Ishqbaaz: Rikara – Trust Part 13

Annika realize how this problem escalated and had to somehow calm down Omkara. Bhavya came to Annika who was also watching all this cooked up a plan so Om the husband can peek out.

B: Is that a guy in the car? Wait, she is sitting beside him. There is barely any space in that car so Gauri had to sit really close to him. Wait, Annika, look, he just put his hands over her seat.

Omkara quickly turns around and it was true. THAT GUY, putting his hand close to GAURI. Is this what she called a friend. I was her friend and did I ever touch her like that. Maybe I did but I thought she was a man.

A: A true friend will never touch a girl like that. Maybe they are dating? Then that would make sense. The fact that she waited every day in sun and rain for him and said no to a ride from all of us.

O (Thinking): Dating? I did tell her several times that we are going to get divorced and even right now, I reminded her about it. I have decided not to commit to any other relationships but Gauri is a girl. She does need a man in her life to take care of her as a equal partner till death. Has she found her?

O: If she found a boyfriend, then good for her. I am going to be her ex-husband so I do not care who gets involved with.

Omkara gets in his car and both cars turn in the opposite direction.

A: Bhavya, what is going on here? Did I just pour oil in the fire? What if Omkara thinks she is having another affair? This will become a major problem for Gauri. I should call Om and let him know that it was just a joke.

Just then, Bhavya sees Om’s car U turning and going toward the other car’s direction.

B(Jumping up and down): The jealous husband is out. Did you see his car just turning?

A: I just hope this does not explode into a major fight. Om, please do not question her character again. She loves you and you love her so please express it before it becomes too late.

O: How dare she does that to me? What if she forced into that situation? I know Gauri. We have slept in the same room but she has never gone past her limit. Maybe he is blackmailing her or she has to put up with him to finish her education? I need to catch up with that car.

Om, who never speeds as he strongly believes in safe driving, goes 40 km past the speed limit just to catch up with the car. It stopped out a coffee shop and he also pulled over. But, he did not get out of his car and looked to see what was going on. All other her friends, including THAT GUY, were there. Then, they decide to take a selfie. Gauri was facing him but she couldn’t see her. She was smiling her heart out and this was the first time after Bua Ma’s incident she was smiling like this. He was admiring her beauty and innocent and sees that guy again.

O: What is he doing? Why is he so close to her? It is a selfie but still give her some space.

And then, the unthinkable happens. That guy puts his hands up, rests it on Gauri’s shoulder and does bunny ears on Gauri.

O: You b**t**d. How can he touch her like that? I am going to break his hands for doing that. No one can touch my wife like that.

He was about to get out of his car but then realizes that he cannot embarrass Gauri in public. What if they are actually dating? I cannot confront her in public like this

All her friends get back into the car and they blast “Aaj Ki Party”.

O: This is a Salman Khan song. Probably Gauri’s idea.

He thinks about her crazy Salman moves, especially her candy throwing antics when Svetlana was at OM mansion. He knew nothing about Salman but he still admired her style. Then, car’s sunroof opens and he can see a small petite girl standing up and dancing to the party with her sunglasses on. Her silky hair just flowing and with the sub shining towards her, she looking like a cute angel.

O: Wait a minute. Is that??! Gauri, you stupid idiot! She is going to kill herself.

Om speeds up the car and cuts the car. He gets out of the car and goes towards Gauri who is in the same position.

O: Are you trying to kill yourself? You were lucky that you did not fly out of the car. Why are you speeding and putting your head out of the sunroof? What if something happens to you?

G: Why do you care? This is a Salman song and you have to dance for it. There is no point of explaining this to you. (She continues dancing.)

Om pulls her out of the car and says, “ From now on, I will drop you and pick you up. I do not care what your friends think but if you do not listen to me, then you do not need to go to school.

G: I will go to school. I will sneak out if you stop me.

O: Really sneak out. Then fine, I will also come to school with you. I am Omkara Singh Oberoi, I can easily get a seat in all your classes and watch you like a hawk. Do you want that?

Gauri did not know what to say and her friends broke the silence.

Her friends (HF): Are you Omkara? You are so handsome. Can you marry me please please?

G: Marry you? That will never happen till I am here. (Omkara looks at her and smiles at his Gauri’s protective response)

HF: Calm down. Omkie, why are so worried about her? She is just a servant right?

O: She is my wi… I mean well-wisher. She is a good friend and I cannot let anything happen to her.

G (Steaming in jealously): Just call him, sir. Do not call him Omkie, Om and anything else. He is just sir for you. Do you understand? You guys, go without me. Sir will drop me.

Her friends leave leaving Omkara and Gauri in the middle of the road.
G: I can’t believe you embarrassed me like that. There were my friends. What do they think of me?

O: Oh, that is easy. A jealous servant who is ogling her boss.

G: Really, jealous me? Why would I care if these girls hit on you?

O: Really, she called me Omkie and you were ready to explode like a canon. I saw that.

G (Trying to change the topic): So, are you going to drop or not? I have to get to school and you are wasting my time.

Om opens the front passenger door for her, but she goes to back and sit there.

O: So much attitude for a person who should be grateful that I saved their life. (He sits in the driving seat and starts the car)

G: Om, I saved your life so many times and you were not grateful. You are the last person who should expect gratitude from me.

Omkara looks at her using his rear window and Gauri avoid eye contact and looks outside, enjoying the view.

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