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Then Om remembers the kids at the orphanage.

O: What about Kunal and Shrenu? (Gauri gives him a confused look.) The kids at the Sarma. They treat you as a mother and how would they feel if they see like this? They look up to you and depend on you. Now if you choose this path, who will take care of them? What if they also start using drugs after seeing their role model take drugs as well. Do not be a bad example for them. Think about them and make your decision. Just remember what you have lost in the past because of this and what you have gained. As soon as you dropped this, not only you became a mother, but you were recognized as the Kesha. A young girl who single-handly built an empire. A young girl who supported many people like her just so they can have a chance at a brighter future. A young girl who cornered the Oberoi family and now own the Oberoi empire and their house. Do you know how proud Shivaye is to see you like this? He was frustrated when you took over the empire and house and the fact that you grown up this much made him beam in happiness. He treated you as his sister and student and he even said that you are a female SSO. There are times when I even was jealous of you for taking all the praises. How can you let yur bade Bhaiyya down like that? How can that strong girl falter like this?

Gauri looks up at him with wide eyes. The needle is still her in hands and she quickly gets up.

G: Bade Bhaiyya said that I am a female SSO… Gauri Kumari Sharma as Female SSO and you were jealous of me??

O(Thinking): What is she going to do right now? She is very unstable now.

Gauri goes to the washroom and Om follows her but he does not enter in the washroom. The door was not closed so he stands at the entrance. She empties the content in the needle and puts it in the garbage in. She takes the bottles filled with drugs, empties it and throws it out. Then she looks at him. Om does not what to do so he does the first thing that he thinks of.

He opens his arm and Gauri runs into his hand. She starts to cry and Om just pats her back like a parent patting their child. He can feel her shirt wet from her tears but at least Gauri can relax now.

Then he takes her to her bed and goes out the door. He brings in two cups of warm tea and glucose biscuits.

O: Here you go Gauri. You did not eat anything so at least have this.

G: I do not want this. I am not hungry.

O: Do you think the kids will be happy if you fall sick? Think of them please. They love you so much.

G: Fine, give it to me.

O: So do you want to crumble the glucose biscuit into it?

G: What do you mean?

Om laughs.

O: Do you want glucose biscuit tea? You made me love it and I have been drinking it ever since you gave it to me?

G(smiles): I have never tried it before.

O: Not even once? You have been making it for me and you never tried a sip.

Gauri shakes her head and Om crumbles the biscuit into both cups and passes a cup to her.

Gauri takes a sip and in disgust puts it back on the table.

G: How do you drink this? It is so disgusting.

O: I do not know. It reminds me of you when I drink it.

Gauri smiles and Om realizes what he said and changes the topic.

O: Let me go get you another cup of tea.

G: It is okay. (She picks up the cup and drinks it) You brought this for me because you care about me. I cannot reject it like that.

Gauri passes the cup to him and he leaves the room.

G: Omkaraji, thank you.

Gauri turns off the light and goes to sleep. Om heads out.

A few days have passed. Gauri is slowly stepping back into her routine but the entire family noticed that the smile on her face was missing. She was always sad or just staring into space and in her own world. Gauri comes downstairs for dinner and sits down with the family. Shivaye and Om was not present.

R: Gauri, look we have prepared your favourite dish for you (Showing her pot)

Gauri remembers the time her mother prepared the same dish for her and starts to tear up.

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    You are just mind blowing, wonderfully expressed the motions and what a consoling lines and loved gouris expression when she got to know sso remarked her as female sso, and om is jealous of her??waiting for more rikara movements. You rocked it.

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