Ishqbaaz: Rikara – Trust Part 9

Chapter 9

Hey guys. I am not from India so I do not know how the school system works. Please forgive me in advance if there were any mistakes.

The entire family is gathered in the living room.

S: Gauri, so we got you an admission at St. Catherines School, this is one of the best schools in India and using my influence, I was easily able to get you a seat.

G: School? How did you know I wanted to learn how to speak English?

S: O.. (O gives him a Don’t tell her look). Oh, Dadi told me. I am a proud supporter of women education so I cannot say no when my sister asks for one.

Gauri looks at Om, wondering if he was the one that brought it up but she knew a man who made fun of her education will never advocate for her.

A: I want to study as well, Shivaye. Can you get me a seat as well? I will be nice to have study partner like Gauri in the same house.

Shivaye agrees to her request but then Tej walks in.

T: How is this possible? I mean both our Bahus studying. This family should not suffer just because these orphans could not get a proper education. Right now, they represent the Oberoi brand and I will not let anything that will damage our reputation. Just sit home, go shopping and do whatever is necessary inside this house.

O (He walks up to Tej and holds his collar): What did you call them? Orphans? They are not orphans? They have me, and my entire family behind them?

Both girls look at Om, tearfully. Gauri surprised, that Om is acknowledging her as family. He did when she was Chulbul, and when they were in a fake relationship in front of Svetlana. But, he never called Gauri his. “(Thinking) What is his plan now? Svetlana is not here. There is no need to act in front of his family cause they are already know.”

Gauri, Annika and Jhanvi runs towards Om and asks him to let go of his collar.

G: Om, leave his collar. I was being too greedy and asked for too much. I will just ask start studying after the divorce is finalized.

O: (Thinking) Why is she always thinking about the divorce? Here, I am opposing my father for her and the only thing in her mind is to leave me forever.

O: I don’t care whether you leave me or not. But, what Tej said was wrong. Education should be a right not a privilege and I have the money to support both of your education. I will pay for everything, Shivaye. I do not need the Oberoi money to support their education.

S: I am sorry, bade papa, but Om is right. Om, let’s worry about who is going to finance the education later. Annika, I will get you the paperwork later as I need to contact the school. Gauri, come here and we can fill out the form.

Shivaye takes Gauri to his room and Om and Annika follows them. Shivaye writes down her name, Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi, on the application.

G: Wait bade Bhaiyya, what are you doing?

(Shivaye gives her a confused look, as all the information on the application is right. He runs an empire and knows how to fill out an application form)

G: My name is Gauri Kumari Sarma and I prefer to use my maiden name from now on. It is better that way in the future when I need a job.

Omkara feels a sharp pain in his gut as soon as she finishes her sentence. He looks at her thinking about the moment when she introduces herself as Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi proudly to the investigators. (Thinking) I have changed her that much. A girl who was willing to attach my name to hers now is waiting for the opportunity to strip it off. How can she just change drastically like this.

O: Shivaye, you should change the application. After the divorce, she cannot be associated to the Oberoi. I do not want to the family name to be in the media for sending their family members to work when we have all the money that will last for generations.

Shivaye and Annika are looking at their cat fight and wondering how the hell did we get stuck in this. How do they unite them together when all they want to do is strangle each other at every opportunity?

G: I have few conditions before I start studying. First of all, I will always be recognized as Gauri Kumari Sarma outside of this house. 2) I do not need Omkara or the Oberoi’s family money to support my education.

O: What do you mean by you do not need my money? Do you think this is a 2 rupees education? I will cost several lakhs and you cannot go beg to other people asking for people. What if someone like Kali Thakur comes? Then what will you do?

He asked the Kali part with concern but Gauri misunderstood his feelings.

G: Again with Kali. I did not do anything and all you talk about is my so called next target. If I was that cheap, I would have ran away with all your money a long time. I know all of your passwords, including your online banking password. You just leave it lying around carelessly.

A: Can you guys stop? Omkara, stop questioning her character like that. Kali is her past and now we are concerned about her future.

G: Annika, advising him is like talking to an wall. No matter what you tell him, his ears always clogged and nothing gets in. So, bade Bhaiyya, I do not need your money. I did my research and the Oberoi family has an education trust that is designed to support women education. Can I get some funding there and as soon as I finish my education and get a job, I will be able to pay it back?

O (Thinking) Trust? Job? Pay it back? What does she mean?

O: We have a trust, Shivaye? And Gauri, why do you need a job and why are you paying back your family? We are here to support you. You have us. That trust is designed for people who do not have the financial support and family.

G: HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU? Once I leave, I do not have you or this family. All I have is my ill mother so I will become that person who needs the trust to fund my education.

G: (Thinking): Why do I have to constantly remind him of the divorce? He loves to hurt me but I cannot cry in front of him. I cannot be stand weak in front of him because this is why I am in this situation.

S: Om, let her finish. What other conditions do you have?

G: I will take an auto every day to school and will not use any of the family’s resources to get to school. These are luxuries that I cannot afford once I leave. So it is better to get used to it now.
S: Fine. Anything else? If you need any help, you can ask me or Om for help. Rudra can also help you but you know his antics. A 30 minute homework assignment will take 6 hours to complete

G: I will ask only you if I need help. Bade Bhaiyya, did you file the legal work for the divorce?

Shivaye gives a deer in headlights look. He just lied in front of her that day so he can give them more time to reconcile. He did not even talk to the lawyer and did not know how to answer the question.


Annika giggles and decides to save her husband from the embarrassment.

A: Well, Gauri. We are talking to keep this issue from media’s attention as we do not want them to know about Om’s marriage. So if we decide to publicize it, then all the information will out and media will have a feast over this. We are still working on it and give us some time.

G: How much time?

A: I gave him a call regarding this but we cannot arrange a meeting with him as he is on vacation. He will be back in a few months and then we can start talking about the process.

G: Oh, I see. I trust you, Annika. (Thinking) It looks like she was lying but she had no choice but to believe her. After all, she is like my sister.

(She walks out the room and Om looks at her as she heads out.

O: I really screwed up, didn’t I? She seems so happy in the outside just to make everyone happy. But, now her sadness is slowly starting to leak out. What will I do now?

S and A (chuckling at his confession): What did you say right now?
O: Nothing. So did you actually talk to him?

Shivaye and Annika walk out the room saying, “We already answered that question.”

Wondering how he is going to clean up this mess, he also walks towards his room.

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