Ishqbaaz: Rikara – Trust Part 8

This is what happened: Gauri cooks his favourite dish but in the process, Om hurts her feelings.

Dadi and Gauri are in the room talking to one another.

G: What is your opinion on adult education?

D: The Oberoi family has supported education regardless of the individual’s age. It does not matter how old the person is but everyone should have access to education.

G: Dadi, I want to learn the English language. I want to speak fluently to other and sometimes I feel embarrassed to talk to Shivaye, Rudra and Om as they always say I need to make my own dictionary for them to comprehend.

Omkara was talking to Bhavya when they heard this conversation.

D: Did they say anything specific to you? I am going to kill that Om, he made fun of you did not he? Tell me the truth right now. Their stupid name family bloodline beliefs have made them into ignorant men.

G: They did not say anything. I just want to learn.

Omkara (Thinking): But I know the reason behind this. It was yesterday in the kitchen, where I made fun of her past, her education and status. Oh Omkara, why do you always do this to yourself. You are a true gentleman when it comes to treating ladies with respect but with Gauri you always abuse her. I am trying to change her mind but I just end up digging myself a bigger ditch to fall into. If I do not talk to her, then she will hate me and if I do, then I end up arguing with her. I need to talk to Shivaye about this.

Omkara walks toward Shivaye’s room and see Annika and Shivaye making out on their bed just ready to take it to the next level when Omkara says, “This is so embarrassing. You guys really need to learn to close your door before romancing.

Shivaye and Annika quickly pull apart from their hug and Omkara and Annika can see in embarrassment, Shivaye’s eye colour changing from blue to grey.

Annika: These eyes are the reason why I feel in love with you, my billu. They describe a thousand words and one day, I am just going to pull those eyes out of your socket.

O: Guys, I will see you guys later. Finish romancing and let me know when you are done. (Thinking – I do not understand how Shivaye changed like this. Annika Bhabhi is a person that I whole heartedly respect. But for love, Shivaye agreed to call him Billu. Just the sound to that word made him cringe but now he is dying to hear that word everyday from Annika’s mouth)

Annika and Shivaye run to Omkara’s room and decide to comfort him as they can see his stress on his face.

A: Om, what is wrong? Let me guess you said something stupid to Gauri and now you are regretting it and she is not ready to listen to you right.

O (With a surprised look): How do you know that? (He tells her the entire story and both Shivaye and Annika were extremely shocked with his behaviour)

S: How can you insult Gauri like that? You knew that she cannot speak well and knowing that, you not only attacked her intelligence but also her childhood and family. You should be ashamed of herself.

A: Why the Oberoi men so predictable? (Shivaye and Omara gives her a piercing look. It looked like they were ready to rip her apart and feed her to the dogs) What? I am right and even Shivaye and Rudra makes the same mistake. Shivaye, you have questioned my character before several times without even considering the truth behind the accusations. And Rudra has been torturing that poor girl just because she is a cop who hid her identity to protect this family. All of you need to learn from yourself.

O: I already made the mistake and now I need a solution. Shivaye, Gauri wants to learn English and finish her schooling but I know that she will refuse on the spot if I offer her the admission. Can you help me out with his?

A: Why are you asking him? Just demand it and we will both do it for you. You know Shivaye, we should call this mission, Gauri’s Enlish mission. That would be a perfect code name for it.

S and O: You mean, English.

All three sit together laughing at Anika’s joke. Little did Omkara know how Gauri’s passion for education is going to change the lives of the Oberoi’s family forever.

Precap: Gauri gets admission from a college. Tej is against Gauri studying. Gauri has a few conditions.

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