Ishqbaaz: Rikara – Trust Part 15

Omkara was looking for Gauri and finds her eating food. He is mad that she did not call her.

G (Thinking): I have never seen him like this before. (Says) Is everyone okay? Did something go wrong?

HF: Omkie, what is wrong?

O: Stop calling me Omkie. My name is Omkara and please call me that.

He grabs Gauri while Gauri is screaming to let go of her hand and pushes her into the front seat of the car.

O: I do not care where you want to sit. Just shut up and listen to me.

He calls everyone and let them know that they have found Gauri.

G (Thinking): He was worried about me. Why is he worried about me? I was just chilling with my friends. I always do it so why is he so concerned?

O: Where were you all this time? I called you at least 15 times and you did not respond to any of my calls or messages.

G: My phone fell in water (and shows him a dead phone). After class, I go to the library or to the shopping mall. I always come home late so there was no need to call anyone and let them know that I will be late.

O: Why do you have such stupid friends? That girl is constantly calling me Omkie and I do not like it. It reminds me of Bua Ma and all the things she did to us.

G: Us? You mean me? She tried to kill me twice. She just gave you slow poisoning but I knew it before and prevented it.

O: She was like a mother to me? Do you know what it is like to have your moth backstab you? I had a mother who rarely paid attention to me when I was little. She was the one who taught me from right and wrong. And now, she decides to kill me.

Gauri can see him being emotional and wanted to hold his face and console him but she knew she lost that right long time ago. Instead she just said, “There is not point of dwelling in the past. Focus on the present and the future as that is what you can control now.”

O: Yh, you need to learn how to control that guy friend? Do you know what he did?

G: What did Ritik do now? Is he not adorable? He always makes me smile.

O (Thinking): How can she call him adorable? Maybe Bhavya was right. What if they are actually dating.

He takes out his phone and shows her the video.

G: Wow, so many views. I cannot believe my dance is so famous. Salman Khan is the best and a sadhu like you do not understand his greatness. I should be the leader of his fan club.

O: You can read right? Can you be a little serious and read the comments below?

Gauri scrolls down and see all these s*xual comments. These people were talking about her curves and she just started crying seeing all these comments. Why cannot people understand that she is also a girl like everyone else and not treat her as an object?

Seeing her cry, Omkara immediately stops the car. He takes his phone and throws it out the window.

O: Get out Gauri.

Gauri was confused. (Thinking) Why is he kicking me out of his car. It is not my fault people are like that. I did not post the video so why is Omkaraji punishing me?

Gauri looks up and sees the OM. She gets out of the car and looks at Omkara. He just glares at her and reverse his car. Gauri runs inside the house and sees the entire family there. They can see her crying and starts inquirying about her wellness.

G: Please leave me alone. (And she runs into her room)

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