Ishqbaaz: Rikara – Trust Part 17

Rudra and Bhavya are in the kitchen, arguing over eggs.

G: Out of all the things you guys can aruge about it, you guys are arguing over these eggs.

R: You do not understand, Chulbul Bhabhi. How can you drink this raw? It is so slimy and disgusting.

G: Just like this. (Gauri cracks open an egg and consumes the entire thing in one gulp.

R: Ewww! You too. Bhavya, stop brainwashing her.

B: You are such a girl and I cannot believe you call yourself a body builder. Have you not seen other bodybuilders take egg shots? When you cook it, you lose some of the nutrients. A duffer like you, will never understand this.

Bhavya and Gauri looks at each other and hatches a plan together. Quickly, Guari takes the glass with the egg in it and Bhavya holds down Rudra and pries open his mouth. Gauri empties the entire glass in his mouth. The yolk burst open and it runs out of his mouth.

Bhavya and Gauri starts laughing so hard that they both start crying. His expressions were priceless and even Om who was in the corner watching Gauri’s craziness was recording this while dying in laughter.

As Gauri leaves the kitchen, he goes up to Bhavya and Rudra.

O: Thank you so much for making Gauri laugh, Bhavya and Rudra. She really needs to be distracted so she does not think about me.

R: She is my Bhabhi. Do not worry, Om. Sorry bro, but I really need to say this. Why don’t you just apologize to her? If you want her that bad, just bury your ego.

B: A good marriage is about compromise. Look at Bhaiyya and Bhabhi. There are so many differences between them but their compromises brings them together.

O: There is no point of apologizing. All she wants is a divorce and I am ready to give it to her. She wants to leave this house and as her friend, I will fulfill her wish. (Omkara walks out the kitchen)

R: Do you know what the biggest problem with them is? They do not acknowledge the fact that they are married. Omkara just called bhabhi her friend but never considered her as his wife.

B: Is there anything we can do to stop this?

R: Let’s see what happens. Life is playing a lot of games with them but we will bring them together (He does his logic symbol and goes to Shivaye to discuss his plan.)

Three main couples excluding Shivaye, Dadi and Jhanvi are in the living room. They have decide to start their new mission, Joining Rikara. Shivaye walks in after talking to someone on the phone

J: Was that lawyer, Shivaye? Is he back from vacation?

O and G: (Thinking to themselves): Lawyer for their divorce? Why cannot he stay on vacation for a little bit longer?

S: Yes, it is the lawyer. Gauri and Om, please be ready tomorrow. The first divorce hearing is tomorrow. I have talked to him and he is going to use his influences to speed up the process. The entire process will take at least two months and then finally, you are divorced. Are you happy, Gauri?

Omkara looks at Gauri to see what her response is and she nods her head and walks towards her room.

O: Thank you, Shivaye. I know you had to call in favours to get this done and this was a huge hassle. If Gauri will be happy because of divorce, so will I.

S: Are you sure? I can stop this hearing anytime.

Omkara does not respond to the question and walks away to his room. Rikara did not sleep the entire night. (Male Sathiya playing) Omkara was sitting on the window sill thinking about their train jump, Gauri being stabbed by the henchman, Chulbul applying ointment to his wound on his neck, his first dance with Gauri and the time when he found out about Gauri.

On the other hand, Dadi was so asleep but Gauri was sitting on the floor, holding her knees. All the moments up to Bua Ma’s attempt to murder were flowing through her head. (Female Sathiya playing) Their marriage, The time when Gauri finds out that she works at Om’s house and the flowers fall down as the other workers carry the lord. As she woke up from Svetlana’s glass box and seeing Omkara worried for her welfare. Her pregnancy announcement when the doctor told her she was pregnanat. Omkara gifting her blue and pink socks. The way Om saved her from slipping and how he injured his hand.

(Male and Female Sathiya plays at the same time) Finally, both of them think about their actual marriage. Their ring changing ceremony. Omkara writing down her name on the Oberoi book.

Gauri could not take it anymore and walks outside and sit in the living room with something in her hand. Omkara also wants to drink some water so he also comes outside and see Gauri crying at something in her hand.

O: (Thinking): Is it a knife? She is going to attempt suicide again?

Om runs down the stairs and half way, see the thing in her hand. It is a picture of him. The one where he is wearing a white kurta, smiling and his hair out. A picture of the old Omkara.

G (Looking at the photo): I do not know what to do Omkaraji. How can I be so stupid for attempting suicide? It just got caught up with the moment. But, that does not mean you give me a divorce. My eyes are so dried up from crying that I cannot cry anymore. If you just give me a signal that you want me to stay here, I will stay here. I do not care if you call me your wife. As long as I can see you every day, that is fine with me.

O(Thinking): A signal is all you want, right? I will give you one tomorrow. Gauri, I will not let you leave that quickly.

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