Ishqbaaz: Rikara – Trust Part 5

Chapter 5

Omkara, from his room, hears Annika from his room. He runs out of his room and as he rapidly runs down the stairs, he loses his footing and tumbles down the fleet of stairs. With a bruise on his forehead, he limps to Dadi’s room just to see Gauri lifelessly lying on the floor.

O: Gauri! What happened to you? Please get up. Annika, did you see what happened?

A: No I did not. I came to her room and I saw her lying here.

S: Are you okay? How did you get hurt?

O: Shivaye, do not worry about me. I was being clumsy. Please call a doctor. Gauri get up!

Omkara carefully tries to lift Gauri up, but as soon as she is in his arms, he loses his balance and falls forward. “AHHH!” Using his injured leg, he regains his stability and cautiously put Gauri on the bed. He asks Rudra to get the blanket and pillow and makes sure that Gauri is in a comfortable position.

The doctor comes as usual (It truly surprises me how they do not take the patient to the hospital, but again it is a fiction drama). He says that Gauri has not eaten anything for the past two days and severely malnourished. With proper medicine, she will be fine. The doctor also said that Om sprained his ankle and got treated for that.

O: Malnourished? This is all my fault! I should have taken care of her and made sure she ate properly. Shivaye, give me the prescription sheet. I am going to get the medicine for her so we can give it to her before she gets up.

S: Om, why do you care so much? She is going to be your ex-wife and she betrayed several times. There is not point of worrying about someone who does not care about you.

O: That is not true, Shivaye (Om realizes what he said, and changes the topic). I am not a ruthless human being. If anyone was in this situation, I would have done the same. I was just being nice, that is all.

S: (Everyone chuckling in the room) Yh, I saw how you fell down the stairs. So next time, you see anyone falling, just make sure you are not on the stairs so you do not keep on injuring yourself. You are no condition to drive. I will go get it myself.

O: You guys are so funny. I was just being nice. I do not care about the non-existent relationship between us as I would have done the same thing if it was you or anyone else that was in this condition.

G: Bade Bhaiyya, Omkaraji is right. He would have done the same for anyone so please do not say we are married. Once the divorce gets finalized, I will leave and make sure he never sees my face again.

Omkara was glad to hear her voice but was stunned by her response. She wants a divorce and if that is what she wants, then I will give it to her.

S: Gauri, I am just going to purchase your medicine. I will be right back. (Shivaye walks out of the room.)

G: What happened to you?

O: Oh nothing. I was painting and I tripped on my paint bottles and hurt myself. (Thinking) She is in pain and I cannot burden her with my injuries.

Rudra: Yh Bhabhi, There were a lot of paint bottles on the floor so he tripped on them. He got so angry for his mistake that he kicked the paint bottle so hard that it reflected off the wall and hit him in the face.

Everyone starts laughing including Gauri.

O: Rudra, shut up okay. And you Gauri, (he said it harshly), you do not need to care about me, do you understand that? Dadi and Annika Bhabhi, can you cook something for her? She needs to take her medicine once Shivaye comes back.

Dadi, Annika and Rudra heads towards the door.

G: Annika, can you please stay here? I prefer having someone who cares about me instead of someone who is forced to stay with me. I am in so much pain but I want to talk to someone to forget it.

A: But, I have to prepare your food. Om can keep you company.

O: No Annika Bhabhi, it is better if you stay here.

Annika comes inside the room and Om walks out the room.

O (Thinking): Gauri, I am sorry. I do not know why I am like this. With my past girlfriends, I never had any sort of connection but with you, there is something between us that I cannot describe. I do not know if I love you or not, but to explore this relationship, I need to make you become my Chulbul. I know I have a limited amount of time, but I will do anything to make you mine.

Precap: Gauri, Annika and Bhavya are talking in Gauri’s room. Omkara with his crutches is hiding outside, listening to their conversation.

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