Ishqbaaz: Rikara – Trust Part 7

Chapter 7

This is what happened before: Gauri and Om do not talk but Om is looking out for her. Gauri finds out the real reason why Om got hurt.

A few days later. Gauri has completed healed while Omkara is still using his crutches for support. Omkara gets up and sees the empty recliner.

O: Where did she go? The bathroom is not closed and she has not completed her pooja. Plus, she did not snore or roll off the bed. Oh SHIT… She is in Dadi’s room. Why do I miss her? Should not I be happy as now I can sleep peacefully without her annoying acts?

Omkara gets out of his bed and after getting ready, he was hesitant going downstairs to Dadi’s room. He knew that if Annika or Bhavya is in the room, then he cannot escape from their jokes. All of sudden, he hears Gauri’s voice in the kitchen and that is where she was when he entered the kitchen.

O: Gauri, what are you doing here? Go rest and I will get what you want to eat.

G: With that leg? You cannot even walk properly and you are going to cook for me. Are you going to make tea for me (Flashback to Om making really bad tea) You are so funny, Om.

O: I am Omkara Singh Oberoi and this is my house. I can do whatever I want in my house and you, as a guest, cannot stop me.

G: Is this how you treat a guest, Om? I thought the Oberoi family is well known for their hospitality but I never expected this.

O: Om? You mean Omkaraji right? Maybe I misheard you.

G: You heard me right. I called you, Om. You are not my husband so I do not need to respect you. You can have a seat here and watch me cook an Italian dish. Once you eat it, you are going to definitely praise me.

O(He laughs at her and walks toward a Italian recipe book): You do realize my expectations are extremely high. I am Shivaye’s brother, who is a perfectionist in the kitchen. (Omkara gets a food magazine from the table and passes it to Gauri) Here, use this. There are a lot of recipes in here so you pick whichever one you will like.

G (She flips through the book and puts it down): I do not how to read English so how do you expect me to read this.

O: What do you mean you do not know? You went to school right? Did not they teach you.

G (Gauri was feeling heartbroken. Every single, Omkara was always targeting her self-respect and this was just the limit to all his insults): I just passed the fifth grade and learned the basic aspects of the language. Unlike you, I was not born with a gold spoon where I can demand my parents for things as a child. I had to stop my education to support my family as they were my priority. That is when I started my business but thanks to you, that also got destroyed as well.

O(Thinking): Her childhood was broken, just like mine. At least, I had my brothers but she did not have anyone to hold her hand.

O: You destroyed my car with a bulldozer. We are even now. So what are you going to do now? (With a smirk on his face) You cannot read this so how are you going to cook your Italian dish. You never cooked it before so it is probably going to suck in the first place.

G (With tears filling her eyes and ready to fall out) : Life has taught me to not be dependent on one thing or individual. It hurts when they crush your heart. I am just going to use my Internet chachi to cook the dish.

Omkara could not respond to that as he knew she was indirectly talking about him. He walks out the kitchen, wounded by her response and determined not to eat anything that she makes. An hour later, Omkara can smell something really good from the kitchen. He decides to sneak into the kitchen and saw one of his favourite dishes: Cream sauce fettucine with shaved black truffles.

G: (From behind): Om what are you doing here? I heard you are not going to eat my food today. I have some boiled fettucine leftover so if you want somethine , you can make it.

O: Why did you decide to make this specific dish? ( Om was hoping the reason was because it was his favourite pasta dish to eat)

G (Thinking to herself- The reason why I made this is because of Om, but I cannot lose to him like this) : It is simple and shows her the picture. It looked really pretty so I decided to cook it.

The rest of the family walks in and even Shivaye starts praising her cooking skiils to a point where he said that Gauri cooked better than his brothers and would love to share an Obros moment with this knowledgeable chef. Omkara was being stubborn so he decided not to eat anything and walks out of the kitchen with a growling stomach.

A few hours later, it got a point where his hunger was taking over his ego so he walked into kitchen. He opened the bowl to find the biggest surprise in his life. The bowl only had one, ONE string of fettucine so he took that to see how Gauri cooked.

O: Shivaye was right. If only I was not stubborn, and ate during lunch, I would have filled myself with Gauri’s food.

It got to a point where Omkara decided to lick the bowl and that is when Annika walks in.

A: Om, calm down. You are going to clean the bowl as well as the dishwater at this point. (Annika opens the fridge and takes out a small bowl of the same fettucine). Here, heat it up and eat this. Before we all started to eat, Gauri took some aside and put it in the fridge. Now I understand why. You know, Om, only a caring wife would do this. She would cook what her husband’s favourite dish and keep it aside just for him. (She chuckles.) The only exception to this rule is me as Shivaye hates eating my burnt food. But, Om, on a serious note, think about. Maybe you are misunderstanding her.

O: Maybe you are right but now I am hungry. I will think about it later.

Annika leaves the kitchen and see Gauri looking through her window and smiling at the sight of Omkaraji devouring food that was cooked by her just for him.

A: Such cuties, only if they realized their true love for one another.

Precap: Gauri wants to go to school but she does not know who to ask for support.

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