Ishqbaaz: Rikara – Trust Part 6

Chapter 6

This is what happened before: Gauri decides to stay back. Gauri gets hurt and Om falls down the stairs.

Omkara has not visited Gauri for two days since she did not want to see him. For him, her rehabilitation was more important. However, he was behind Annika and Bhavya making sure Gauri was getting the right medicine and food on time and always hiding outside of her room just in case she needed something.

O (thinking): It is 12:00 a.m. and these girls are still talking to Gauri. The doctor has said she needs 9 hours of sleep and if she wakes up at her usual time, she will only get 7 hours. I need to somehow get them out of her room. I will just send a text message to them asking them to leave.

Annika picks up her phone after hearing the continuous beeping and shows the message to Bhavya. Both of them started laughing and Gauri wanted to be understand the joke as well.

G: Can I also see what it is? It is not fair to laugh without sharing the joke with your friends.

A: Oh Gauri, it is your husband. He has been such a pain in the a** the past few days. (She faces the door and apologize to him. Gauri sees him there and frowns at him.)

B: For the past two days, he has been constantly monitoring your food and medicine. He is like a security guard in front of your room, monitoring everyone’s movement. Now, he wants us to leave so you can sleep.

A: Oh do you know how he fell down and got injured? I am sad that he fell but his cover up was the best.

G: The paint bottles right? That is what Rudra told me.

B: No Gauri. Rudra is also a fool as well.

Omkara walks inside the room and says, “ Bhavya, you are not telling her anything, Please don’t tell her. I do not want her to feel guilty.”

A: She should know. After all, why do you care if she feels guilty? She is a guest and only staying till the divorce. So Gauri, back to your question, when Omkara found out that you fell down, he accidentally stumbled down the stairs and rolled down an entire fleet of stairs.

G: What? Why did not anyone tell me this? Omkaraji, please do not stand. You are going to hurt yourself. Sit here. (Gauri creates some space for him on her bed and pats down. Omkara sits down because his legs were hurting and he forgot to take his painkillers.)

B: So Omkara, did you take your medicine yet? You have been outside her room the entire time and never seen you go to your room yet.

Omkara shook his head.

G: (screaming) BHAVYA, go get his medicine. It should be on the top shelf on the brown cabinet as soon as you enter his room.

Omkara and Bhavya was surprised by her response. She never talked to Bhavya like that, but again Om was her husband so it was reasonable to be tensed like this.

O: (Thinking) How can this girl know where he keeps his medicine? I never told her when she was Chulbul. Maybe, that is why you need a best friend or a wife.

Bhavya gets his medicine and Omkara takes it. Both Annika and Bhavya leaves the room to give some time to talk it out. Both of them just awkwardly stare at each other not knowing what to say.

G: I am tired so I am going to sleep. (Om gets up to go to his room) Om, they have already turned off all the lights and with your injury, you cannot climb those stairs. Why don’t you stay here?

O: It is okay, Gauri. Take care (With his crutches, he walks out. He thinks about how she was worried about him.) How can this ladki care about me? Ever since I have met her, I have been the nandi and always threw insults at her. But, she never shows her anger toward me. What have I done to her to deserve?

G: (In her room): How can a man who hates me do all this for me? I have met men like Kali, who wanted to marry me for lust but Omkaraji was never like that. He may have hated me but he never treated me as a s*x toy. He understands how to treat a girl and staying in his room all this time, he has never made any sort of advances with an intimate intention.

Both of them slept in their room, thinking about their partners and the future of this so called non-existent relationship.

Precap: Gauri cooks Om’s favourite dish but he refuses to eat it.

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