Ishqbaaz: Rikara – Trust Part 16

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READERS BEWARE – SOMEONE WILL BE ATTEMPTING SUICIDE AND THAT PERSON WILL SURVIVE. If you do not feel comfortable with it, do not read it.

Gauri closes her door and is crying after Omkara yells at her.

G: What did I ever do to deserve this? I have never hurt anyone’s feelings and always thought god only punishes the ones that bring harm to others. Then, shakarji, why are you punishing me? Why does not Omkaraji understand me? He either suspects me or never understand my side of the problem? Whenever I open my mouth, he twists it into a problem. Is it wrong to have friends? I just want to give up and cannot take this anymore.

She opens the drawer and finds a small pocket knife and opens it up.

G: I am sorry but I have always been against suicide. Only cowards who are running away from their problem commit suicide. However, only when you are in their situation, you realize their reasoning. Omkaraji, I love you but I am in no situation to explain my feelings to you. You will never accept it.

She cuts a small slit on her wrist but not deep enough to puncture her major vein.

G: Is this the right thing to do? How can I leave my mother like that? She is already a heart patient and when she hears about my death, she will die as well. And this family, when my death gets released to the media, they create rumours about them abusing me and my suicide. This family supported me when I had no one. I should just leave tonight and make sure no one sees me.

Omkara open her room and she quickly hids the knife underneath her blanket and her bleeding hand behind her back.

O: Here take this. (He opens up a box and there was an iPhone 7 inside the box). My number is the first number on speed dial so you can connect me anytime. I was worried something happened to you after seeing that video. I just panicked when I could not find you.

Then he hesitantly said, “Please… please forgive me.”

G: You do not need to apologize. It was my fault. I should have called you but I did not notice how fast time went by.

Omkara notices something different on her face. She looks like she was hurt but it was not emotional pain. Something was different about her but he could not put the pieces together.

He sits on the blanket and sit on something. He removes the blanket and see the pocket knife with blood on it.

O: What did you do? Show me your other hand. (Gauri still hides her hand from behind and Omkara tugs on her arm and see the cut on her wrist.)

O: Did you try to kill yourself? Why did you do this to yourself? Thank goodness it is not deep or imagine what would have happened?

Before he starts crying in front of her, Omkara runs outside to get the medical kit. He wipes his tears and dresses her wound.

O: You want a divorce right? I will give you one but do not do anything stupid like this.

He gets up and leave and says, “Also if anyone asks you about this wound, just say you fell down and hurt yourself. They will not be able to withstand the fact that you attempted suicide.”

Omkara goes to Shivaye’s room and but he realizes that it is locked. As he turns around, Annika opens the door and asks, “Is anything wrong, Om?” She can see Om’s red eyes filled with tears and ushers him inside their room. He tells him everything. His frantic search for Gauri, their conversation in the car and finally, Gauri’ suicide attempt.

O: Shivaye, I do not want to play any games with her. I want to give her what she wants: a divorce.

Om walks out the room and Annika says, “There is nothing we can do about this. We have created some many opportunities for them but they have to openly talk to one another. Gauri decided to talk a drastic step and before she does something like this again, it is better if we give them what they are both asking.

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