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A few days have passed. Gauri is slowly stepping back into her routine but the entire family noticed that the smile on her face was missing. She was always sad or just staring into space and in her own world. Gauri comes downstairs for dinner and sits down with the family. Shivaye and Om was not present.

R: Gauri, look we have prepared your favourite dish for you (Showing her pot)

Gauri remembers the time her mother prepared the same dish for her and starts to tear up.

G(Thinking): I cannot suck them into my sadness. After all, it is not like I am part of their family. I am just their landlord for the time being. (Wiping the tears without anyone noticing) (Says) I am not in the mood of eating this. I will just have some rice.

Annika comes over.

A: Rudy, Bhavya told me that she lifted more weights than you at the gym today?

R: She is lying. She just used lighter weights and just bragging about it.

Bhavya walks in.

B: Are you sure about that? We can have the same competition now and see who will win.

R: My hands hurt now (Touching his biceps) Maybe tomorrow.

Everyone laughs except for Gauri and they all notice it. Gauri just draws circles in her food. Anshi walks up to Gauri with a painting in her hand.

Anshi: Look what I drew today. (She shows the painting to her. It was a picture of their entire family. Shivaye and Om walks in.) This is you and Om and I also drew little baby as well beside you guys. My mom and dad have me and Bhavya and Rudra have their baby so now it is your turn. Now are you happy (Gauri and Om look at each other in shock.)

G(Thinking): How can I explain to this little kid this is not possible?

O(Thinking): There were several times where I have dreamed of our little family but you have destroyed, Gauri.

G: Thank you, Anshi.

Anshi (innocently): Why are you sad? You are always smiling unlike Om and now you have also become like him as well. Can you please smile for me?

Gauri picks her up and twirls her around laughing with her.

O(Thinking):Thank you, Anshi, for making her smile.

Anshi: Now, that is what I wanted.

Annika takes Anshi and brings her back to her room.

Dadi: I am glad that Anshi brought back your laughter. It is so nice seeing you like this. This is what we all wanted.

G (Sadly): I was just playing with Anshi. She wanted me to smile so how can I refuse a request from a little kid?

O: Dadi, each person mourns differently. Please give Gauri some time to recover. We can just force her to forget her feelings.

S: He is right. Gauri, we are sorry if he acted indecent.

G: Bade Bhaiyya, you guys just wanted me to happy. I was not in the mood that is all. I just want to know who did this to mom before they attack again.

Gauri walks away.

O: We should help her with that. She just wants some closure.

Tej stands at the entrance of her room.

T: Can I come in?

Gauri comes to the door and realizes it was Tej.

G: Tej?? Yh, please come in.

T: I need to tell you something. (Gauri and Tej both sit down.) There is something you need to know. I know who killed your mother.

T: I agree with you. But, at least, can you listen to your father? I know you never had a father figure and I was hoping if you will accept me as your father.

Gauri starts to tear up and hugs him.

G: P.. papa, I will do as you say.

T: Thank you, Gauri…

O: Dad…

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