Ishqbaaz: Rikara – Trust Part 10

FYI- I am not sure how the school system works so I am just going to stick with the North American standards. We have Grade 1 to 12 and the college/ university.

Annika and Gauri started school at the same time but Gauri was a fast learner. Both of them started in Grade 6 but in a few months, she has passed all 6 grades and was ready to pursue her college education. Annika, on the other hand, got pregnant and decided to stop her education as her morning sickness was exhausting her body.

Om was watching her progress and was really happy about Gauri’s improvement. After all, she is a OBahu, so it made sense that she was eager in reaching her goal. Gauri, on the other hand, noticed Om constantly looking out for her and making sure she ate properly when she did the all nighters, but never considered talking to him.

Even though they never talked to one another, it was a blessing in disguise as they both knew what each other was doing and watching for one another. During this time, they never really considered the divorce at all as they were constantly busy.

Gauri was really confused with her next step in college and did not know what to do so she decided to ask her role model, Shivaye. All three brothers with their wives were in the question when she walked inside. She smiled as they were singing “Lafzon Ka Ye Rishta Nahi”. Annika was sitting on her chair, 6 months pregnant, laughing at all the cuteness in front of her.

B: Gauri, come join us. We are trying to cook Biryani for Annika as she is craving it now. So far, we have just boiled the rice and done nothing else.

Gauri walks in between Shivaye and Omkara to see what is on the stove.

A: Shivaye, I have been sitting here for 1.5 hours and you are making my baby wait for his food.

S: You mean her, I want a baby that looks like you. Tension free and willing to take on life with a smile.

R: Oh please stop. I have enough of praising each other. Since I am the baby’s youngest uncle, the baby will be like me. The baby will have the good looks and the social skills.

B: I just hope the baby does not have your brain though. Imagine the baby being as dumb as you.

Both Annika and Shivaye imagine their child grown up.

IMAGINATION PART – A teen Rudra with Beats Headphones walking around. He sees a girl and starts following her. Then the girl turns around with her macho boyfriend and he gets thrashed.

They both start chuckling and B says, “You are thinking about Rudra getting beaten up right? I have seen it several times when we go shopping. I do not even tell them I am a cop just so I can enjoy the great sight.”

S: Hey, can someone stir this pot while I cut this up.

Both, Gauri and Omkara, reaches out their hand and they feel like the current. But, instead of jumping back, they stare at each other and have a great eye lock.

R: OMG, their first eyelock. I have seen some many Chulkara eyelock but this is their first Rikara eyelock. I need to take a picture of this.

Rudra takes a picture of this and stores it on his phone. This will be a great tool to enrage Omkara in the future.

A: Man, this is awkward. How can they stare at each other for such a long time? What is in their eyes that they do not notice their surroundings.

R (Laughing): They learned from you guys, Bhabhi. Now you understand how Om and I feel when you have your O Jaana moments.

Shivaye and Annika blush and then see smoke coming from the pot.

S: OMG it is burning. (Rikara comes out of their eyelock).

O: Why did not stir the pot, Gauri? You are the one that had the spoon in your hand.

Gauri uses her other hand and points toward the pot.

G: If you are holding my hand and crushing it, how can I stir the pot? Let go of me so I can stir it.

Startled, Om releases his grip and Gauri looks inside to see what the case is. The rice has burned from the bottom

S: Gauri, let me deal with this. Annika has cooked several times and I know how to deal with this.
A: Shivaye, stop joking around. I AM SO HUNGRY!!

Everyone can feel Annika’s sudden mood swing and quickly finished cooking the Biryani.

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