Ishqbaaz: Rikara – Trust Part 14

Omkara drops off Gauri at school.

O: See you later Gauri.

G: Yh, whatever. I will see you later.

O: I will pick you up tonight so call me when your class ends. (Thinking) OMG, I do not know what her schedule is. I will ask her tonight to email my her schedule so it will be easier for her. She does not need to wait.

Gauri does not respond to this and just walks toward her friends. That guy is also there. Om notices this and drives her car away, looking at the rear window, seeing if he is misbehaving with Gauri.

O (Thinking): I need to find out who that guy is. I am going to ask her. It is better to be direct instead of hiding behind her back and trying to find that answer.

It is evening now and Omkara was inside his studio. He looks at his watch.

O(Thinking): Why has not she called yet? I need to call her but I do not know her new number. Let me just call Jhanvi.

Om calls Annika.

O: What time does her classes in? What is that song? Why does it sound so familiar?

In the background, you can hear “Aaj Ki party”.

O: Is she home? Can you hear me? Can you ask her why she did not call me?

A: Om, she is not home yet.
R: Annika Bhabhi, can you give me the phone? (He grabs the phone from her and talks to Om.) Did you see the video? Gauri’s dance is trending on Youtube. I cannot believe she was dancing in a driving car.

O: What? Who took that video? Can you send it to me?

Omkara receives the message and open the video. There, Gauri is singing her heart out and man, she is a beauty. The kohl just highlights her almond shaped eyes. A girl with natural beauty that an artist will die for as a muse. Then he sees that guy and realizes that he was the one who took the video and posted it.

O: Him again? Why is he so attached to her? Everyone is going to badmouth her character. The only person who has that right is me. I will find out who that is.

R: Did you see it? She is just like me, crazy and daring. No wonder she is my Bhabhi. Her class should have ended 1 hour ago. She is not home yet.

O: She did not call you? She did not call me either. I will call you back later.

He calls her several times but it went to voicemail. Om quickly runs to his car and heads toward the college with all these thoughts in his head.

O(Thinking): What if something happened? Maybe she got hurt or in a car accident? I should not have black mailed her like that. Instead, I should have asked a driver to pick her up. What if someone kidnapped her? Maybe it was that guy.

Omkara goes to the college and the watchman tells him that there is no one in the school. Lost and confused, he calls Bhavya to use her police contacts to find Gauri.

O: This information should not be leaked out to the public cause we do not want the kidnappers to be aware of it.

Shivaye, Annika, Rudra and Bhavya takes their own car and looks for her as well. It has been 3 hours and still no sign of Gauri. Omkara is sitting in his car, not knowing what to do. He has searched the entire area 3 times and still no sign of her.

O(Crying and breaking down): I have lost her. The only friend that I had. She should have just left me that day and at least I would have known where she was. But now, I do not even know if she is alive and I am not there to protect her. She is alive. My Gauri is a strong fighter. Nothing will happen to her.

Then he hears a laughter and Gauri was there at a Gol Gappa stand, throwing it in the air. Omkara gets off his car and crushes it as she throws it in the air. All the condiments were on her face and turns toward that hand. There, she sees a red Omkara.

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