Ishqbaaz: Rikara – Trust Part 12

As Shivaye promised, he got her a seat at the college. She has been studying really hard for the past few months and as usual, even though both of them left at the same time, she did not acknowledge him at all. One day, Gauri was waiting outside for her friends. It has been 10 minutes and they were still not there. Om knew her school started at 9:00 and at this rate, she was going to miss her first class. He goes up to Gauri.

O: Let me drop you. You are getting late and you do not want to be late for your class.

G: I do not need your help. I have told all my friends that I work as a servant at the Oberoi mansion so I go to college in my boss’s car, you might get good credit for respecting your servant. But, you do not deserve that credit. A man who cannot respect his wife, A man who makes fun of the need and other hardship, do not deserve that.

Om pushes her toward the car door and holds her hand extremely hard.

O: You should not be judging my character. You are scared that if these people find out about this marriage, and your affairs, they will kick you out of the college.

G (Her eyes turning red): I have good friends. They will first ask my side of the story before making any decisions.

Annika walks out and sees them fighting. Her child, Anshi, was sleeping and needed a break from all that crying. A car pulls over and starts honking at Gauri.

O: Annika Bhabhi, can you ask Shivaye on the status of the divorce? We need to kick her out so she can realize what the world is out there.

G(Realizing her friends are outside waiting for her and she did not want to make a scene in front of time and embarrass Omkara): I have experienced hell here with you as my Satan so I am prepared to face any challenge. I acted as your well-wisher and I did not expect you to become my husband. But, you do not have the guts to even say Thank you or respect me as a girl.

She walks away to her friend’s car.

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