahe ho
OSO: mooh bat rakho apna miss.chipkalli (lizard)
Isha: tum apna mooh band rakho Mr.idiot.
OSO: I m not idiot.
Isha: u r.
OSO: I m not
Isha: u r
OSO: I m……
Just then Shivay shout
Shivay: bassssss mere birthday ka din toh mat lado please(make a puppy face ???)(see who is saying who always enjoy their fight ???)
Ishkara at once said Sorry
Then they start cake cuttings??? Shivay feed everyone just its anika’s turn he goes her and feed her then anika feed Shivay. Shivay take small piece and apply on anika face she said
Ani: Kya kiya billu tum ne yeh.
Shiv: please aaj toh billu mat bulao.
Ani: accha thik h but tum ne yeh Kya kiya mai batati ho tumne kya kiya she take small piece of cake and apply on Shivay face. They start playing with cake ??

Rudra is eating Cake he saw shivika and he is shock he think something soumya is standing next to her he close her eyes & take piece of cake and he is about to apply on soumya but she went and ishana came he by mistake apply on ishana said
Isha: Rudy kya kiya tumne mai tumhe chodunge nahi
Rudra slowly open her eyes & shock to see ishana instead of soumya rudra said sorry di
Ishana take piece of cake and thrown on rudra but rudra bend Down & it’s fall on………… ????

Precap: ???Dhamaka ???

Sorry for grammatical mistakes Thanks for reading it I know I m not sooooooooooooooo good writer but I tried my best for u all I’ll try to post next episode soon u want in hindi english or both i forget to ask???
By…… take care

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  1. It’s so good and cute

    1. Ayeshu

      Thank u di πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Ayeshu

    guys this is written by aliya my younger sister not me so read & comment and ha my secret is also out that i keep my thing name like phone & lappy name leave before she say i’ll only say guys u that my lappy name is bourn bourn guys don’t laugh at me guys please πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Sat

    It falls on om right. I really loved it. Please include shivika’s nok jhok. Please update asap

    1. Ayeshu

      Thank u and if u want to know whom it fall for that u should read next part and shivika nok jhok is there but after leap i mean in senior shivika and friendship also is there its nokship

    2. Tulasi

      Hey dear….waitng for ur post…..plz update it sooon…..dyng for ittt

  4. Shaza

    Wow it’s awesome ….u know I also keep names for my iPad , iPod and Mac same like you ?..I thought I’ll be the only one ?..coming to the ep ..the episode was really cute??…loving it …loved shivika and ishkara’s cat fight ?’s awesome ..pls post the next one ASAP….super eagerly waiting ?

  5. Tulasi

    Luvd it……shivika s frndship is tooo cuteeee……n ishkara fightng is funny n nyc becoz we always see shivika n rumya fightng……bt ishkara s fight is really a gd idea……plz post d next one asap

  6. Priya15

    Haha.. That is om na.. Luv this cutie pies haha…u asked me whether ur sis wrote good or not na… She wrote it amazing… U too r an amazing writer Aliya dear… As sister as choti ha…

  7. I lved it yrr…superbbb…cake falls on om…post next soon…

  8. supre i am eagrly waiting next part post soon

  9. supre i am eagrly waiting next part post soon

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